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Which of you fags is spoon-feeding them?

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they will buy my bags at $1k

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welp, time to fire up the old fud account again. what do you faggots not understand about stealth mode? all you have to do is shut the fuck up and keep accumulating...

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thanks just bought 100k downvotes

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Too late for stealth

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Mainnet is fucking announced

No more stealth. Pants off faggots

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look you mongoloids, it is literally this simple: retail capital does not matter. you mouthbreathers are fortunate enough to have been fed the crumbs you got. do not run your mouths. do not fuck up a good thing for the rest of us.

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Pee Pee Poo Poo

Downvote the fags, they shouldn’t make a cent out of this. They used to talk shit about it all day long a year ago

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who actually cares about the tech?

its literally the price that matters. Its like buying shares you really dont care what the company does so long as it makes money.

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This. People think normies will pump the price instead of mega corporations and banks.

Keep blebbit off this gem by all means.

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you want anti-white sjw redditors to buy link for under $1? the entire point of making it is so that we escape the ramifications of clownworld identity politics and perhaps have a chance to steer things in a better direction

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Fucking reddit. I bet they shill matic here too

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i hope you sell early

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this. normie money does not matter and will not get you to lambo land in this space anymore

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Assuming we are all done accumulating (if you are not done by now just kys) why tf would we not want more people buying and spreading news about link? Wtf do we stand to lose?

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Don't be so impatient for tiny normie pump and dump gains

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When will you sell? What will you buy?

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>no one has posted the link yet


Let's push this shit into the ground. These faggots deserve absolutely nothing.

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u/wealthjustin is such a dumb faggot. If you’re here Justin, just kys you dickhead

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the 4th industrial revolution is the 4th thousand year reich

the new swastika is a 6 sided blue box

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Link is a token not a coin

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what do you have to gain? the fact that i have to explain this shows just how low iq this board has become. if you're satisfied with your stack just sit back and stay low key. the heard will be here in time and you will look back on these days longingly.

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what do you have to gain? the fact that i have to explain this shows just how low iq this board has become. if you're satisfied with your stack just sit back and stay low key. the herd will be here in time and you will look back on these days longingly.

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God damn why is it every time I look at reddit it somehow manages to get even gayer.

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>retail money doesn’t matter
>don’t let retail retards know about muh stankies or you’ll ruin it
fucking pick one, faggot

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I stand to gain more money and this is all that should matter to /biz/
While i dont actively shill link on reddit i dont understand why anons actively try to fud it.

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Plebbit was ground zero for the Chainlink community, newfag

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there's no contradiction in my post. if you want to hand out boarding passes to the rocket ship give them to your closest friends and loved ones, not faceless egotistical groupthinkers.

you fundamentally lack understanding of your investment. there is a difference between fud and silence. ask yourself, what would sergey do?

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lmao @ all you faggots in this thread thinking one way or the other that your silly posts are somehow part of a bigger picture.

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Literally the dumbest LINK holder on Plebbit.

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Chainlink subreddit today has fewer subscribers than Ethtrader when I bought at $5. They don't get it yet

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Ok, anon. When you frame it that way, I’m right there with ya: Reddit deserves to buy at 1K plus.
>not lying

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I've shilled a couple people on link and I hate that i did it because they are such loser normies who have no fucking concept of the importance of an ethnostate. I

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Because we don't want faggots owning it. You don't deserve link and you sure as fuck won't be coming to the yacht party you fucking fsggot

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Downvoted and death threat + dick pic sent.

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If you increase the price before companies NEED it you won't be able to accumulate cheaply.

Even if mass speculation took place, you want to have as much as you can, not the stack of 50 you have right now for a $5 gain brainlet.

If you still this you're shooting your future self in the foot. Why is this so hard to understand for brainless, BUY MORE AND STAY QUIET REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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If you shill it to pajeets, you increase sell pressure short term, there is literally no reason for this unless you want to cry about the price dumping once it gets to 1,5 usd or 2 usd, because that's what will you get, price doesn't increase through hype, it increases through low volume and long spreads

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Reddit brought me here. I am a black gay feminist and actively into democratic politics. Chainlink is a very cool project and I bought 500k LINK!

