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Road to $2 Celebration Room

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trust in sir gay

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Fuck yeah lighting up cigar now

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Thread theme

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Coinbase has my money hostage until this weekend.

Please stop.

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Play jewish games, win jewish prizes.

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Coinbase had never placed my deposits on hold, this time when I bought the $7200 dip they put them on a 5 day hold.
Are they datamining us linkies and making sure we can't put any more money into it?

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Probably just using your shekels for margin trading of their own

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I messed up by putting cash in coinbase instead of directly to binance with credit card first. I could be holding more right now.

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Ive got a better version of this! Its called Chainlink the oracle engine that could! CHoo choo mofos...

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Well I hope they went long on BTC and got fucked in the ass by this dump.

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Why the fuck do I keep seeing this about Coinbase? I can buy and transfer immediately.

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Most people could do that before, now they're starting to put 5 day holds on peoples funds. Not sure why and who they're targetting, but they are.

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pretty good mate, i'm not a pro deisgner so was pretty happy with mine desu, now you 1000 (EOY) upped me

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Thanks fren, I mostly lurked here but now i wanna give something back. I'm dropin a few dank memes in a jiffy.

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train derailed. victim count: 120 neets who post memes all day