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How do you feel about the idea that poor people are poor because of their genetic makeup rather than simply bad luck or bad upbringing? Have you any life experiences to back this up?

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>How do you feel about the idea that poor people are poor because of their genetic makeup rather than simply bad luck or bad upbringing?

I've known people who were stupid as children and wow also turned into retarded adults. They also all happened to be Dominican black mutts

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I don't believe that. Poltards do, but shitty money management is always passed on to kids. Even white kids are absolutely nog with money if their parents were

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its intelligence/drive/character and personality imo. Its a big factor but also you can be a dumb fuck who has the drive to make money so intelligence is not everything. But yeah generally smart people succeed.

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Here we go on another pointless debate, when obviously both genetics and environmental conditions play a role.

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Personality and intelligence are genetic. Ever notice how border collies and other herding dog breeds with instinctively herd as puppies despite no training whatsoever? Behavior is encoded in genes.

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There's enough evidence to show that all important factors in overall lifetime finances are genetic.

Environment can cause some misfortune or fortune but for your average person their wealth is genetic.

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It was fate

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Yes but the debate is the balance and increasingly we're finding it's towards genes. Even with environment that's just a wider genetic effect.

The world is a lot more deterministic than we're comfortable accepting.

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don't ware makeup u fag

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>The world is a lot more deterministic than we're comfortable accepting.

It's because it blows out the narrative that we have to bring people up and support them financially until they get on their feet. If people realize that many peoples are fated to never reach any substantial quality of life or become a net contributor to society most people would simply stop paying taxes that go towards benefits programs.

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This is a pointless debate. Obviously both genetics and environmental conditions have an impact on whether you end up poor or not.
And both are entirely a matter of luck anyway, so it's a moot discussion.

An important thing to consider when determine your beliefs about the way the world should be is to imagine what kind of world you'd like to be born into, given that you have absolutely zero control over where you'll be born, to what family, or in what condition.

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>genetic makeup

Instead of tiptoeing around the truth, just say RACE. I'm from a poor household. I went to public school so I know all about the different races. Here's something you should keep in mind because you'll never be able to prove it wrong: The darker their skin is, the less likely they are to make it in any aspect of life. Obviously, yellow is above white in this chart but if you "zoom out" and compare the left half to the right, you'll see that it's true.

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based and fatepilled

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>The world is a lot more deterministic than we're comfortable accepting.
Why do you assume being "cursed" by bad genetics is somehow more a product of determinism than being "cursed" by a bad environment? both are deterministic causes

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That's a nonsensical conclusion given your premise. Literal social contract bullshit.

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he ded?

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Environment might leave it open to responding and overcoming. When it appears genes determine most of our behaviour and capabilities, and further than the wider social environment is significantly resultant from genes then you really don't have any salvation.

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Winning the lottery is an environmental condition that you'd think would pretty much guarantee you'd be rich forever, but 90% of poors who win it end up poor again. Same as successful olympians, footballers, basketball players etc.

Why is this? Were poors simply mean to be poor?

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No, he just got knocked the fuck out because he thought his fat ass was invincible. There's a reason why boxers protect their heads at all times because it's a weak point.

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This. A pointer doesn’t point because of social conditioning

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I've always been a fan of the notion that ones nature is the cap for nurturing. still a little odd though once you think about it since circumstances can change your nature.

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I want to be born into a world where my people can colonize the stars and spread far and wide throughout the universe.

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>hurrdurr people must be X because of one or two simple causes
of course genetics is one of the things that affect the course of someone's life. nobody sane disputes this. not even most "liberals".

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True but it also elicits more sympathy as people don't have any real choice about who they are. People of great achievement are so because their brains are shaped to be great, those of little the same. No "soul" common to both that can overcome it through will.

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that and because he went for chin. literal lowblow for a slap

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I have a little direct experience of this too. Without giving too many personal details away i have a good career and am typically an active person, work out 6 days a week, have other hobbies too. However i developed crohns and when it acts up i am sapped of all energy for months. Worse than not sleeping tiredness or overworked, its an all encompassing drain where i have no motivation to even leave bed. Sure i "can" physically get up and do things but it's just not there in my brain. Doing dishes feels like hard work for the day. Then it passes weeks later and i can go back to gym at 6:3, work all day then activities in the evening.