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I feel bad for still buying at these prices, but thinking in terms of DCA it still seems reasonable... am I stupid for still wanting to buy some now or is it too late

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If btc crashes we are going back to .50 if we’re lucky

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Where's your digits? Oh no digits? Put your fucking pants on and shut your mouth.

Based and Israel has no right to exist pilled. That's such a sexy idea, I hope it's true

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Nope, they just gave up a long time ago. Pre ICO no one was talking about LINK in /biz/, while a number of redditors were ready for it. Most of them dumped during SIBOS times. It went very quiet from there on.

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Checked and based

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A voice of reason within the pure shit.

We don’t need the fags of plebbit to “pump” our coin. Link will pump by itself so stop inviting those mouth breathing trans goat fuckers into our rocket.

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>ITT: mentally retarded 16 year olds thinking people who frequent Plebit face some kind of barrier somehow on 4chan and cannot access it
>still having an Internet tribe mentality
>thinking for the past several years that users of all websites aren't on all websites sloshing around everywhere
>thinking that after 2016 Plebit and 4ch's have different users
>not knowing ChainLink is Plebit as fuck from the onset
>caring about gay shit like imagined caricatures from another website finding out about your sekrit investment that isn't a sekrit
>having such a shit and volatile investment that 26 people on another website knowing about it makes you angry

Why is the ChainLink scene such pathetic cringe?

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Retards don't understand that corporations/users wanting to use the Chainlink Network, NEED to buy LINK to use it. That's the whole reason why we don't need nor want anyone to buy LINK if they aren't going to use the Chainlink Network. No I don't want the normies buying LINK now when there are no users. It's just gonna dump anyway. Yeah you could swing it, but I don't do that. I want all these fucking normies seeing LINK go up gradually in the span of 1-2 years and then buying in when LINK is like $300. Then driving the price up all the way to $1000 where biz dumps it, normies panic and dump it in loss, then I buy back in.

Anyone who doesn't understand this should be killed. Fuck democracy and rules if we have these kind of retarded people. Just lynch them all.

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Hello, reddit.

>> No.13693951

If Sergey saw you retards doing this, he would shoot you in the face. What you're doing is undermining his work. Why do you think he tours these Ethereum conferences to give the same speach every time?

Honestly none of you deserve to make it. You're a disgrace.

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Checked and I did the needful

>> No.13693964

How much chainlink you need to make it!?

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Good job my fellow paid shills, every downvote you give is an extra lambo in chainlink-to-usd ratio.

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Blockchain wouldn't have even started getting adopted by companies if it was only known on places like 4chan. If these companies start researching it and they see the word "scam" and "racist" every few sentences they will be apprehensive. Also you are fucking stupid for actually thinking there will be adoption by non-shitcoin companies. Did you even see the slide that he announced Mainnet on? Have fun with AION buying all the LINK up to cause the singularity, retard.

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Why does he have a vibrator next to his name?

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I came to biz because of link but didnt buy because it clearly isnt what it was cracked up to be.

But you guys really think this will be worth billions/trillions.

>> No.13694040

Nicely fudded /biz/, these anti linkers from Reddit will be buying LINK in the hundreds of dollars before they should be allowed to FOMO in.

>> No.13694159

t. nopants

>> No.13694180

what part of "reddit doeant deserve this" do you not understand?

we're tokenizing a 1.5 quadrillion market and you think we need fucking reddit?

>> No.13694242

anything under $10 is a buy.

>> No.13694253

>be company
>Some Sergey guy from Chainlink is advising us to adopt smart contracts to save money
>research him
>DocuSign founder Tom Gonser
>check Twitter
>check comments
>bunch of racist memes
>oh well better luck next time
This is how it goes right?

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1/3rd or more of the ppl who frequent THIS board havent/cant penetrate the LINK memes and havent bought. so, no.

