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Chainlink is the new ether and antshares.

you fud this project and you are screencapped.

you shill this project and you are screencapped.

Only the based of LINKers are welcome.

Impart your wisdom.

Buy the dips

I have

350K link reporting in

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650 million LINK reporting in. I'm going to dump on all of you retards when this shit hits 2 bucks.

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I have to confess
I was swinglinking the last pump and bought back and now have more money and more Link.

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50 link reporting in

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been holding since 2017, 40k LINK, never swing. Kinda jelly of people swinging.

I have btc, some eth and ltc. been thinking of dumping them to add more LINK

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the real oracle problem is everything works just the same without oracles. chainlink specifically has the problem that it is not actually needed for anything. it's just an ico scamcoin. prove me wrong! you can't.

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How much did you make?

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around 5300 linkies

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I wish I was a swinglinker. I knew about Link in December. I work seasonally and couldn't buy some until a few weeks ago. Kill me.

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Anyone with a braincell, i.e excluding linkies, knows you already dumped some tokens this week.

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whoever did that shoop did a pretty great job on it

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>wearing pants

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Total stack size now? How much did you swing? I knew I should have sold some at 1.40

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How do I know you fuckers aren't messing with newfags like me? Does anyone on this board even own LINK aside from newfags?

Can't tell who's memeing anymore

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seriously, master tier photoshopping. if the subject matter weren't so ridiculous I would have never questioned it

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>what is etherscan

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750k reporting in waiting for 50c to make it to a mill