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crash et

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It will, but in 4 days

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It should be at least $300 right now.

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It will probably do, 400+$ on 26 may

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why can't they just cancel the project and liquidate everything into BTC??

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It’s been going way up all month, be chill bitch

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Btw short orders are very low at the moment, and longs are increasing.
I can tell better in the next 2 days
why don't you liquidate yourself

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Why the 26th?

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>why don't you liquidate yourself
kek, based trips >>13765268

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You'll see :)

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I swear its the same brainlet as in last thread. First of all draw better lines, second of all throw TA out of the window since eth is manipulated to the ground.

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It has nothing going for it at all. Why would it pump? At least BTC has normie acceptance and its name hasn't been dragged through the mud due to massive ICO scamming.

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> Every crypto is manipulated.
I would suggest some very interesting chart and teach something very useful to you, but since you used that word "manipulated" i won't tell you shit.

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Let's not exaggerate here, BTC is far from "accepted" by normies. And if there ever comes a time when BTC actually starts being used by them, we will all find it to be unacceptable very quickly.

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Reread my post nigger, I'm not making claims about every crypto, just ETH as of right now. Aside from me kinda agreeing with ~4 days till resistance break, I couldn't give one fuck about your "lessons" lmao

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Not lessons, just some useful advice, but since you're so cocky, why don't you explain us your brilliant theory.
> Only eth is manipulated