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I'm a fast food wagecuck making at least 18 hours a week 8.50$ an hour and I want out of this finale life.

I don't have experience in anything, I have a small attention span and can work on one thing at a time, I'm a very slow worker, I'm not good in fast paste environments freak out under pressure.

anons are there any good salary jobs out there that's a good fit for me?

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How old are you Anon?

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Young people today with no experience will rarely ever find good jobs. Good luck competing with all the subhumans that your countries are importing

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Look into warehouse work. They are all starting to compete with Amazon warehouses and are all bumping their starting pay up to $15. Also some places are giving benefits, too.

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Start learning to code at night on udemy, smoke weed if u need to make it more interesting.

If u do this for a year or two u WILL make a shitton of money.

anything Javascript related, you will pick it up.

If u say u cant do it cos ur not good enough give up now, anyone can do it, its a joke. just the lucky ones who stumble into it.

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>If u do this for a year or two u WILL make a shitton of money.
You make it sound like it starts paying immediately

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aren't trades pay to learn for like 3+ years before you actually get hired to do something?

Aren't those the type of jobs that have an overwhelming laundry that expect you to haul ass all the time?

Look I need out of wageslave now I can't wait any longer learning shit that takes eons before I start making money

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>Aren't those the type of jobs that have an overwhelming laundry that expect you to haul ass all the time?

That's fast food...

Warehouse work isn't that bad compared to dealing with customers all by yourself. As long as you're not cripple, you'll be fine. Just when your gonna apply, just lie on your resume that you worked at seasonal position at Amazon and your good with handheld devices. Any warehouse will take you after that.

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8,5*18 is 153 bucks a week, how can you live off that?

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>just lie on your resume

I'm also a moralfag

>nb4 you're never going to get anywhere if you don't drop the moral compass

I don't want to be like the rest of this shitty society

Living with parents paying them rent 125$ a week

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>fast paste

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You can't be serious.. . You ever hear the number one rule of blue collar work? "if you're not doing the bare minmum, then you're doing someone else's job." Your bosses are exploiting you, they've always have been and they always will be. That's why you got to fire back at them. Lie on your resume, take as many sick days as you can, drink on the job/interview to calm the nerves, fuck em! No one is gonna care a hundred years from now that you lied on your resume to go work some slave job to pay for your existence.

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Listen to this guy , also learn a skill before its to late

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I live of $35 a week in the Netherlands :p

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I don't know shit about blue collars.

>everyone is shitty and will exploit you
>become just like them and stoop down to their level

I'm sorry anons I just can't, being a shitty person is just not who I am nor will ever want to become.

I feel like it's already too late since I wasted so much time as a wageslave.

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>aren't trades pay to learn for like 3+ years before you actually get hired to do something?
Nah, welders are in high demand! you can earn 100k easy

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How will I be making income while at trade school then?

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Being a wageslave AND living in the city isn't living. It's stasis.

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I live in the suburbs I never want to live in the city I prefer living out the country hills

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deep sea welders right?

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>deep sea welding

I can already sea myself dying underwater due to a malfunction

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what do you think of freecodecamp?

they get you to learn html and css at first, the initial projects piss me off, formatting/styling in css was annoying as hell for me.

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"Hi , i'd like to order a big mac menu with fries and a coke without any sauce please" , that'd be fine."

No seriously , take some of your money and invest it.
Right now everything notices at all time high , i'd suggest to invest 20 to 40% of your money you want to invest and keep the rest as cash reserve.

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Garbage man, unironically. Those guys make a killing for the level of experience it requires.

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Actual stocks or shitcoins?

because I got 30$ worth of shitcoins


Really, is it really that braindead? how much is the average pay?
I would do that as long as I don't have to drive.

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You have 4 years to get on your shit.