This range will exist across different people without any choice in the matter. Some people will just be charged to activity non stop and others just want to get by. Unfortunately nature is just not concerned with fairness and equality.

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I dont get why futures require margin to buy

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If you look at the upper class they are mostly tall handsome and look healthy

Poor people look like goblins

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I think so.
But it’s a upbringing issue as well.
Guess why boomers were such impulsive buyers.
Their house paint had lead which would go into their brain and prevent them from thinking rationally and more on impulse.
So ye, but not just on iQ point, but on their brain structure that allow them to be this much impulsive.

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I mean, only dumb people truly give meaning to something like Lamborghini or Ferrari.
The only reason rich people buy these cars are because dumb poor people value these things too much.

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being poor is genetic yes

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Look up leads in paint and it’s effect on impulse.
That’s purely environmental buddy

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Yet the poor population in United States are too many to count.
It’s not race only.
It’s conditons and environments.
I know a black girl that is very smart.
I say around 150 160 iq. Yet if she woulda live in Africa (from Kenya) she wouldn’t excelled as much.
Same with those poor whites in us.
Even though they are in a country that provide them with many opportunities they still stay fucking poor.
We should deport them to fucking eastern euroe(same shot Iq tier) and import god tier IQ individuals from other races

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There are environmental factors actually. People who live in swamps and tropical environments tend to be filled with parasites (worms) that make them anemic and more tired compared to the same race in closer climates.

Which is why both blacks and whites in southern states tend to not work as hard as the blacks and whites in northern states.

Modern medicine has alleviated this somewhat but in poorer countries, this is still a thing.

Also... If you want to vomit or makes friends vomit go google tropical parasites and collect some pics.

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>around 150-160 iq
jesus christ stfu you retarded lying faggot that would make her arguably as intelligent as (((einstein))), the only based black man in America, Clarence Thomas one our Supreme Court Justice's is 1000x smarter than your make believe nigger friend and he is not anywhere near einsteins level.

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I think it really depends on your age. Where you start from depends on the environment, but where you end up depends on your genetics. You can be 20 and poor through no fault of your own, but if you're still poor at 40 that means you have shit for brains

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I swear man.
I am not joking.
This girl is 20, is a nurse and studying for med.
It’s not just her.
Her whole family is like that.
One of her sisters is already a nurse who makes 200 k

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They're poor because theyre dumb retard

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kek, underrated

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I know, but they are also white.
So race doesn’t matter that much as the other anon said.
That’s why we should import all whites with shit brain to Poland and get high in blacks to fill their space.
Since they are high iq they won’t ever go banans.

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>parents are bad with money
>so are their kids
>i don't believe it's heritable

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martin shrekli and countless others prove your generalizing priorities and genetics

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>what is regression to the mean
many much smarter men than you and I have attempted to rationalize co-mingling, co-habitation and most importantly miscegenation only to come at a roadblock at, again:
>regression to the mean

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[needs citation]

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I was poor and I’m going to be very rich and also not a wage slave. How does that fit into your status quo?

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Lol I can see heritability in my family.
My father is bad with money my mother is not.
My fathers dad was good with money but not his mother.
My mother’s dad was good with money but not his mother.
I am good with money, with no impulse to buy any shit that I don’t need and find it very confusing as why people stand In line to pay 1000$ to buy an iPhone first, when they could wait couple of times and buy later half price.
Or why people want the newest phones while the previous versions just works perfectly
Or why they are more cars in us than the us population and why people buy cars so frequently(at least in burger land)
So ye impulse and values are kinda genetic but it’s also environmental as my family was always in debt when I was a kid (although we have 3 apartments now and no debt)

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>it's all just luck goy
Your genetics and country are not luck. You are the result of your ancestors' actions. If those who came before you selected for good genetic traits then you benefit from their actions or vice versa. If they worked to improve their station and thus that of their posterity you also benefit or vice versa. Where you're born and to whom is not some random roll of the die you dumb kike.

