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How did you like my MATIC call at 108 sats? Yeah, not too bad for a 5x.

Alright retard, I know you have a hard time grasping how to read charts/buy stuff so I'll make it easy on you. Zilliqa is warming up for an easy 2x. The volume is picking up, reversal signs are showing. Enjoy this 2x, courtesy of yours truly.

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Post photo of hands

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Literally went all in an hour ago.

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Just because it’s a pajeet scam doesn’t mean it’ll pump like matic

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Thanks poo.

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No way it will pump that hard as it is already in top 50

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See this guy. This guy HATES money. You could throw 100s in his face and he'll just keep on walking in life with a few pennies in his pockets. Don't be like this retard. When alts are showing signs of reversal and ready to reclaim previous consolidation that's when you throw your money in before this retard buys your bags at the top once hes "ready" to invest after a 2x.

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based anon is based

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what is your target?

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Remember that retard and his neatly stacked sell walls? Well, he just got BTFO.

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Nobody buying your bags anon. Eth 2.0 news has btfo this coin for eternity

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320-350 VERY Short term. longterm back to 500+

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Not buying your bags faggot

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so fuck off then faggot what the fuck you coming in my thread and shitting yourself for, dipshit

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>seething after making 7%

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just dumped my ZRX into this shit, let's go

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ready for the next leg up?

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I am

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strap in. hands and legs inside the moving vehicle at all times.

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what are the odds of this ever reaching 50 cents?

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0% you fucking retard. do you even know what a pump and dump is? You should've bought LINK instead if you need a 50x.

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25 cents then?

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i'm taking the piss a bit but the reason i ask is i only held zil down to hear because of a strange dream where after this sort of dump there were huge, incredible green candles. The number 51 was involved but it bottomed out at 51 on CMC so it might be that. I don't take drugs btw.

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stay off the drugs.

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great, need to offload this shit.

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Literally going to top 10 soon.

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