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Why is 1mb the holy number? why not 800kb or 1.5mb?

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Because math, you incel brainlet.

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fucking retard.

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socialistic basedboy comitee decided so

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Because allowing larger than 1MB and scaling according to demand would've caused Bitcoin to displace many of the (((traditional))) methods of transacting.
Remember: A validating node, technically, only needs to store the UTXO set - that is, those addresses (tx's) which actually contain balances.
BTC's 1MB cap and the campaign against 2X was propaganda at its finest.

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Because Satoshi said so now fuck off shitcoiner.

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Luke Jr wants 300kb blocks.

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SN meant for Bitcoin to scale 100% on chain without people running on their smart tv a "full node" as if it somehow amounts to hashing power.
All that goes to show to average BTC hodler has no fucking idea how the tech he holds so precious even works.

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1tb blocks when
We must grow bigger. This is American exceptionalismsosim, bigger is better. We must make it migger at once. 1PB blocks

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>free transactions are nice
>we can keep it that way if people don't abuse them
Too bad the bcashies spammed the network in 2017 or we would still have free transactions

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go on...

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