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Meh. I was dating a Haitian girl who studies CS at Harvard. Very cliche niggress personality but the way she processed information was mind melting. My IQ is 125ish and I’d peg hers at 150+. Casually discussing advanced combinatorics in the back of an uber while drunk. She learned mandarin in like two weeks and has incredible fluency. Muh affirmative action, yeah, maybe. But her SAT score was 2370 and she has a number of international awards in science/math achievement. Apparently her father was even smarter

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That’s a fucking problem.
Solution, invest in biotech and cybernetics, so one day you can provide the best iq for yourself and family.

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Lol funny you say that, then you go and drool over a 5’4 bimbo with shit iq , without realizing that mothers have a direct influence on your child iq,height and muscle mass.

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How can you actually be that retarded? Are you claiming you had some kind of control over where you were born or what genes you have? Is something is utterly beyond your control (like where you were born or what race you are) then it is by definition a matter of chance. Actually kill yourself please, you are dumbing down the human race.

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I know what you mean, and that’s one of those things that I prefer to have in us than our lovely, but tardy, rednecks.

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How do you know what I drool over? And there's a difference between lusting after a piece of ass and marrying and having kids with one.

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Obviously if you are born poor and grow up poor you never really learn to manage money.

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I see your ancestors didn't select for intelligence

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I am just saying.
You know those Viking ancestors, they fucked based on beauty, and through generations, a retarded beatuiful generation came to be, like elois.
But it’s not just you that drools.
All the people in the world drool over them, infact you would rather have a child with a sexy stripper than an ugly doctor.
Just admit it man, I know you mean well, but it’s out of our control now. This world gonna go fast into idiocracy with all smart people living earth elusium style.

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She may be smart but saying she has a 150-160 IQ is betraying that you don't really understand the IQ scale.

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I grown up poor, and I fucking count pennies.
I literally felt fucking miserable after buying a Xbox 360, because of money fear.
But it made me to love money more than anything else.
My family now own 3 apartments and we are going to buy another one in 2 years.

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Lol ok so you understand iq levels.
“Mooooom, someone flexing on the internet again!!”

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Beautiful people tend to be more intelligent

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>he just got knocked the fuck out because he thought his fat ass was invincible
Lol no he got knocked out because he got chopped in the chin instead of slapped in the face. Extremely dirty.

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Give me the source on that pleas.
Physical beauty absolutely have no effect on intelligent.
It has effect on you thinking they are smart(halo effect)

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> when greg cochran has nothing better to do but post on biz
i pissed on sailers grave the other day, you drooling hack

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Google it. There are plenty of studies on it.

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I've heard it as well. Probably to do with r k breeding in part.

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I did and it’s zero.
It’s all about perception of intelligent rather the inherit value

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Trivial effect. Plenty of twin studies demonstrate just how irrelevant this is. Same as geographical comparisons.

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I mean we as a population where always k breeders, only recently and because of almost unlimited food source we can achieve r breeding, but it doesn’t change anything.
If society collapses we go right back to k selection favoring longevity and defense and care over many, fast and short living.

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So you didn't then. You just want me to post it for you because you're a lazy nigger. Fuck off

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Lol I did.
And there is zero article saying exactly that beauty means higher intelligent.

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The webm makes me sick

I would rather wagecuck than getting humiliated by shit tier jewtubers for money

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That impulse and impatient showing a low iq
So accordingly you are ugly as well, right?

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>Personality and intelligence are genetic
to a certain extent only. nurture > nature

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We are kinda heading that way since the population growth is start to lower already.

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What? You realize it's not a switch? It's a spectrum of reproductive methods. Both are valid in times of scarcity as well. Africa has always been more r selected.

There's also intra-racial differences, ethnicity is usually better to talk about than the stupidly wide race classes.

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Sadly not true. In a great many characteristics things consistently come out around .8 genetic and. 2 environmental.

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take 2 newborns. one from trailer park neglectul low IQ meth addicts and one from high income uni educated couple who have their shit together. swap the babies. those who think the good-genetics-baby will end up better in life than the one raised by clever and normal parents are brainlets. nurture > nature.
also check the triplets story
one of them killed himself because the way he was raised was different than the others.

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>lso intra-racial differences, ethnicity is usually better to talk about than the stupidly wide race classes.
its actually a switch.
k is logharitmic and dependent on density, food ,toxicity etc.
r is expontioanl and dependent only on food.
k organism can have priods of expontional growth when food is avaliable.
but you are right in one thing: that the inherit k or r is not gonna change. so for example, a tree which is k selected( slow growth, long life, high defence) wont become a r selceted( short life, low defence) although they will have a higher growth speed, and even higher defense.

