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Give him a reach around, hearing his whimpers would make me so hard.

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eat a big mac with

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>designated haircut
>designated shirt
>designated pose

Just how autistic is he? Do you really trust him? It's clear he has no natural emotions, he plans everything. Do we really need another Zuckerberg in this world?
Don't make this sociopath the richest guy in the world. You will regret it.

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He's /our autist/

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Chain Link is the epitome of a multi-level and intelligent scam. There are only three or four people on the team, who have some of the most unimpressive resumes in the blockchain field. Their Testnet consisted of nothing more than a simple JSON Parser, something that any college freshman could put together over a weekend. Remember all of those "projects" during late 2017 that ended up being nothing more than vaporware? Chainlink is one of them. Somehow they've survived for two years, but I think that's due to the different approach they have taken. Instead of hyping their coin, they've stayed extremely patient. They know that they can make more money from you over the course of a few years rather than weeks. I would be very cautious if you decided to buy Chainlink, as it could very well be the worst decision you've ever made. The CEO of SmartContract (Sergey Nazarov), the founder of Chainlink, holds a degree in Sociology and a minor in Religious Studies. He's also worn the same shirt at every single conference for the past two years. Is that really someone you want to trust with your money? Don't fall for all of the technical terms used in this talk. Those words mean nothing. The people in the crowd don't even know what he's talking about. The Blockchain Team Leader at Microsoft, Chad O'fork, said this about Chainlink in February 2018: "While Smartcontract and Chainlink are interesting projects, I doubt there would be any real use-case in the future for such technology. Companies do not like to put their data in the hands of anonymous node operators."

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Never noticed how much binance logo looks like the the Masons compass

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