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If it's not a joke
If you're really waiting for link to moon so your real life can start

I am

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checking in

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Checking in

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Living a kind of mediocre NEET life now. After link moons will be able to unleash the patrician wealthy NEET lifestyle.

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Paul holder died and eric walker lied

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Well it's either wait for LINK to make me rich or spend the next 30 years chasing stocks, bonds, or king shitcoin.

Can't believe there are stupid fucking drug addicts on this board that actually had a chance to make it and blew it by not just holding like 100 BTC

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Good. So glad that I'm not the only one.

I am so bored and unhappy guys.

I just hope all this time has been worth it.

My life has been on hold waiting for this.

$40k would be enough to solve my problems right now. Would have been enough to solve it over a year and a half ago. But I bought link and jnt instead. If link moons I think it will be worth it, I just hope that link moons. It's getting hard to resist selling, guys. I'm not afraid of losing my money, I just want out of my situation.

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Hold as long as you can frens, this is Ethereum all over again. Don’t be so shortsighted that you sell your ticket to lamboland for hondaland prices.


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>be 20
>hey, if I can just DO THIS, then I'll be fucking comfy
(((((You're here)))))
>be 30
>hey, if I can just DO THIS, then I'll be fucking comfy
>be 50
>hey, if I can just DO THIS, then I'll be fucking comfy

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Sup lads, how's it going

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not a joke here, ive given up everything for it

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i just want something to happen already whether we moon or crash im just tired of it all

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just chilling and studying rn my dude

chain link is just an optional win condition for me really

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Not me.

I hold 50k link but I also have a career that I've been working on for the past three years. I've slowly started to become more and more social and people actually like chatting with me now.

My hope is to finally make some friends and lose my virginity.

Maybe once I achieve that, the universe will finally deem me worthy enough to be rich

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only managed to get 10k but fuck it, we're going to the moon

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What dumb toy are you going to buy to accidentally kill yourself on after you're living on easy street?

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dug deep in link, 12k+ marine for a 1-1/2 years now, it's literally my only hope

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i just sleep all day every day waiting for something to happen

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just clean the rubble bro

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dangerous thoughts in this thread

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I'm just so ready to quit wage cucking.

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I am either holding until 1K or zero. It is not enough to live like a middle class neet for the rest of my life. I have to truly make it and be rich as fuck.

Just fucking imagine bros. You are sitting there in your room and you think to yourself man i kinda want to just randomly fly to Tokyo and live there for a month and eat sushi and fuck beautiful women and chill in ancient gardens and ride around on the comfy subways and listen to japanese jazz in comfy clubs

And you literally just open a new window on your browser and book a first class flight and a world class hotel and within 12 hrs you're on a flight. You don't even look at the price of anything. The entire world becomes this massive and infinitely rewarding playground to explore

That's the fucking life i want and i refuse to settle for less. I would unironically rather watch it go to zero than sell for a couple million and have to constantly worry about how I'm going to stretch that money to cover the next 50 years

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I just need it to hit $5 so I can sell it and buy HOT. Launch my way to more shitcoins basically. I wish I had sold my NEO at the top. That was the biggest flop. an idiot I am. I'm done converting dollars to crypto.

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isn't really much to live for
at least if i make it i wouldn't have to worry about going to work
i'd still end up doing the same things

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Love isn't special, anon. Being loved requires minimal effort.

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Im 40 years old. Work is sporadic last few years. Waging weekly barely keeping a roof over my head. Things took a real bad turn few years back. Its all on link for me now. Cant do much more of this bullshit. In two years if link isnt triple digits Im out, day of the rope. On the bright side dont need 50 years worth since I only got 20 maybe 30 at best.

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Checking in

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And for me lying in bed, never having to get up. Literally sit in bed for weeks, months years. I want the 9000 count gold laced Egyptian cotton sheets to fuse into my skin. My wife will visit whenever I yell out to her. She will feed me pancakes & peanut butter. She will never complain about the stench. She will mount me anytime that she becomes fertile and will produce as many children as humanely possible.

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I listen to this more than I care to admit

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Forgot link: https://youtu.be/SRut6V-f86w

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How is hot any good?

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Checking in. Trying to grow a marketing company. Client work kicks my ass. Sales kicks my ass. Managing so many projects and not having enough money to hire someone else means I'm doing 90% of the hard work. Growing a company like this (with no capital & not much assistance... bootstrapping essentially) is so fu**** hard. I just want the grind to stop. The LINK money will actually help me build a real business with real operating capital. Life will be so good.

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My life is already over. It ended when my soulmate an hero’d. I give no fucks anymore but I am forced to give a fuck when wage cucking of course. I plan to use my LINK gains to buy my freedom from my Jewish masters and spend the rest of my life doing fuck all.

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Right then, I just got back from wagecucking. Any updates? We're still waiting on that blog right?

by my calculations we should have a blog post by now and we should be at least over $2

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I don't even know why I give so much of a shit, I only spent 1K on LINK right after it pumped, and even if it does go to the horribly unrealistic 1000 EOY I'll only have a million.

I'm trying to get "won't fucking die in the upcoming chaos" money. "Life extension treatment worth 4 million dollars" money.

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awesome blanky fren

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Lmao, never happend to u so how could u know.

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All these 'LINK $1000 EOY or KMS' posts are longterm bullish as fuck. Imagine how much of the supply is going to get locked up when anons around the world neck themselves. They'll be the ones to make $1000 by 2030 a reality. Just a shame they won't be around to enjoy it.

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God I hope I don't have to wait till 2030. But I'm in this shit till the end of time.

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I got nothing to lose. I have money and it means nothing, so I figure, maybe if I have more money, it'll mean something.

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Checkin in, except for the real life part. Gotta plant the seed now, frens. You're gonna make it.

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i feel bad for nolinkers

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Link already mooned. You guys should be rich by now. You’d be VERY lucky if Link 4x from here.

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Fuck you all

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My life won't change much other than me having my own house. I'll still continue living the same as I do now unless I decide to heavily invest money into my very small business and decide to turn it into more than a hobby.

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go fist yourself

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Reporting in

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Anon, everyone is waiting for their real life to start. Don't get meme'd into thinking link will save you. Save yourself. I hold link too, but link is not the way out because money is not the way out. Money is very important but there are a multitude of ways to maximize freedom/purpose while you are also chasing passive income. Get some friends, get hobbies, get a sense of purpose.

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Checking in. I have a comfy well paying job but my private life is fucking boring. I can’t wait for link to moon so I can move to another country.

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I hope it will not dump too hard after mainnet, maybe even go up?