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Poor people tend to have little to no impulse control and they have difficulty controlling their emotions. Combine this with bad parenting and you have generational poverty.

>> No.13829325

>Poor people tend to have little to no impulse control and they have difficulty controlling their emotions. Combine this with bad parenting and you have generational poverty.
yep. and a kid who grown in a house painted with lead can have low impulse control.
so it can be environmental too.

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You guys are mistaking making money and being smart.
Someone with 120 IQ if he put all his willpower into wealth will probably get richer than someone 140 IQ who does "science", and teach mathematics at the university.
Many real smart people (140+ IQ) are not attracted by money because they know that they could always work in some field were they can have good wages.
People who are obsessed with money tend to be around 120-135 IQ.

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Get off the lead paint. How many children are even eating paint chips in the last 30 years.

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this chart is wrong and race is a social construct sweetie

>> No.13829423

>Q if he put all his willpower into wealth will probably get richer than someone 140 IQ who does "science", and teach mathematics at the university.
>Many real smart people (140+ IQ) are not attracted by money because they know that they could always work in some field were they can have good wages.
>People who are obsessed with money tend to be around 120-135 IQ.
obsession is not what i call myself over money..its more like a - i dont fucking get why people waste money on shit that they dont need- and -i dont want to be like my teacher who is a phd and just bought a house at her 40s despite working 10 years in her field and made more than 80k each year. like its fucking obvious she had bad money managemnt coupled with impusive spending. i mean i made 1 k by investing 14 k in market just this week, if i had her money i coulda been a fucking millioner- anyone could have been- and yet she is not.
this is what that fucking with my head. is that people who shoulda had millions by now, still living pay check to pay check.

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all the boomers and their kids
most people in jail
most people in old apartments
and lead is just one of them
mercury is another one which is huge now with sushi trends

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its not eating paint chips, eating them coulda kill them, its actaully leaking that can cause bad impulse.

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You realize those exact studies have been done en masse, not just an anecdote article and they demonstrate, consistently, the opposite of what you say. The good genetic child will end up almost exactly where they would have with their biological parents.

>> No.13829461

It's not a switch. Even different families in the same ethnic group have slightly different places on the spectrum.

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Jesus christ shut up about this nonsense lead crap. Iodine deficiency also causes retardation, doesn't mean it's universal nor that studies haven't well controlled for it's effect. It's like saying brain damage can cause stupidity so therefore intelligence has to be only environmental. Come to think of it have you been drinking lead paint?

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This is peak autism

>> No.13829492

thats interesting
would you explain it to me further?

>> No.13829519

idoide deficency casues retardation when the baby is still in womb between 3 to 6 months retard.
lead poisoning can actually casue low impusle, but not retardation.
why are you so brain dead. just look it up.
i never said that lead can casue any change in IQ, i am saying it can change impulsiveness and planning.

>> No.13829537

your brain cant handle it
thats fine
some people are retarded from birth, probably its iodine deficiency in your case.

>> No.13829583

i'll sperg in too with a short reply too.
it takes a personality that can handle risk to independently make a life changing amount of money.
it takes risk aversion to keep that money.
i think genetically those two things are incompatible.
those who genuinely make it with their own will and power through from a lower class to a higher class and maintain it must have have some sort of learned risk and wealth management skill.

i am a risk averse wagecuck, if i came upon a huge sum of money I would be able to manage it well. but making it is the problem.

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File: 30 KB, 300x443, Joseph_le_crétin_-_Fonds_Trutat_-_MHNT.PHa.912.PR34_cropped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually it also causes retardation if deficient growing up. Pic related is you.

>> No.13829764

this is not a retardedness. this is growth of thyroid gland because of definceny in adulthood, coupled with small shortage of deficency during infacny which can casue developmental and growth issues.
you are damn retarded if you think this guy is retarded.

