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Holy Mary mother of God WHAT WAS THAT?!

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Dumping as we speak

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its literally dumping upwards right now

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Too late to buy?

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do you wanna be rich?

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nothin personell, stinkies

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Can we just 10x right now! the wait is killing me.

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13 BTC sell wall at 15000, if it breaks that... we $2

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>unironically selling link before $100

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Target: 100 sats

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part of me wants to buy that up

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Thank you for your sacrifice. You shall be remembered.

Anyone collecting screenshots should save his picture for the $50 post.

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Oh no anon I.....

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I gotchu senpai

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oh fuck the newfags are back lads, you don't even understand how binance works. it's the order book ya fucking dunces, the wall is visible to anyone

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wtf are you talking about retard, we all know, learn to read context.

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Thinking about selling my stack of 40k. I have held too many of these shitcoins for far too long and lost so much because of greed.

If dubs I sell half of stack.

Check em

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what the hell, somebody give this man a retard medal

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sell them faggot.

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Oh no anon

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>selling literally tens of millions worth of assets for pennies on the dollar because of a random number generator on a kuwaiti orange-peeling forum

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lmao don't sell dumb nigga

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Kek has punished you for your blasphemy.
Uniroincally do it at this point or risk upsetting him more.

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lmao you fell the for json parser scam. sell already lmao

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By kek giveth and kek taketh away

Dont curse us all anon follow through or else

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You retards have said this same story of every shitcoin ever shilled on biz and they all crash and burn and then you form a new cult around some new shitcoin.

Remember Digibyte, Xtrabytes, Posw, RDD, Verge, Ark, OMG? Just to name a few..

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>he swung his 100k LINK stack during the singularity

no pity for you

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youre fud is weak and you are going to stay poor with your 1k suicide stack because you still "need to accumulate"

you had 2 years buddy.

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Cool dude. Sell already, what are you waiting for

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So no comment about the past shitcoin cults?

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No please sell

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youre right. We know nothing. Sell link, its a scam. Youd be better off going into bitcoin.

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make sure to use 'Tomorrow' Style, desu; take care of your eyes, fren.

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What are you the fucking new york post? Sack up and sell already

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Not surprising that you cannot have rational discussion with stinky linkies

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go back to fucking reddit newfag. normies like you dont deserve link. sell that stack or shut the fuck up.

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damn u dumb bro.

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wow, insta karma. nicely done

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now you will have to or you will lose them all

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stfu you retarded paki fuckshit just sell your chainlink in a market order and leave this place.

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I have been here since the beginning. Have fun with your first shitcoin investment.

Lets see how you feel in couple months when stinky links are worth 0.01$

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yep, this one is going in my nolinker peasant folder

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And I still have more linkies than you pajeet

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>calm, rational discussion

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you absolute MADMAN

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This. Just sold. Anybody not selling this scam right now is a brainlet and will 100% get rekted

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>am I late at $1?
>am I late at $1.2?
>am I late at $1.4?
>am I late at $2?
>am I late at $10?
>am I late at $50?

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>Holy Mary mother of God WHAT WAS THAT?!
That's a 1,000 NEET dreams being crushed.
We're going back down to 20 cents with no survivors.

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It's going down, but upwards.

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its beautiful

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where's all this buy pressure coming from

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CZ shitcoins dumping, LINK pumping I don't like this

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fake and gay

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When hypeless projects like Chainlink defy the bear market, have mainnet coming, and shoot from rank 100+ to the top 20, people tend to notice.

Link was pumping right along CZ's shitters for the past few days, my little concern trollfag.

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Its going to 1000 $ unironically

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>where's all this buy pressure coming from
a significant percentage of it is /biz/ FOMO, desu

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I only have half my funds in link

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Do any of you understand what market cap means?

I get it that its a funny meme saying that links going to 100-1000$ but it simply isn't possible to ever be worth more than 5$ max. And even then the market cap would be couple billions.

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Yeah? The ATH marketcap of BTC is 300billion, and that's a fucking outdated tech that only stores value with MAYBE potential for a currency.
Have you looked at LINK's potential?

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>XRP was over $100B mcap in the last bull run
>he thinks LINK won't be able to hit $100B+

Just kys

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>he fell for the market cap meme
>he thinks marketcap = actual amount of money invested
>hes a brainlet

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I'm looking at the orderbooks on Binance and it looks suspiciously odd something doesn't feel right,on top of that the volume is not that great either, careful swing trading this frens

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>mcap fud
>2018 + 1
Yawn next

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>12k BTC volume
>"not that great"

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Its the chainlink choo choo pushing over his limits. Slowly but steadily. Chooo chooo motherfucker

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sell or don’t, we don’t care

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Link to a 100 may actually happen if the network will see actual adoption.
But a good choice to sell some now, if you are happy with the profits. I only have 1.5k link, so I will keep chasing the dragon with this one.

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You’re still here? Go to your binance account (no doubt you are too stupid to create a wallet), navigate to Exchange > LINK/ETH and market sell your measly stack right now or may kek send a pack of niggers to rape your mum.

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>volume doesn't look great
>13k BTC
what are you smoking

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Just a taste, fren.

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Except it's unironically dumping, target 10000 sats.

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if you actually believe that chainlink's market cap will outpace bitcoin without crashing the entire market, you're a fucking retard.

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what's with the kyber volume?

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Marketcap counts for shit, these aren’t stocks.

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Hearty kek

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If you think people aren't paying attention to marketcap and it isn't affecting their decision, you're even dumber than I thought.

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Let them trade by it, i don’t care. It’s not a measure of anything other than supply x price so to say coin A can’t be more than $500 dollars means nothing. I think some people think ‘cap’ means the limit, rather than ‘capital’. It expands to accommodate price, not limit it within boundaries.

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thats low, dont you mean 10k

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Fuckin based

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this we need more fud so i can accumulate

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The cap as in limit is set at $1 anyway, since any price above that would defeat the purpose of the token.

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RLC makes toilets obsolete

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Gee, thanks for markets 101...
Now think about the fact that bitcoin has the highest market cap. It has been the king since the beginning. What happens when a king is dethroned? Chaos. The market will crash as the only tiny glimmer of consistency in this insanely volatile market is removed. Maybe it will go back up again after that, maybe not. But bitcoin being removed from the top stop would definitely cause a crash of all markets.

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>what is ripple
This shitcoin went up to 50% of bitcorns marketcap at some point in time. It's a centralized pos and therefor not even a crypto. This shit is shilled so hard however that its pretty much one of the first "alts" you come in contact with as a nocoiner. All cenralized trash should be delisted from gecko and fuck coinmarketcap, retards can't even filter extremely obvious faked wash trading.

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Save this meme for when mainnet is actually live, since it is required for a Coinbase listing

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>not even a crypto
to be fair, neither is Chainlink

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1.) If I sell my LINK on Binance how long does that take? Is it instantaneous? Any delays? Like if 1 LINK = 5K USD and I sell, I'll be selling at exactly 5K per LINK right?

2.) If my limit is 100BTC per day what happens if my sale is more than that?

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Link will be on coinbase in the next month, dont worry