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why do u have a tattoo of a nig butthole

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>permanent marker
wow. dedication.

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Fuck nolinkers, nulinkers and jannies

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alright. first photo was not sharp.
But it looks ugly desu. should've get smaller one

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>the mark of the beast will be worn on the head or on the right hand
ChainLink lives rent free in literally everyones head on this board, and this guy has it on his right arm near his hand. Is LINK the mark of the beast? Is this how it ends? On ascension day? Shit is getting too real anons.

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hey bud you'll fit right in over at r*ddit, im sure they'll give you plenty of upvotes and all the attention you seek

you'll even fit in great with the twitterfags and maybe even the discord trannies!


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Every stinker i buy is taken out of circulation.
Never selling to these kikes trying to get my digital oil.
You can have 1 LINK for $1000 one day and thats at a BARGAIN price.

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Smaller in LINK's blue would be nice. That one is kinda gross

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Faggot level: Incomprehensible

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>tattoing a jewish symbol on your arm
this is peak degeneracy goyim, you should consider the pros and cons of killing yourself

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Guess you must be a fox main

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>Calls physical shapes Jewish symbols.
God's chosen people have done a number on you boy

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revelation 13:16-18

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another day...

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* sigh *
Another day....

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Status and LINK.... bröthers

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well it will be pretty hard to see when its at 0.

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I'm thinking of getting a linkie tattoo. Which logo should I pick? I'm leaning on pic related.

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I sold last night. That dudes tweet got to me. I thought the oracle issues were solved? Wtf fuck your biz

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this can't be real, oh god

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You lost a bet and were forced to get the cringiest thing your friend could think of right?

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What an ugly tatoo and the logo looks like shit.
You must be a bong, they have the worst tatoo's
Also checked

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This thread is fucking hilarious. Audible keks all around. Nu/biz/ sucks so hard but threads like this make it worthwhile to stay. Also, you're all faggots.

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>completely black
>on a clearly visible place
>something that will be irrelevant within a year
I think this is the single worst tattoo ever, congrats

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Kek the guy who has that tattoo is in fact a bong, IIRC he’s a nuclear power plant employee in the midlands. He shared all this in the telegram.

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imagine getting the logo of some vaporware permanently tattooed on your forearm

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Get it on your dick so no one ever sees it

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I really hope Sergey has paid all these ppl for the tats. Otherwise this a level of retard I cannot comprehend

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Talking about never "marrying" to an investment vehicle. Absolutely idiotic.

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