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The burbs is still the city, at least in my opinion. I live in the country, I have a 90 minute drive to where I have my businesses going on... so once a month or so, I put on my fancy suit and drive into the city and act like Mr. Asshole owner and scare the wagies into working. I make $40k to $50k a year, chilling in my cabin, playing video games, fishing, hunting. Life's pretty good.

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Why does it seem like once I hit thirty I'm just useless and it's all over?

I wish I had your life

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Start working nightshift on a desk job / reception. What you are looking for is:
Medium sized hotels 50 rooms +
Apartment complex with good tenant s in it
Warehouse / office security.

It will be an instant upgrade to burger house because you can sit down and there is less going on. HR will be thankful to have a somewhat competent guy sitting there because all they kind find is druggies. You can browse 4chan and learn the ins and outs of the business and climb up the ladder to a better position.

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wouldn't I have to do like stressful paper work tho?
I know it can't be just sitting around all day doing nothing

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>I wish I had your life
As long as you can live frugally and understand how capitalism works, it's not that hard as long as you aren't trying to become a gazillionaire. Read "Think and Grow Rich" and "Rich Dad, Poor Dad".

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Tried looking up those jobs and there are all 48mins to an hour away not including traffic jams.

Literally all the good jobs are in the biggest city and we only have one vehicle.

I don't give a shit about money, I just don't want it to be a huge obstacle in my life, I want to be about to afford a wife and 20 children someday(no that is not an exaggeration)

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yeah well ir you are 15 thats normal

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>fast paste
it's over for you I'm sorry

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Get a student loan for trade school, include rent and bills. Yeah you'll be in debt afterwards but it'll be less than college debt and you'll be able to pay it off quicker.

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anon, srsly, go work on an oil rig.

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I'm going to have to give that a hard pass then, I never want to anything with loans.

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I wouldn't last half a day, I couldn't even make it as a night janitor for 2 days

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>Why does it seem like once I hit thirty I'm just useless and it's all over?
Because by 30 you've had more than enough time to get a halfway decent job. At the very least you should be working more hours and earning more shekels to buy crypto. Every week I put 2x your weekly earnings into bitcoin.

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OP stop being a bitch, there's not a lot of options if you aren't willing to invest a little time and effort into learning something before you jump ship. Your biggest problem is that you whine too much and shoot down all the suggestions for bitch reasons.

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>no debt
Stay poor, debt for the acquisition of assets is good... debt for acquisition of liabilities is bad.

>take a loan out to become a wageslave
Waste of money.

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Just do your burgercuck and be happy you weren't born in a Nigerian slum

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I kindly decline your debt offer Mr. Shekelstein

I'd rather be in the slums

options that will destroy my weak physique or 200 miles away from me.

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Dont listen to him

Get a loan and chuck all into bitcorn

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Nice try Schlomo but the hedonic treadmill ensures that we won't ever be content with your mindless wagecuckery.

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As much as bitcoin has been brutishly manipulated I'd rather not touch till it crashed to 2000$

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>fast paste environments

Lolllll you deserve minimum wage you fucking retard

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>mr. Shecklestein
Once again. If you are to use debt to purchase an asset such as an investment property or a business... that's good debt. Assuming the asset makes more money than it costs to finance. However, the funny thing about being a capitalist is that even if you LOSE MONEY, you can write it off on your taxes and break even.

The issue is when you use debt to purchase (lose money) to buy a liability (lose money again) to repay said debts with interest (lose money AGAIN!). All it does is putting you in a money trap. If you don't know the difference between asset and liability, you'll never be a capitalist.

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>fast paste environments

Based retard

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>Literally all the good jobs are in the biggest city and we only have one vehicle.
retard flyovers still can't wrap their head around this when they whine about cities

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Fucking based anon here

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What does that even mean

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You're a fucking bitch who will never make it, every valid suggestion in this thread you've made an excuse. Enjoy making my burgers retard.

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you gotta be mentally and physically strong af for that job.

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Bitch it takes money to make money! Seriously have a look at welding, welders are hard to come by at the moment!

