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I can hardly believe it but it happened. LlNK is literally the new TRX, history does in fact repeat itself.

This applied to TRX in the normie bullrun and LlNK today
- women investors
- reddit and twitter openly love and shill it
- holders completely unaware of token distribution

Sorry fags but I sold today at 7x. Feel free to ignore ALL the warning signs

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except link is 400m cap and tron was 16b cap u dumb nigger kike faggot

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also tron was a literal scam and link is a good product

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he really should reconsider his diet

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Thats still a lot considering it has no use or partners and run by some obese guy that studied philosophy

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Obviously TRX was a scam, but link no less. Without all the paid pajeet shilling (2 years straight without pause) it managed to do.. what basically all other coins already achieved tenfold in the last run.