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You're arguing that genetic lineage and natural selection play a role in offsprings' chances of success. That's undeniably true. But the confusion comes down to the perspective of the offspring vs everyone else. To the parents living in condition A, their child was always going to be born into condition A. But from the child's perspective, they could have been born anywhere, to anyone. It's actually more likely to be born in higher population and higher reproduction rate societies, as is self-evident. But whether that child has some sort of choice of where they're born and to whom is a pretty metaphysical question regarding the nature of consciousness and the soul, etc.

>> No.13829838

imagine being such an insecure loser that you cling to the achievements of others to justify your false claim to superiority

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You just prooved my point. You are obsessed with money. Not that it's a bad thing. Many people don't care about money. They care about their career, their friends, about sport, or their physical appearance.
I agree that in our society money is important, and many underestimate it. People want to have a career in order to have social value and money. /biz want to have money for money and more money.
My point: in the end, since the vast majority of wageslave jobs are shit, it's better to stop being an hypocrite and stop pretending we do things like engineer, doctor, lawyer, because we like it, but instead concentrate on what most people want but they hide behind a pseudo-interesting job: money. In the end, chasing money for money is even funnier and less boring than pretending to like a job in order to earn some.

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why is this webm named dumb poors? That looks like Jake or Logan Paul in the clip, aka millionaire youtubes

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How many payfairs for her

>> No.13830431

Logan Paul got kind of street

>> No.13830452

60% Nature. 40% Nurture.

>> No.13830474

80% nature 20% nurture

>> No.13830482

I think he passed out because his hand hit his neck. You can see his hand slipping under his chin into his neck which probably hit an artery and thats why he passed out. If you look closely you can see his hand going from against his cheek, under his chin into his neck. And there's a big artery in your neck which goes directly to the brain, you can feel yourself passing out if you press it only a little.

>> No.13830483

1000 LINK

>> No.13830498

He is in fact retarded my cretinous friend. Take a break from the lead ok.

>> No.13830512

You are an idiot.

>> No.13830540

Christ is that thing even human. SAGE

>> No.13830550

You can even see his hand turn 45 degrees if you repeat the webm at 4 seconds. Right as he strikes his hand turns 45 degrees and goes into the neck. Might be unintentional but its kind of suspicious as I assume any fighter would know that's also how to hit the artery.

>> No.13830554

I honestly believe there's no excuse for being poor in this day and age granted you have at least a laptop and internet connection. I've been making money online since I was 12 and not pennies either. I made $50k the year I turned 14 by making a website (DDoS tool) and selling monthly access to it. If you spend enough time learning instead of wasting time fucking around on Facebook and YouTube then anyone can make money from literally thousands of different methods, many requiring hardly any skill at all. Laziness, lack of action and bad attitude have a lot to do with staying in a shitty financial situation.

>> No.13830560

no you are. Its one of the first things I learned fighting from a friend. that if you hit the neck with the side of your hand someone will pass out.

>> No.13830569


you need more science education

>> No.13830595

>so it can be environmental too.
Of course it can be environmental. You can have Usain Bolt's genes but you aren't going to be running after a well-timed shovel to the knees as a kid.

The argument of nature vs nurture is about more subtle and expensive interventions that we wish had an effect. Not just "literally don't poison or malnourish kids or beat them on the head".

>> No.13830596

No. He struck him on the chin as a boxer would causing his head to whiplash in the opposite direction. He didn’t pass out he was knocked unconscious. The chin doesn’t really have anything to do with the knockout but it’s the furthest point on the head from the back of the skull. Think of it as a lever. The longer the lever the more force is magnified at the other end. The head whiplashes and the brain impacts the inside of the skull.

>> No.13830619

I guess that could be

>> No.13830630

its partially about money management. I grew up poor. When you finally get money from working, you're gonna want to spend it on the things you've wanted your whole life.

Children that are raised with wealth, pretty much have everything they wanted from birth. So they focus more on accomplishments and careers.

>> No.13830641

I don't care about your dragon ball z LARPing. I've done bjj for a decade and choke holds involve occluding both carotid arteries and even then its a few seconds before you pass out. Punching one will do absolutely nothing.

>> No.13830676

I totally agree with this. I could have gone all in April 2017 on a variety of coins that mooned later that year. I even had a decent amount of cash left over from a home purchase that I could have used when btc floored in July or August but i was just too scared. Wageslave for life I guess.

