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>imagine selling link before june

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>imagine selling link before 1k

Will we have some marine attending cloudexpo? a streamer is needed

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Control + F "chainlink"
Zero results.

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Chainlink seems to have fallen out with Accord Project. No press at all and Dan Selman was very negative on Twitter a while back about it.

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Fernando dm'd a pic of his dong after we started sexting on link Twitter, dude is hung like a horse. I was quite shocked at the sheer massive size of the lad. Don't underestimate him.

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>Dan Selman was very negative on Twitter a while back about it.
Before or after they partnered? Also source

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Accord deleted their medium tweet as well. Its still the only public connection and now it's gone.

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Don't forget about this

>IBM, Docusign, R3, etc

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you stinkies sound just like vechink bagholders with their ((((conferences)))) and sharing the stage with ((((big companies))))

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>yep, fundamentally

the amount of delusion in /biz

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>Dan Selman was very negative on Twitter a while back about it.
If by "very negative about Chainlink" you mean "actively advocating the use of Chainlink", then yes.
Pic related.

>Accord deleted their medium tweet as well.
lmao no they didn't

This type of retarded, blatantly false fud sure is a massive buy signal.

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The original tweet was deleted but the reminder is still up. They deleted the partnership article but they deleted multiple articles, weird but it wasn't about link. SC is still listed on Accord website. Dan is still engaging link Twitter, keeps his distance but isn't hostile. There has been no statement of partnership ending.

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SmartContract logo is still on their website, also Sergey presentation when he announced mainnet

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Except this isn't Chainlink announcing any conferences.
It's the big companies themselves.

Keep not knowing the diffence, you absolute trenchbrain.

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>Pic related.

Clyde Co are working with clause and they're speaking about smart contracts at Accord London https://www.artificiallawyer.com/2019/05/15/clyde-co-launches-parametric-insurance-smart-contract/

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Wonder whom they're using for oracles.

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It's all so ambiguous anons. What does it mean?

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stop deluding yourself, he said multiple times that accord is open source and everybody can contribute. They just list somewhat significant contributors. Dan and Sergey never met in person and probably never exchanged words at all.

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... and Accord (part of Clause's backbone) is explicitly partnered with Chainlink.

What are you doing anon?

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there's not a big connection and accord was obviously irritated at the cringe link twitter response when they associated themselves with smartcontract

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Open source means they can make their connections ambiguous?? What's the point ?

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>there's not a big connection
Depends how you look at the fact that Accord (part of Clause's backbone) is explicitly partnered with Chainlink.

Nothing ambiguous about Accord partnering with CL.

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Insider here, dont bother to ask for proof
Accord still will use or better is using chainlink as default decentralized oracle
The only reason they deleted the official medium article is because they dont wont to be connected to the cancerous community surrounding link, since it could hinder the progression of the project
So don’t expect an official announcement, they will just mention docusign/openlaw and middleware
Good news is none of this matters

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So you mean our own worst enemies are our frens?

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That's what decentralization does.

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Houman is connected to ic3 and very familiar with Aaron Wright, ic3 has some real clout with the legal and corporate side of things
Also don't forget the specific reason WSBA joined Accord was oracles
At the end of the day its the customers that will choose to use both clause and link together, that's why they're available together on BaaS like kaleido

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Yes but you know how it goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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Also, not sure who you think our enemy is here.

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Not really, like i said, it doesn’t matter
Just don’t expect anything official
Everyone who knows and matters will know which underlying protocol is meant
Also twitter shenanigans are just for normie fomo and chainlink from what ive heard absolutely dont need it

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It's in London. Lord Chancellor of England is a supporter of Accord which is partnered with chainlink. And this is exactly one week after mainnet launches.

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also pic related, look up APPG

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