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>hurr durr but technology
>useless like the rest of shitcoins

no one gives a fuck
>30 sats current price
>currently trading on 1 exchange
>going to be massively marketed to whales
>to be released on many more exchanges
why the fuck do you want to stay poor forever anon?

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couldn't tip the waiter at lunch today. I looked him dead in the eye with a look of apologetic sorrow and told him "I invested in RSR"
He understandingly pat me on the back and carried on his way

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pumped already thanks for providing the liquidity for the whales to get out at 5x

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The average IQ of 4chan has decreased significantly recently I’ve noticed. They buy the top, literally can’t handle a simple post listing dump, and then they sell at the accumulation point... all within a matter of less than a week hahahaha

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