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>Join conference call
>Hello who just joined?
>Hi, its Karl from Business Transformation & Implementation Strategy
>Hi Karl, you're on the line with Deb & Frank from Digital Implementations & Apps, Joe from Digital Transformation, Todd from Midwest Regional Operations, an-
>*beep boop*
>Hello who just joined?
>Hello did someone just join?
>-ah! Sorry, I had my phone on mute. This is Steve from Implementation Analytics, Enterprise Intelligence & Data Science Infrastructure Solutions
>Hi Steve, you're on the line with Karl from Business Transformation & Implementation Strategy, Deb & Frank from Digital Implementations & Apps, Joe fr-
>*beep boop*
>Hello? Who just joined?

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save me sergey, please god

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Is this the weekly synergy conference?

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>The reason I brought you all here today is to speak to you about the importance of diversity in the workplace.

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>*beep boop*
>hello, did someone just join?
>*talking from a distance from the mic* ..yeah I gotta have another meeting with these retards, haha
>*sounds of putting headset on* Hello? I'm Mike from the sales department, how are you all doing?

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Hey...Mike. Glad. You. Could. Make. It. How’s the divorce going douche bag?

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>Mike, ive told you before, it isnt the 'sales' department, the name of the department is outreach and expansion initiati-
>*beep boop*
>Oh, god fucking damnit!

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>yes it has come to our attention that in order to increase our diversity quota, we need more trans people in our company, anon we have chosen you to lead the initiative, you are expected to begin hormone therapy within the month or lose your job.

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God that would be great

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>*distant sounds of someone shitting on the street*
>*someone yelling unintelligible gibberish in the background*
>*goats getting fucked*
>Hi this is Rajesh from Customer Service

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sounds like someone needs to talk to Zoom Video Communications Inc. (ZM:$76.25)

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Keked and checked

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these threads are always comfy frens

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Bump. These are always fun.

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Am I just autistic or are most office cultures horribly wasteful/inefficient?

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>ok, Craig is working on the network issue.
>Craig, care to add input for stakeholders on the call?
>Craig, you still on the line?
>"Yes, I'm here, but fixing the issue. Please hold."
>Sorry guys, Craig is not exactly the best communicator

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strat leak: having women and nigger "workers" is horribly wasteful and inefficient to begin with. What's another hour per week wasted listening to your boss talk about cohesion or whatever meme his "learn to be a better boss" newsletter sent out this week.

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Thats hot tho

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Beat me to it rajeeeeesh. Based & checked

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Actually underrated post

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>*beep boop*
>Hello guys sorry I am late! Stacy here, under Secretary to the Sub-Committee just had to finish a job if you know what I mean haha

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>*beep boop*
>hi this is Christopher fappin from data analytics oversight committee and communications outreach implementation strategy towards executive distribution intro sales for junior senior hirees
>I didn’t get the email, can someone resend it.

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