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Trump is fighting the banking kikes in the political realm, Craig is fighting them in the financial realm. Lots of parallels. The TDS cultists in politics (RESIST!!!, #NotMyPresident) are very similar to the CDS cultists of crypto (#NeverCraig, stop craig, etc). All shilling efforts are directed to hurt both of these men, because they represent the enemy that will remove the central banking control of our world.

Once you see and understand the kike matrix and the anonymous Agent Smiths (which are crawling all over Biz and in this very thread) that are trying to prevent you from escaping the mental prison they have created through false narratives, everything starts to make sense.

Craig Wright is an existential threat to the criminals that run our world. A global, immutable public ledger that does not allow you to inflate currency, print money or hide transactions is their worst nightmare. If this is adopted by governments, it's GAME OVER. Which is why they must prevent it from scaling at all costs.

BSV is scaling fast, and there is no way to stop it. Doesn't mean they will still try though.

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>textbook word salad
Schizophrenia general

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>textbook word salad
Schizophrenia general
T.attention span of a fly

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This is a powerful meme/realization that the blockstream kikes absolutely HATE. Remember that guy who used to post his "I LOVE BIZ MEMES" copypasta in every CSW/BSV thread a while back? That was an attempt at prophylaxis against too many /biz/nessmen coming to the realization that you have.
The tactics used to discredit Craig Wright have been nothing short of shameful and like the tactics employed against Trump involved repeating a lie (Trump is a Russian agent / Craig is a fraud) so many times that NPCs naturally just integrated it into their programming. It's all about shaping a narrative that can be used to keep people in the dark despite obvious clues to the contrary. In Trump's case, anyone who cared to read the Steele dossier easily figured out what was going on, so the narrative shapers did everything they could to make sure that nobody bothered to check out the most important primary resources on the subject.
The exact same thing is happening with CSW. There is a MASSIVE corpus of work (patents, papers, publications, videos, etc.) that largely points to CSW being Satoshi, but basic bitch crypto-tards have been completely cut off from this resource because they don't care to look any further beneath the surface.
In any case, don't worry and keep fighting the good fight, anon. We are going to win this memetic battle the same way we won the last one and the autistic screetching that will ensure will make the #NotMyPresident golems look like a paragon of sanity.

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The absolute state of /biz/
Saged & cringepilled

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>attempting to interpret schizo ramblings
It’s pointless by definition

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Trump sucks kike cock

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https://archive.org/details/MoneyManipulation read this OP.

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That’s your problem dummy

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Learn to greentext pajeet. And get some different images.

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This SEETHING idiot is just posting gay one-liners in every BSV thread. Carry on, gentlemen.

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>fighting banking kikes

Anon... I

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>Oh no, anon forgot an arrow indent. Maybe I can use that to push my agenda without doing any actual work!

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Pee pee poo poo

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>Delusional paranoia
Schizophrenia generał in full force

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>get some different images
>posting the same image of creg blight for the 100th time
Ps get some new memes cumskin, the pajeet meme is so December

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Project harder, faggot. Your desperation is palpable.

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>angry redditor crying abolutnie being found out

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Indeed, CSW is a real "rebel" if he relies on the legal system in order to patent-troll

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I've watched you do it over and over again across multiple threads because you're a retarded newfag shill. Now go slurp some dick just like your homosexual idol, Creg.

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>The redditor cries out in pain as he strikes you
Ps how many blocks has your laptop validated this week O1G?

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You do know wiat projection is? You misuse the word, which is typical of BSVschizos.

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Do I have to spell it out for you, anon?
Zero content. What a shocker.

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Is that a depiction of you sucking dick? You seem very fond of It

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you demented cocksuckers never give up do you?

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What timezone is this faggot in? We had peace and quiet until about an hour ago.

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You've already spelled it out clear enough. You and your kind are spamming this board like schizophrenics

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I'm pretty sure it's just one guy with multiple IPs.

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Asia or Australia morning?

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Tyep, you are a redditor given your own definition.
>more paranoiac delusions

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Wrong answer, thanks for playing.
The correct answer is: CSW is the rebel here for the same reason it is a rebellious act in today's society to go to church, hold down a decent job and raise children with a stay at home mom: the space is so full of retarded degenerate anarchist scum that doing something so quaint as settling a dispute in court like gentlemen is considered somehow strange or bizarre.

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I'm pro trump, I'm pro chainlink, I'm anti-bsv. You mad? STIFF

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This thread

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>the space is so full of retarded degenerate anarchist scum

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satoshi is
Arthur Britto, David Schwartz, Ryan Fugger

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Checked. Funny how a couple of high-energy truthbombs got all these crybabies to come out of the woodwork

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>Running a legal KYC/AML-compliant gambling operation is the same as advocating tax evasion, using disingenuous sockpuppet propaganda and supporting underground assassination markets.
Moron detected.

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Which ones? There’s none

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pure kike business

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Are you fucking kidding me?

>Ayre was indicted by the US Attorney for Maryland on charges of illegal gambling and money laundering

CSW literally worked on online casinos, LITERAL BUCKETSHOPS

>CSW is the rebel here for the same reason it is a rebellious act in today's society to go to church, hold down a decent job and raise children with a stay at home mom
Craig's right hand is literally, LITERALLY a Californian (sic!) LGBT advocate (sic!)

Okay, I got it that you're trolling, one can't be so dense.

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So much curry in this thread

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I don't think you know what that word actually means because if you did you wouldn't be embarrassing yourself in front of the class right now.
Have a nice life!

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No many big noses in this thread

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Fucking checked.

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