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We all know what will happen next...

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> deluded bobo

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dude it is the bull run
we have novogratz and tailor jerks buying in
this dead cat bounce only confirms the 100k million

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>no one selling
>the price will drop

The ABSOLUTE state of bobos.

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I like how well it worket the last million times. Surely it will work this time

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>100k million
Nobody need btc in real life, its 100% speculation game. It will never reach 20k again

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>Nobody need btc in real life
nobody in a functional economy that is not stretched beyond it's limits by insane amount o debt, and with good sound money, that can be transacted in a trustless permissionless and secure manner needs bitcoin.

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it is going to a bazilion
i mean right
you will pay 20k for a cone right

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Can you bobos stop redrawing this meme line every week? Just admit you missed the bottom.

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you poorfags will stop thinking about bitcoins and say shit like hoo i jut bought 10000 sats!

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can you find buyers at a higher price
cause the only use for BTC is to sell it higher

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stop coping bro...
I was a bear and I missed the dip because of your fucking loser mentality
just accept the market fucked you and start DCAing
we are all going to make it but only if you start having a good mindset

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Amazing TA you are brilliant

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obviously you will always find a buyer because people have different time-frames and expectation in mind. even if bitcoin goes to $1mil you will find buyers. they will just buy fractions mostly.

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that you for buying my bags
I am enjoying my imports now
who will buy your bags ? Can you answer that ?

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you are missing something
you buy BTC to sell it higher
it has no other use
fraction or not if there is no greater full the gig is up

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This is obvious.

>Listen to me, I have a track record of being wrong.

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"your bags" are very light then because I'm only DCAing

you smell frustration and anger, you missed the dip it's obvious

this is not your little market baby, call mommy she will give you a kiss

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normies on stock exchanges, see ameritrade, fidelity and others. it's over, bobo.

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dude we are at less than 0.1% adoption worldwide. this shit can easily go to 10% adoption. and then we only really talking about investors not actual everyday users. stop making a fool of yourself!

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I'm not even bull
I'm just pragmatic

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so you never understood bitcoin and now salty that you are missing the train again. ok.

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dude in around march of 2020 there will be a halving that means $10k bitcoin months before it and it will only slightly drop after maybe to $8-9k. your timeline would look acceptable otherwise. but never ignore halvings unless you want to get rekt.

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who will buy your bags
you bought mine
who, the boomers, the normies that don't have 200 in cash, who
there is no one left
this is THE exit pump

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>who will buy your bags
everyone who can afford to.
>you bought mine
nope sorry
>this is THE exit pump
you are a retard

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you are pathetic
if Bitcoin is dead then move of /biz/

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you have no answer
we don't even have hope, we cannot even imagine how this could theoretically work out

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he is just a salty bottom seller he doesn't even understand what unconfiscateable means.

when my government raids the pension funds mine will be in bitcoin
when my government taxes the shit out of property and investments mine will be in bitcoin
when my government inflates the national currency to shit i will be in bitcoin
when my government tries to stop withdrawals and limits exchanging i will be in bitcoin
when my government stops international transfers trying to patch up the sinking ship i will be in bitcoin
and when i finally leave this country they can't take it at the border from me

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>I'm not even a bull
Exactly. No one is. It's just bagholders who held too long praying for a decent exit while the rest of the world continues to not give a fuck.

Your graph is correct. DCA, sure, but don't start this week.

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fuck off already nobody cares for your salty nocoiner bullshit. let's ignore actual adoption and use for a moment for arguments sake, if you seriously think the world has run out of idiots you are the greenest motherfucker i have seen and that includes literal retards with the iq of a chimp.

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el mutto sanches

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you forgot to buy the dip now it's too late bobo

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>muh halving

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ignore it at your own risk
you have been warned

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>and when i finally try to leave this country they will take it from me at the border before they let me go because they can see exactly what I have on the blockchain.
Whoops, forgot to use a real cryptocurrency. You almost made it.

No need, already bought the 2015 dip. Keep coping.

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>much TA
amerimutt retail traders at their best

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>t. guy who uses 25 different indicators and still loses trading markets

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You cant just redraw the line everyday you fucking brainlet, thats not how ta works

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>t. Gullible retard

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bearish as fuck

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i know you think you are saying something new and smart but i have been hearing and reading the same nocoiner cope word by word over the last 10 years a million times.

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Why don't you just invest in big boy things like dividend paying stocks or real estate instead?

You can earn so much more money that way and there is no chance of someone to just run away with all the money.

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No you haven't, larper fag. You don't even know what I've said.

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>you can't lose money with stocks and RE

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Enjoy the drop bitches.

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cope harder bobo

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stay salty faggot!

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200 iq TA. Wall Street hates him

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when will dey learn
dumb white peopls

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>It's over Bono.

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Yes, and BSV will move perfectly counter positively to Segwitcoins death

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This will not age well
Stock market recession is coming within 18 months
If FED keeps printing, FIAT meltdown will be even faster

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get $50 worth of xlm for free with coinbase earn


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kek, i fucking missed this board

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altho i am short term bearish, comparing july 2018 market to now is retarded

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>17 months = 5 months
yes, anon, perfectly good analysis.

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>no one left
>no one with 200$ cash in the pocket
This is called “delirium tremens”

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if everyone knows it, it's already priced in

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everybody knows BTC only goes up
that is why we still have idiots buying the top

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OP is right. You can delude yourself in 10000 different ways, but anyone that has any bit of trading experience and common sense knows that the price has to go down after the recent surge these past few days. It's not gonna go up forever

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Is this the parabolic curve everyone is talking about? It seems like there has to follow a red downward volume now

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>When you realize it's impossible to predict the market because everything is manipulated by whales and exchanges

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What hotel is that?

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so many retards saying "who will buy your bags"
the high volume exchanges you fucking retards. they have algos and bots to always make their money back if they buy high and it goes lower. you think coinbase and binance lost anything on the fall from 20k to 3.2k? answer is NO

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its probably going to consolidate here for a while maybe a month or so and then it'll continue going back up. theres no reason for a heavy flash crash

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estelar 5* colombia cartagena

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