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The answer is that you shouldn't work at all. Any job that you get is likely to get outsourced to India, or you are likely to get replaced by some imported work visa holder.

Go on welfare and stress the system. Take the west back by using it's own frauds against itself. Then, when the time comes, throw all the bankers and financial service hawks into the ocean.

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This larp lmfao. Anon says he wants a wife and 20 kids while doing practically nothing, not even "stressful paperwork" or anything to destroy his "weak physique." On the off chance this is real- no fuck that. I refuse to believe anyone is this entitled and delusional.

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How the fuck is asking questions and stating what options I cant physically or mentally be capable of be bitching?

which I'm not

I don't have a problem with learning to weld I just want to be paid to learn

I'm not a nigger and I'm too lazy to bother with the paporwork

>throw all the bankers and financial service hawks into the ocean.

I wish that was possible

I'm being genuine here tho

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It isn't about being a black. It's about shutting off the spigot for blacks and non-whites, and foreigners in general.

Every white man who works is a slave. You are nothing more than a paypig for negros and other non-whites, as well as monied, grandfathered nepotistic bloodlines in the finance services to use for production and consumption, for their greater financial schemes.

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Where i live you can do a savings plan on stocks , which starts at 25€ per month.
its not much but its a good start to build a solid foundation. If i were you i'd put my savings plan on a dividend focused low volatility ETF with low cost. I guess that'd be perfect for someone in your position

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Surely it will increase in like 20 years right if I did?

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>making at least 18 hours a week 8.50$ an hour
And you wonder why you're stuck in a shitty job.

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If you're truly unable to work because of physical and/or mental incapacitation, you can go on disability and boom, you're problem is "solved."

If you're "not a nigger" but somehow also simultaneously "too lazy to bother"... you don't deserve to be anything more than a piece of refuse living in squalor.

You've had multiple valid suggestions itt, and the only requirement from you is discipline and commitment. You aren't going to be paid to learn if you can't differentiate between "paced" and "paste," there's a reason scholarships exist and I'm sorry but you don't qualify.

If you are somehow being genuine and this isn't just another monday morning wagie larp, you need to unironically go full boomer and grow a pair, get some work ethic, and jump into whatever opportunity you can. You already have a job, so try to excel at that whilst your resume floats around. Let's say you get into a warehouse, okay good now excel at that. Your dream job won't fall into your lap first try, and it definitely won't be step 2 after macDaddy's burger palace.

I'm done fixing your shit, fuck you and fuck your shitty bait.

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>I don't have a problem with learning to weld I just want to be paid to learn
But you live in Burgerland, The country with the highest inequality in the world! Why would you expect anything?
No one except McJob tier jobs will pay you to learn.
Just KYS
t. Welder who makes $100k

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They hired too many people so I have less hours
and the managers only get paid 10$ an hour

Anon the only thing I bitched about with the suggestions was that they were like 50 miles away that's not my fault, and I don't feel like I'm entitled for anything.

I really hate america but there's nowhere else that's better

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No one can predict if a stock/etf will rise or fall , you gotta cost average in the mean time to get the best average buy price

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>I don't have experience in anything, I have a small attention span and can work on one thing at a time, I'm a very slow worker, I'm not good in fast paste environments freak out under pressure.
Fantastic job selling yourself. Hope that's the opening line to your CV.

How'd you get into this situation? I'm guessing you didn't carry on with education past highschool?

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It's your mindset faggot, until you make it, everything is your fault.

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>I really hate america but there's nowhere else that's better
You really are dumb aren't you! You drank the kool aid!
He thinks his third world county is the best!

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Yo what fucking state do you live in?? I found work with a temp agency making $18.75 an hour. I do 84 hours every 2 weeks. My job is so easy even a retard could do it, basically just twisting screws all day. I even cheated on my drug test. 12 hour days but I don't mind because the first week's paycheck covers my monthly expenses.

