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So all of a sudden everyone has a 50k+ link stack?!

What the fuck biz, what happened to all the linklets, were you all larping?

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8700 LINK here i thought i was doing good....

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Yeah well, I have far less and biz led me to believe I was in the top 1%

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I only made it to 89500 and I want to KMS.
I could have had 120k a month ago, but I was too busy gambling on idex shitcoins.

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Dogecoin is the next big coin. Buy dogecoin.

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Yes, unironically. You can see by the rich list most /biz/raelies just have a 20-35k stack. I've been larping to have a 150k stack for a while now when in reality my stack is only 25k.

That's a fine stack, fren. You'll make it just don't sell.

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1m here. After reaching that number, the hunger for more link ceased.

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dump all your other shitcoins for LINK?

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Oh come on

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10k has always been enough to make it.

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Only 10k here and comfy as fuck

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Buy high sell low. Classic /biz/.

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836 LINKlet here.

I’m not complaining about making 50 grand from shitposting on a Taiwanese seafood review board

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587 stacklet here

planning to buy 20 more so i can get 600 comfy.

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The 150k stack posts are FUD designed to get people with 10-25k stacks to sell because they feel like they won’t “make it”.

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I only have 200k Link which is nowhere near enough to actually make it. All these Linklets with 10k stacks singing about 1k eoy are starting to piss me off with their propaganda.

It was a joke and they are actually believing it and causing FOMO in newfags preventing the dump. I need to make it to 500k before mainnet for fucks sake. Link is only going to $5 max. Right now I might make 1MM before tax on that, but tax will take a big chunk out of that then inflation will fucking ruin me over the next decade.

Even if I chuck the 1MM into a dividend stock that pays out well and I get 70k a year of it, it's not enough to beat inflation unless I basically live in poverty as a neet and keep my wagecuck job in the meantime so I don't have to sell any retirement Link. In 10 years that 70k a year will feel like 20k a year. You need a minimum of 2MM, but more likely 3MM to make it.

The upper predictions for Link where about $60 but that was made during the bullrun of last year, and it assumed that the overall crypto market cap would still be expanding and BTC would go on to 1MM a Bitcoin and that we would be in a full blown crypto FOMO hype bubble when mainnet came out and we got our price singularity.

All of that isn't going to happen anymore. The singularity is cancelled. Now we will have a slow growth to $5. And the sad but ironic thing is most people on this board will hold from 20 cents, to $5 and then hold all the way back to sub $1 again because you all believe the 1k eoy memes, and just like the retards who held BTC and didn't sell at 19k, you will do the same with Link at $5. Looking at the current charts depresses the fuck out of me when I know I only have 200k Link, nowhere near enough to make it.

At best I will have 1-2 sweet years, and then return to wagecucking after that. But it will be worse because I will have tasted freedom and know what I am missing out on.

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this logic is fully impenetrable

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Reminder that, in terms of total supply, 1000 link = 21 btc

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Theoretically I have 10k.
However some other shit is going to pump harder before mainnet so I'm swinging some more.

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This is the God’s truth you must remember. This is how you know even the linklets will make it

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BTC dumps to $800 this year. 21 x $800= not going to make it

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oh woe is me I'll never have to work another day in my life if everything goes smoothly

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I almost have 20k and I'm too scared to swing to get to it

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5432 link early retirement plan here. Itll be enough to start thinking about retiring in my 30s or 40s

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i only have 457K will i make it?

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keep at the DCA and you'll hit it.

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I have a little over 17k stack. I’m content, I’m only one year out of school but chose wisely to convert like 70% my eth when I had only 17 eth at the literal bottom of the LINK//ETH pair, then when I started working in September bought $50 worth a week. I did the best I could and I’m proud of my stack. All-in

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Why should link increase in value other than pure speculation? What incentive is there for someone to buy 1 link for $100? There is none. There will be none.

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Are you factoring in the other 700 million tokens?

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/biz/ is one big larp

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I have a stack of 23000, got my father to buy a stack of 165000 at 30 cents. Going for that generational wealth. He would undoubtedly give me a finders fee once it really moons.

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57k here never feels enough. Never selling $2500 is my price

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Yes. 1,000 is 1 millionth of the total supply like how 21 btc is 1 millionth the total supply

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If he bought at 30 cents that’s already a decent moon.

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Link wont be breaking $1.10.

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Some people legitimately have 100k+. Sometimes it's fud meant to make you feel insignificant. Either way don't feel bad. Keep climbing.

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I have 650000000 and I am comfy

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>I only have a quarter of a million dollars at the beginning of a bull run
>it's nowhere near enough to actually make it
this is bad bait and you should unironically be ashamed

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I never see proof of link stacks only larp. Never seen picture of >100k link stack.

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>t. General of ChainLink: General Sergey Nazarov

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i-is this enough to make it guys

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whats the matter anon, 2.3 million not enough for the likes of you?

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Ofc its larp lol check top adreses biz avrg. is like 5-10k

tf. I have 1k link suicide stack and 30k$ folio....

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Might want to look at the secondary market for yachts

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sorry my man you'll only be able to buy a house

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but i wanted a fucking cruise ship how is 23 not enough? thats like 23 billion EOY, I cant go for some stinky yacht, it probably has greg lankskys cumstains on the sheets

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How new are you?