>> No.13830691

No, you could not have been born to anyone or anywhere else as you are the culmination of your ancestors' reproductive and social choices. No one thought like this before modernity. It was always understood that you are who you are because of the people who came before you and you must either honor them for their contribution to their posterity (you) or decide for yourself to make a better future for yours if you're able to recognize that their choices were shit. This isn't a metaphysical argument, it's purely material. I do believe in the soul, but that's a different argument.

>> No.13830786

I'm someone who likes to take huge risks ,but my money managing skills are awful

>> No.13830923

Well, shit. I'll drop the books and start heading out then.

>> No.13830956

youre wildly misrepresenting the data on twin studies

>> No.13831052

It's just one of many factors. A more likely factor is lack of access to capital. The internet has almost eliminated access to information factor.

>> No.13831111

Again, it's about the observer in this case. We can take a completely objective statistical approach and say that a baby born today is 10% likely to be born in the US. 30% likely to be born in China or India, 25% likely to be born in Europe, etc. But once the child is born, they are obviously a product of their ancestry. You're looking at the problem only from the point that a child has already been born. Before that point it's an entirely metaphysical debate.

>> No.13831245

Having someone who can tell you how to invest instead of having noone to turn to is a bigger deal than anything else. The genetic trait might be determination to avoid gibing up but 300 iq won't help you if you haven't got the drive or the ability to invest in the first place.

There's also some academic stuff you can find about how being rich is more about having the right behavioral traits instilled and having the means to invest rather than being smart.
There's a reason why so many have to bribe to get their kids to good schools after all.

>> No.13831566

Not in the slightest.

>> No.13831691


How to become wealthy: save money, understand time value of money, opportunity cost, and compound interest

Even 90 IQ people can understand these things, and now with google people who blame the school system for not educating them have NO excuse

It doesn't matter anyways because things distribute into a pareto distribution, 20% will be wealthy and 80% will ALWAYS be poorfags it is a law of nature

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Is this bo polny legit?

>> No.13831716

that's only true in countries with relatively free markets and for three generations at least.

>> No.13831742

>NO excuse
> 80% will ALWAYS be poorfags it is a law of nature
Which is it?

>> No.13831929
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I'm only rich because of my alpha chad genes. Can confirm.

>> No.13832045

>one from trailer park neglectul low IQ meth addicts
> one from high income uni educated couple who have their shit together
you're saying it yourself. The baby from the low IQ family will not amount to anything even if swapped cause duh, he's low iq aswell

>> No.13832138

ahh the old "you could've been born a nigger in africa how lucky you are" argument. Its retarded beyond belief

>> No.13832780


Everything seems to come down to random chance. People are capable of changing their situation through hard work and perseverance, but thinking that people are solely responsible for their life situation would imo be delusional. Random chance I would argue would probably be the largest factor in one's ability to succeed. Just being born a particular skin color, gender, or being born in a particular part of the world at a particular time is more likely to have influence than anything else. You can succeed/fail despite this, but to think the odds aren't stacked for or against you before you've taken your first breath would probably be delusional.

>> No.13832863
File: 1.53 MB, 1242x1845, D0BDA8FD-2577-49AF-8822-6E40255C7520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They also have a higher graduation rate. Pit bulls not so much, but saying dat is raysis.

>> No.13832904

>The world is a lot more deterministic than we're comfortable accepting.
Then the whole "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" capitalist narrative becomes nonsense. Fine with me.

>> No.13833251


> makes fascistic thread about le superior genetics

> uses Logan Paul as pic of le master race

>> No.13833807

t. some loser whose ancestors were peasants

>> No.13833826

Looks like we've found one of those insecure losers that other anon described.

>> No.13834039

your ancestors must have been truly remarkable to spawn such an insecure 4chan dwelling loser lmao
you are such a joke, your great grandfather would be ashamed of you

>> No.13834218

Seconded. Just a thread that rewards people for doing absolutely nothing IMO.

>> No.13834254

Stop doing illegal stuff pls.

>> No.13834699

it's less about access but more about innate curiosity now

>> No.13834818
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>Lottery winners are more likely to declare bankruptcy within three-to-five years than the average American (CFPBS).
>Nearly one-third of lottery winners eventually declare bankruptcy (CFPBS).