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I was in community college for 2 months then dropped out that was back in 2011

Even tho it isn't

then point out the best since you know which country is better

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Oil fields in Midland Texas my guy. Third quarter this year they start drilling my friend. You don't even need to get into oil you can go work at McDonald's for $17/hr, they have trouble keeping people because everyone is going to the oil fields. Hell if you don't even want to do that you could sell Gatorades outside the oil sites and make serious dosh. Supply and demand baby

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Ultimately it's all on you. How bad do you want it?

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Hell yeah

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>sell Gatorades outside the oil sites

Wait I'm allowed to do that?

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I know you're trolling but damn you suck

>> No.13737826

>Follows rules & laws like a good goy

You're never going to make it

>> No.13737829

you are a shame to your parents get your shit together and try to make them proud before they die then you can slack off and kill yourself or whatever

>> No.13737838

I guess, you never been to california

>> No.13737840

you're a fucking idiot and you're sense of morality is objectively shallow, your excuse that you're better than people and you don't want to be like "shitty" people in society is a meme and nothing but cope at your worthlessness

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Buy both stocks and shitcoins. Don’t put your eggs in one basket

>> No.13737858

>no it isn't
It. Is. All. About. Mindset. Faggot.
You either act responsible for everything or you remain a perpetual victim of circumstance. THOSE ARE YOUR TWO CHOICES. You don't get to retort with some snarky nihilistic mantra because at the end of the day you're still the faggot who's underperforming at McDonald's.

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>fast paste

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>then point out the best since you know which country is better
There is no best country! God, your dumb! Sorry you got brainwashed into thinkin the US was still operating in the 50's. Keep flipping those burgers!

Your not welder material, I can tell!

>> No.13737893

But I'm not

>following the rules is bad

I'm not claiming better than anyone but that is a shitty personality that I personally don't want to be a part of

Only when I was a child

but I don't do much to under preform

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Fuck man, if this isn't a troll then you're breaking my heart Anon. Nothing hurts me more than seeing a soul that has been effectively demoralized. Your mind has been vandalized with the belief that you're not good enough, that anything you try will lead to failures that there's no use in trying anyways because you were always going to fail. You were never taught that inside yourself you possess the greatest gift of all gifts to ever be given in the entire universe: Consciousness.

With symbols we can control the path of man, with consciousness we can control reality. It's ok to fail Anon, as long as you keep trying and don't give up. Diamonds are forged with immense pressure, stars cannot shine without darkness.

What I'm trying to say is get off your fucking ass bro

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Judging from this thread, what makes you think you deserve a job that pays well?

You don't seem very bright
Lacking any skills
No ambition

Be an uber driver or something.

>> No.13737913

I'm not material for anything

Not gunna lie reading that actually hit me pretty hard

>> No.13737940

I'm not good at driving either, last night I went to Kroger to buy some groceries but on the way home I ended up in another city and almost crashed into another car because I didn't know that I was supposed to switch lanes on the big wide highways.

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Why'd you drop out? I'm guessing you know this situation is all your fault, but from what you've said in this thread you're never going to get out of it unless you seriously take a good long look at yourself and change your mindset completely.
Wanting 20 kids? signing on to welfare something you can't be bothered to do? refusal to live in a city to work? wanting someone to pay you a good income while also teaching you how to do a trade from nothing? I'm almost certain this entire thread is just bait trying to piss off as many people as possible.

Get on welfare, apply for every low-skill job possible and be willing to move as far away as needed and lie through your teeth to get it OR take out student loans in order to learn a trade, and start investing a percentage of your income ASAP so if you do end up not being a waste of oxygen, you could afford a family. There's always the army.

Most important thing, though, is to stop being a massive fucking bitch

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I don't even know how to respond to that

>> No.13737990

Do they give student loans to anybody? I have a plan to take out a student loan with 0 intention of paying it back so I can use the money to open a tiki bar in SE Asia. What's the biggest student loan I can get?

