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LINK/FIAT pair imminent on CoinMetro

Are you ready link marines?

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>no source

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>mfw 10k link and 200k xcm.
Will I make it?
Forehead has been a pain in the ass but he's actually a good leader, not so a bussiness man but who cares. He probably has the most guts on the whole cryptospace.

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It's all over their TG.

You did sign up and do your KYC right?

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Stellar, link + another coming S O O N

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this will grow the daily volume of LINK by literally dozens of dollars.

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yes, once we get enough volume on the exchange it's guaranteed. check xcmprice.com

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can you screen shot some shit at least?

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>that sneaky referral link this fake shill site makes you use.

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they see me rollin

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Fuck that site, its not real this one is accurate as fuck.

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Why the fuck hasn't he had a hair transplant yet for fuck sake

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>daily volume does a 10,000x
>xcm only does a 100x

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You will make it fren.

FlannelMan and ForeheadMan, a match made in heaven.

I have it on good authority that chainlink will be shilling coinmetro as part of the listing deal. A good time to buy more XCM.

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>want to scoop up at least 200k
>volume is fucking trash
What the fuck do I do?

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You have to pay above market price to buy low volume shitcoins anon.

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Please for you to be doing rupee conversion.

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fuck me
I wish I was paying attention to the slow pump, I just took a look at the price 2 weeks ago and figured I had more time to get around to this.

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Ready for a stable coin to pump? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOL

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>stable coin

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Its ceiling is $1 and we hit the cap. Deal with investing in a dud.

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Cool story pajeet

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I’m strapped in on both anons, feels comfy as hell

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same here. probably the two best decisions in my life.

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God dammit
Now it's going near 3 cents
Someone please tell me it could possibly go back to 1 cent again...I remember 3 months back it broke 3 cents but slowly went back down again until recently

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Our best bet is that people from the ICO dump their bags after seeing the price pump.

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They already did and you missed it.

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Wait.....what about the remaining 80% vested XCM in early August?
If the exchange still isn't impressive by then, people might still dump, right?

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If the exchange still isn't impressive by then it is doomed. Its only 80% of 12.5 million tokens and 66% of another 12.5 million tokens. adding less than 15% to the circulating supply anyway.

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Il repost my shill post from yesterday before bed

Lowest fee Euro on ramp, definitely doesn't fake volume, has a 2017 kucoin like referral pyramid scheme that they have gamified. which even with its low volume has plenty of liquidity due to their liquidity provider (you can buy 100 ETH without moving the price for example,) has no public API yet which means bots aren't trading much if at all yet, has an actual reason for the token to exist (which is a utility token not a security,) uses real money instead of stablecoin funny money, is completely transparent, is launching margin trading either next Friday or the Monday after, is not yet on CMC, Almost all 2017 ICO niggers have dumped at a loss and buying the bottom is satisfying, has unique selling points in the pipeline, (I think tokenised asset management is genius and is what got me to take the project seriously) and perhaps most importantly has a charismatic leader.

And to make one point that will dumbfucks will single out and try to use to invalidate my post the GUI is gorgeous for both the simple exchange, a Coinbase like exchange for people to dumb to trade and the Intermediate exchange, a less retard friendly exchange that lets you watch orderbooks and place limit and market orders. I'm not a TA autist so don't have an opinion on their advanced exchange but it seems okay.

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I don't think it won't be impressive but I think people might not be happy with the rate XCM gains value early on.

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If an exchange as worthless as Kucoin had its worthless native exchange token that did nothing except give you dividends reached a 1.7 billion market cap in the last bullrun a high quality exchange with tokenomics as good as this should do pretty well, assuming a bullrun.

In case you weren't around KCS were worth over $20 while paying such shitty dividends it was estimated that its fair value for the amount of volume was doing at the time was less than a dollar.

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That's fucking crazy, only problem is we don't have the benefit of a crazy bull run, at least not yet

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This thread pleases me
Sitting on magic ratio of
Link 1:10 XCM

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Thanks just bought 100k

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They could make a LINK/BBC pairing and still no one would use it

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>tfw 1k could buy you 100k foreheads like 2 weeks ago


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Next stop is 3 cents then on to 5 cents by tomorrow choo choo motherfuckers. I can’t wait to see the naysayers scrambling to grab some forehead tokens in the coming weeks

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I'm a poorfag too. Managed to get over 100k XCM at some of the lower sub-0.02 euro prices so far (I got most of them right after the price dropped like a rock after they were first tradeable)
But I was hoping to get at least 200k to sit comfy on
As long as it's above 0.02 euro, I'm fucked accumulation-wise

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3 cents niggas

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