>> No.13834837

its called biodeterminism

>> No.13834868

lmao stick to watching bite sized jordan peterson clips you absolute mong

>> No.13834884

All men are retards

>> No.13834964

Poor people are genetically inferior to higher earners in most respects and circumstances

>t. born into lowest socioeconomic caste in canada and made friends in higher ones

poor people have a few genetic advantages that rich don't but all things considered, they are inferior.

>> No.13835616


Look into this. He's the real deal.

>> No.13835704

Again I don’t think it’s obssession.
I am honesty ok with having one house for myself and I am done.
All i am saying is that people who work 10 plus years in their careers can make millions if they are smart about it instead of wasting it on shitty things.
For me, money can bring security to an extent but after that point it’s just useless. If people were a bit more self determine then they coulda be retired in their 40s instead I f 69s.

>> No.13835717

Aka a dumb millionaire who got rich because of other dumb people subscribing to him.

>> No.13835729

Lol that’s not retarded.
And if he is, that’s from womb retardation not from outside.
Iodide defeicency can’t fuck with your mental capacity after you are out of your mother.

>> No.13835763

Ok. You can also think about this.
A tall Chinese guy in a village in rural China, may die in poverty, have no offspring and so take off from gene pool.
However if someone find him and make him join basketball team, he can make millions, literally have as many as kids as he want and have many generations after him.
That’s nature vs nurture

>> No.13835830

Imagine quadruple posting.
Just put it all in one post you fucking zoomer

>> No.13836687 [DELETED] 

i was poor for the majority of my life bc i was a popular guy in highschool that just went to parties all the time and got fucked up.
well, i continued that lifestyle in my 20s and just worked at deadend jobs also selling drugs on the side.
got caught with some cocaine so i had to do some prison time.
met a guy in prison who was super rich that taught me the basics of investing and trading markets.
he also told me to go to /biz/ and WSB, which i did when i got out.
anyways, ive read tons of stuff about trading and at this point i have more than a 5 year education in the markets along with experience.
long story short, i turned $10,000 into several million by just trading high volatility assets around the clock, mostly BTC.

i dont care if any of u faggots and pajeet kikes believe me but from my experience poverty is a mix of genetics and a definite product of the company and lifestyle you keep. most poor people have no real desire to be rich, they just accept their financial predicament because in their minds there is nothing they can do about it. what little they do have money wise, usually goes to getting wasted anyways.

so imo poverty is more of a mental illness than anything else bc most ppl will never understand how to multiply their money and make it work for them - because knowing how to do that is more than their mental illness wil ever allow them to do.

>> No.13836709

what is this

>> No.13836762

Ive also been poor most of my life working min wage and selling drugs to get by. Working at a porn store I discovered BTC at $600 in 2016. Started believing i could be rich through saving and BTC. I own more in Crypto, real estate and stocks than I imagined i would. Nice to know I'm not the only degenerate that BTC made

>> No.13836822

Based. Owned both of those dogs growing up. The collie had insane focus on playing with toys and herding other animals while the spaniel had insane focus on finding and bringing food to its master whether alive of dead. Both grew up with each other from a young age yet the collie never gave a shit about food and the spaniel never gave a shit about toys and herding.

>> No.13836830

It's because they were never taught how to handle money because they grew up with parents who live pay check to pay check and what ever extra they had was too little to make any real difference if it was saved so they spend it on small luxuries.

>> No.13836843

I believe it's about 90% luck. Rich people don't like hearing that because ego

>> No.13836896

yes it has something to do with it long term... but use it as a crutch is pathetic and simply and simply an excuse. ANY (outstanding) citizen has the opportunity to turn their life around at (almost) any point in their life PERIOD.. ( not exceptions)

except for me. My mom got a divorce from my dad when i was young and it set me back -- way back jack.My Stacey broke up with me, I dropped out of college and now Im a loser now and there is no hope for me.. I guess i should just quit life. Im also broke. .....