>> No.13738012

there is no shame in honest work. what you need to do is to get better qualifications.

>> No.13738020

The app the drivers use has a GPS telling you exactly where to drive, if you can't follow simple instructions from a computer generated voice, there is no helping you.

>> No.13738043

So why is everyone else telling me to lie and cheat the system?

I was using google maps

>> No.13738050

Respond by doing, numbnuts. Every time you post in this thread à la >>13737940 It physically hurts me.

No clue how it works in America. If it's anything like the UK then you can take out government and private loans, but both of them require evidence of you being enrolled into some form of higher education.

>> No.13738071

Got two interviews for CompSci bank jobs. Wish me luck niggers, I've got a child in the works right now. Gonna find another wife while at it.

>> No.13738086

desu, you can learn almost everything on W3Schools...

>> No.13738106

Mate, based af because he has his own way of doing things. Anyone with the ability to tell people to shove it and do things their own way is ace in my book.

The nerves thing is funny, I don't drink, so I wouldn't do that.

>> No.13738149

Get really fat and have weird homos pay you money to burp and fart on camera.

>> No.13738302

>26 years old
Sorry anon, you might be done

>> No.13738354

>i'm not physically or mentally capable of doing things that the largets mass of soulless npc's are capable of doing
so you're more useless than the most useless? kys retard

>> No.13738365

>have robots that can make cars, planes
>decent burgerflipping AI is totally out of reach

>> No.13738409

"Rich dad, poor dad" was written by a scam artist, just so you're aware. Martin Shkreli's finance videos were actually very helpful in analysing the stock market. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8gjB1PSXv_oAUSAQ16S0fA/videos

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move back in with parents
find job doing something you like
do this for a couple of years
save during this time
make a business plan based on what you learn
eventually attempt at doing your own thing separate from work
gradually expand this and eventually open your own business.
voila. you've succeeded. any further qualification can be acquired by doing college every now and then, and the expenses will be paid for by your salary. Don't forget to hire people. And whenever you're in financial jeopardy, your parents always have a room waiting. They understand, because it's only temporary.
But if it's not temporary... hoho boy, you better understand WHY they look at you as a failure.
You'd better have a plan, and make sure it's no more than 5 years in length.

>> No.13738461

>I have a small attention span and can work on one thing at a time
you can change this

>I'm a very slow worker,
you can change this

>freak out under pressure
you can change this

>> No.13738659

I never plan on killing myself ever

I do want my own business


>> No.13738910

google osho

>> No.13738951

>that old faggot who scammed people out of money and had a bunch a degenerate practices

no thanks

>> No.13738959

Reminder you can make 90k delivering bread

>> No.13738967

Kiyosaki's advice is very good, who fucking cares if he's a scam artist or not. The book explains the mindset of the rich in a very easy way for wageslaves.

>> No.13738979

As long as I don't drive I will deliver bread

oy vay

>> No.13739125

if you are so intelligent why do you have problems in life

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I've heard wastewater plants will take anyone and pay well because nobody else wants to do it.

>> No.13739247

Go work in a care home, they need people and it pays ok. Also it will make you look better in front of your parents. You also can do late shifts so no early morning shit.

>> No.13739373

what biz?

>> No.13740071

Fucking based!

>> No.13740108

Jesus Christ anon

>> No.13740160

Who is this milk maiden?

>> No.13740485

Vending, crane games, ATMs, slum lord.

>> No.13740789

professional shitposter

>> No.13741748

don't let the other anons knock you friend, you have a soul

>> No.13741915

>I don't have experience in anything, I have a small attention span and can work on one thing at a time, I'm a very slow worker, I'm not good in fast paste environments freak out under pressure

Honestly you don't seem to have many options OP. Reading your post I'd say: If you take any kind of drugs right now, stop it. They are frying your brain.
If you don't do drugs, you might be in an IQ-range (80-90) where you won't be able to compete on the free market. Your best option would probably to join the military.