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did you creeps realize that adelyn went to harvard for undergrad AND then went to harvard business school?
you guys should be ashamed of yourself
calling her tiger mommy

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its ok. she likes it

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[angry chink noise intensifies]

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what if she spits in my mouth and asks if i like that

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read it and weep, neets

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Imagine her with make up... She's already cute, shed be nutrageously hot

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does anyone have rare Adelyns to share?
asking for a friend

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Do you guys think Sergey flirts with her?

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no. sergey is full autist. dan kochis definitely is total chad tho and probably nails adelyn

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no sergey only pumps and dumps eastern european models that couchsurf in his 32mil apartment.

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I imagine Sergey as some sort of asexual being beyond normal human needs.

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Except for eating of course

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you imagined wrong you stupid newfag see >>13804345
Sergey is absolute Alpha, he pulls more tail than all your ancestors together.

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and still doesn't know how to spell. harvard ain't what it used to be. wonder how much her parents donated for her admissions acceptance?

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>Adelyn is an absolute joy to work with. She brings big-picture perspective and detail-oriented execution to every project she works on. Along with being highly effective, Adelyn is incredibly thoughtful and fun to be around. Working with her again is at the top of my wish list.

guys she has legit reviews, why did we never scour these before

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(((Harvard))) is a joke of a university. Thanks. Just sold 100k

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string sell signal

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>Unironically cant spell.
> Did well at Harvard

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We did newfag

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They hand out degrees to minorities at havard

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Harvard should be ashamed of having graduated alumni who possess such poor facility with spelling, grammar & syntax; fortunately, in our correspondences, Adelyn heeded my advice to exercise greater care in preventing such fundamental gaffes in future written material.
>this is now a tiger mommy thread

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why the booth is always near the toilet

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> Harvard? Sounds expensive you're hired!

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That is strange
I know people with that pedigree
Normally they're much more impressive
I get the feeling the only reason shes there is a preference for more women in business and tech

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id like to know who her father is. probably some ultra wealthy china man who payed to have his daughter get accepted into harvard

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Invested in this brap coin as soon as she got in the team. Got rich thanks to my yellow fever.

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Based Tiger Mommy and Sergers: Adventures in Burgerland

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o i ab laffin

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i held link since etherdelta right after ico
autists went hard on adelyn research for a little bit but then stopped
i think theres more to be found

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Fuck marry kill?

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dat tiny Matic booth

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Marry, kill, fuck

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Adelyn spelling bee. Does someone have the Sergey and adelyn meeting for the first time pasta?

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kill marry fuck

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ill do you one better. They actively go after minorities and let them in for free at harverd

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I this response the equivalent of the “I’m an navy seal sniper” copypasta?

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Sergey is unironically too focused on his goals to even waste energy with sexual thoughts. He has his eyes on the prize. In a way it's like he's practicing sr but I'm not sure he is even aware of it.

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Imagine being able to couchsurf with Satoshi 3.0? What an incredible experience for these girls