>> No.13836923 [DELETED] 

another thing i want to point out is that when you are a poor person and for whatever reason you do get that first taste of a big roll of cash, you want more of it just like a drug. or you see something you really want to buy, so despite your impoverished mental illness, you get the greed disease and squander methods to make money. in this process you often fall for scams or get rich quick schemes as they are tailored by the scammers for such persons with the greed disease. now, to really break the cycle in general it takes a good education in the markets and that first trade of making a profit from buying low and selling high is probably one of the best drugs out there. its addicting and can lead to a trade or die kind of lifestyle - which for some is like a miracle. then you lose in some trades, at which point you find out that if you dont control your greed when it comes to trading, you'll be right back in the poor house where you started.

its all a cycle of course but meeting the right people who are wise to money making is probably the only shot that poorfags will ever have.
>not everyone can find the path to riches, some have to be led to it

>> No.13837313

i was using a phone and i am not autistic enough to care about it.

>> No.13837535

tested online at 130 IQ so probs slightly lower realistically. I know my gfs bro, most likely has a way higher IQ than me doesnt give 2 shits about money only physics. I did chemistry but only give a shit about money haha

>> No.13837570

So I havent seen any evidence to suggest that financial success is related to genetics in this thread at all.

>> No.13838282

This line of thinking would indicate that Jews are superior.

I disagree. We have smart poor people and retarded rich people. Obviously wealthier people are smarter on average. I won’t disagree with that.

>> No.13838317
File: 406 KB, 383x320, 8F45A514-0D71-49F2-9B76-98E7332E377F.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based and pointer pilled

>> No.13838626
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>I don't believe that.
But it's basic fucking science.

What the hell is wrong with you brain damaged retards?
You don't even accept evolution or human instincts.

You blank slate retards should be treated like flat earthers.

>> No.13838657

We're not talking about those variables though, we talking about western countries.

What a brainlet.
Intelligence and personality traits are about 75% heritable.
Just because you leftist retards deny science doesn't make what you're saying true.

Public education is such a fucking scam, we ended you with people like you.

>> No.13838664

Well there definitely is a genetic component when you factor in IQ which is inherited from your parents and IQ has a strong correlation to overall success in life.

>> No.13838678

Those are actually two of the most genetically determined behavioral traits.

>> No.13838819

>Even white kids are absolutely nog with money if their parents were
My parents were/are horrible at handling money yet I'm doing fine.

>> No.13838934

Intelligence does not equal money management.
Brain dead drug dealers know how to stack and get the most from their investments. High IQ stemtard spends all his disposable income on anime figurines.

>basic fucking science
see >>13837570

The stolen generation of australian coons would have to disagree with you. Pulled from barbaric families that sleep on the dirt, raised in upper middle class white families. Result is a small population of well educated and intelligent coons. Meanwhile coons raised sleeping in the dirt huff petrol and steal cars all day every day. Nurture>nature.
The lefties like to pretend the stolen generation was nothing but heartbroken mothers and children tho.

>> No.13838960

>humans are dogs

>> No.13838968

Sorry anon, but that's not a good prediction. The American Caucasian race is the outlier. They are genetically prone to become obese. Don't have any natural talent for mathematics or sciences. All they are good for is complaining about races, stuffing McDonalds into their mouths, and denying scientific literature.

>> No.13838971

Regardless of the fact you fags who believe this shit are defeatist cucks, how does it feel to be genetically inferior by your own definition?

>> No.13838992

take you back to 8th grade reading, 1984.
there is a part in the book that gets philosophical about the relationship of wealth and lifestyle. Poor people tend to stay poor throughout generations because they simply dont give a fuck as long as they have enough to survive. Whereas the upper and middle class are constantly at war with each other. Middle tends to work hard and eventually make it to upper class, and upper class gets lazy for a bit and falls to middle. Poor just stays poor.

As an 8th grader I thought it was kind of interesting, now as an adult with more knowledge I can see how the above can be true in many case, obviously with some exceptions. I see it especially with the poor people I have known and the middle class people who I see work their asses off to get their businesses off the ground and eventually becoming successful.

What the book failed to see and talk about was the emergence of the super rich types like bezos, musk, and others who arent planning on giving their wealth away, ect. their legacies really wont have to work at all and as long as they are smart enough to hire people to make them money they should have multiple generations living the dream.

>> No.13838999

just been reading about inteligence and beautiness
and turns out there is a posibility that beautiful people are usually smarter than ugly people
but some of the studies seem to be flawed because they are race neutral and black people are usually qualified as less beautiful