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The Chainlink blog post will be released in about 3 hours. After its release the price will climb to ~$1.70-$2

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It will probably dump because the post doesnt say anything we already dont know.

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Where is the based? SF?

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>id: up52
>price will climb to ~$1.70-$2
>current link price: 1.30
1.30 + .52 = 1.82
kek approved projection

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I believe you, OP.

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i don’t believe you

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I'll take it

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>This might actually happen

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Big if true

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We better unironically shoot directly to $1,000 next Thursday. I'm so fucking tired of waiting for this piece of shit to moon.

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Eric Holder had Paul Walker assassinated to cover up his illegal gun smuggling operation in Mexico known as Fast and Furious.

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The blog post was actually supposed to be released yesterday. It's been ready and waiting for some time, as Sergey spent half of March and most of April writing it in preparation for the big day. He kept it on an encrypted USB drive to prevent any leaks, but it seems that Rory misplaced it somewhere while cleaning the office. No one has been able to find it as of yet and Sergey isn't allowing anyone to write up a new post either, because "it won't be the same". The whole staff has been searching for it these past few days - they were even called in during the weekend. This is at a crucial time where Chainlink still needs to stress-test its systems and make a lot of final-moment bug fixes before going live. The delay is causing jobs to pile up on the pivotal, where the velocity has fallen to low single-digit numbers.

Rory is doing some damage control on Telegram by trying to make it seem like Sergey is still writing it, but we all know that he would've had something like that ready in advance. Time is running out fast and I'm afraid that by the time they do find the flashdrive (if ever), they will be hopelessly behind schedule and mainnet will be a massive flop as a result.

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on monday the usb drive fell onto a big mac that sergey was about to devour and rather than remove it he figured it was safer in his money belly and literally all of biz is waiting for him to shit it out

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Believe what you want, frens. I'm just the messanger and you have been given a heads up. You should be ecstatic its going to do this well. Past 2020 is impossible to predict.

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source: trust me dude

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Retrace the steps. Follow the clues. The answer awaits

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3 hours are gone, nothing happened. blog post delay is unprofessional

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4chan might have a decent stake in LINK compared to normies, but the real pump will be caused by institutional buyers, not some NEETs in a basement. It doesn't matter what we know.

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There are no institutional buyers. They were clearly desperately scrambling for something for the blogpost but are delaying whilst they wait for someone to email back.

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7 mins left until the larp ends

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Institutional buyer here, we will be using coinmetro to onboard our funds and we are waiting for Kevin to give us the go-ahead. Once this is cleared the blog post will be imminent. Do with this information what you will.

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I will jack off to this information kevin

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Welder here. I make 300k a year after taxes, want to know what coin I'M in?

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Blog post is behind 1000 NDAs

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Another fucking larp

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>posted 2 hours and 59 minutes ago
Any day now..

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Link is pumping is the post out yet?

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what the fuck was that pump LINK $7.83 RIGHT NOW HOLY SHIT GUYS

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HOLY FUGggg its $15.35 nowwww fuggg we base it hhhguyzzz


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$78.48 are you fucking kidding me?!?!

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Holy fucking shit

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111.23 now!!!

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Strap in boys!
aaand we're back online

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ok it's back down to 1.33, wew, sucks to be among those who missed it and didn't sell

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$278 market cap?

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I would cum

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Absolutely delusional. Swift is going to be using Corda not chainlink.
Better dump your heavy bags now anon (:

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Op is a faggot

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Came here to post that

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We're all going to make it anons, I love every one of you.

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Where's the blogpost you asshole

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based fourhead Kevin

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Where the fuck is it reeee

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"Blogpost next week"