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>all of a sudden
>2 whole fucking years of suffering
Die OP

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Poorfag with 6.5k reporting in. I really hope it's enough to never work a single day in my life after I finish uni in 2 years

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1k linklet reporting in

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No larps my man

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It's pasta dude, don't cry.

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i made shit life choices and i only could get around 4k

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Fundamentally, I’ve noticed a lot of new posters in the last 69hr (SIXTY NINE) asking about Chainlink and just wanted to warn you. Chainlink is shilled HEAVILY here and it’s very hard to understand so this background is crucial to ensure you stay safe.

Basically, a bunch of RACIST WHITE CIS MALE 4channers tried to force it as /ourcoin/, during the presale ico phase of chainlink there was a minimum requirement of 300eth to enter the presale.

Coin continued to get shilled and pumped up and hyped for the sibios event that link was attended, whole event turned out to be a flop chainlink had a presentation in a room of like 18 people (IT WAS BESIDE THE FUCKING TOILETS FOR FUCK'S SAKES, YOU COULD HEAR THEM FLUSHING), literally no news or partnership came from the event.

Now during this alt bull run lots of anons and took advantage of this and shilling this coin to all the new money and newfags.
The coin is HEAVILY manipulated by a literal TRANNY DISCORD who pump and dump this coin more than their boyfriends pump and dump hot cum into their asses, and the supply is dried up from huge fucking chink whales (xi jinping is rumoured to hold link) who accumulated below ICO price to create a artificially lower supply.

In regards to actual project that chainlink aiming to achieve it's nothing more than a basic json parser (OH MY GOD ITS JSON PARSER...) for smart contracts (LOL HOW CAN A CONTRACT BE "SMART"???), would take like a day to add to ethereum by itself.. literally making links whole concept pointless and definitely no need for a token. You're literally just buying a wh*tepaper.

They only have 2 devs who are literal pajeets who are payed in big macs (non beef) and Surgay NAZAJEET is a literal psychologist (trusting a shrink? is he gonna tell us to go clean our room next?). So FUNDAMENTALLY, it's a scam, ok thanks.

Now go do the needful and fundamentally buy a real coin with fundamentals like [insert pajeet p&d #23457].

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Despite all of that you still ended up here and discovered LINK, you are blessed.
You will make it fren.

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Getting 4k will make amends for your bad choices so far. Relax and enjoy the ride.

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Can somebody link to top LINK addresses? I forgot how to see

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as of may 15

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I'm up over 11k and I haven't been employed. I just got a job and will probably stick a whole check into it if it dumps one more time.

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in a year or two there's not going to be a lot of you on /biz... most will kill themselves if Link does not work out and you nerds lost all your money

im a nolinker cuz I rather keep my money than risk losing it

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Nice. I'm Seargent Major, hope to be Second Lieutenant soon but ideally First Lieutenant before the singularity

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I larp a 50k stack but I stopped accumulating once I hit 20k months and months ago

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>effort posting to one of the oldest Link pastas

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I made it to 10.5k at some point, sold some off though. I'm thinking there will be a mainnet dump. Holding 7.5k rn.

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>50k stack
> "Alot"

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I made some quick calculations and 4899845 Link would be more than 2548150$
nice larp you pathetic faggot

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Am I gonna make it guise

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i-is this enough to make it? i could have gotten to 75k but i spent the money on hearthstone packs

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I’m at 11500 but will hopefully have about 14K in the next couple weeks. If we hover around $1 this year after a mainnet dump I will be shooting for 50K. If we crash back to .50c I’m going for 100K. Will be an interesting year for sure

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Way too high. Take 20M-40M and enjoy being rich as fuck.

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Based chart

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I got 450 link :(

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thats a brand new economy class car my man

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People keep getting burned in link pump and dump cycles then refuse to sell at a loss.

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50k here, holding since ico.

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Weak bait or retarded?

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Staking rewards. As long as link is cheap, you will be able to get very large profits by buying it to stake. As more people do this the price will pump until it stabilizes at a similar profit margin to other investments.

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>he only has 50k

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I feel this. I lost trying to swing some shitcoins for more LINK and now I only have 65000. Looks like I'm gonna have to keep wage cucking for a few more years.

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You can literally see what all the top wallets hold on etherscan, newfag.

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Were not at the beginning of a bull run brainlet. Newfags have such short memories...

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37k not sure how comfy I am

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45k, wish I'd hit 50

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damn i only have 200k, sucks being poor

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Few more than me, and same.

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15k here. Tbh I have no idea if it'll pump or dump at mainnet. I do know that I have $5k into it and if it goes to zero it won't hurt as it was never paid by loans but it's also the best opportunity I'll ever have to get out of wagecucking.

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and oldfags think its the same market it was 3 years ago. neither of us know shit, but its better to be in than out if out means guaranteed wageslavery

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This idea of dumping on mainnet... I know it's just retarded fud, but literally, fundamentally who in their right mind is going to start selling out their future before the big players have even announced? Before the network has had a chance to mature? It'd be like walking into an open bank vault and choosing a bag of coins over the gold bars.

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923 stack here. God forsook me when he sent the mugger to take my wallet and passport, all of my identification, preventing me from buying in earlier.

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Exactly fren

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Buy the rumor, sell the news. Coins always dump on news.

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Beep boop to you to my zero IQ friend.

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>literally announced publicly

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>huge fucking chink whales
seriously who wrote this shit lol

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I larp being a linklet but I actually have 8 million linkies

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We are all in this together.

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>buy high sell low