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btc literally crashed a grand overnight and link kept on moonin you dumb faggot

>> No.13694269

Did the needful my sirs

>> No.13694274

thats not the first post faggot

>> No.13694280

>one, two, three, four...
nvm, you baited me

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This video was posted in another thread, someone link it on Reddit

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Reading through the comments. Very good job lads, it’s really good FUD. I don’t have a reddit account but if I did I would be helping out

Everyone keep it up and FUCK cuckit

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Do all the retards here think unironically LINK will ever be above $5?

>> No.13694494

I never browse reddit, just like most reddit users never browse 4chan

>> No.13694647

Found the reddit fag

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I really fucking hate that place. Christ. These people cant read something and think for themselves.

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This didn't happen. I doubt you were here September 2017.

>> No.13695123

Fuck crypto, it’s filled with idiots who are about to get rich. I don’t want to live in a world where people who copy paste shit they don’t even understand on Reddit are multi millionaires.

>> No.13695237

This. THe lateste uptrend has really made realize how much I hate all these faggots. I was so comfy posting pink wojaks and endlessly posting on slow ass threads..... and then all of a sudden we're right back to talking about lamobs and shit. Watching faggots get rekt makes me happier than money ever could.

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t. nolinker

>> No.13695293

find solace in the fact that most of them will squander their wealth.

>> No.13695372

>Meme Magic Sirgee

>> No.13695373

I put a little energy into this one:

What a lot of people don't realize is that big companies supplying their own data don't give a shit about decentralization. I know because I work at a blockchain consulting firm. We are in cahoots with fortune 500, IBM, Lenovo just to name a few. Nearly EVERY SINGLE PROJECT is building their own oracle/node gateway to their blockchain solutions. Why would they pay money to "prove" that the data they are supplying is their own when they are already doing it? So fucking stupid. Literally, OP has been misdirected somewhere or is trying to pump his shitcoin bags to dump on you well deserved degenerate gamblers. Oh and here's another gem for you speculators -> Chainlink is LITERALLY just a JSON parser. Its not hard to build. That's why companies make their own.

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lmao based anon

keep FUD'ing reddit everyone

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Exscudo (EON) makes LINKies despair when they see how much of a shitcoin LINK is in comparison

So don't be a cuck and buy up today!

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Hello sirs, very good curry sirs yum yum

>> No.13695473

are you not seeing the irony in saving a pic of someone's else hot take you can also go on to regurgitate? a shitpost ostensibly calling out normies but of course the 'free thinking' on display consists of the same fundamental kind of retard hivemind memes, except theyre a bout kikes instead of whatever reddit likes/hates

>> No.13695490

I’m taking out my initial at $5 dollars, and then I will split stack beginning at $250.

I will never be linkless, one day even a hundred LINK may make you a king.

>> No.13695517

hahaha, good joke pajeet!

>> No.13695603

no thanks you subhuman nigger with sub 90 IQ

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no one wants your shitcoin you shitskin

>> No.13695614

hahaha good joke pajeet! Don't pajeet around unless you're too poor to afford the superior EON coin

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File: 146 KB, 500x532, delet-this-28685032.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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hahaha good joke pajeet! Don't pajeet around unless you're too poor to afford the superior EON coin.

You're a stinky linkie so I don't expect much from a pajeeter like you.

>> No.13695675

Im okay with the dump. Im hoping it will when the release the raod map. Hopefully reputation is not eve close to being finished so all the pnd shitters sell off. Again hopefully we get a nice juicy fat mainet dump.Thats the only reason the price is the way it is now. all the shitter bought in and are hyping it to dump

>> No.13695709

dude you fucking smell, take a shower shitskin

>> No.13695721

okay fag

>> No.13695723

hahaha good joke pajeet! Don't pajeet around unless you're too poor to afford the superior EON coin.

You're a stinky linkie so I don't expect much from a pajeeter like you.

When you're begging for mercy when the Exscudo cops come in and wreck your shit, I hope you pass on peacefully and remember to buy Exscudo (EON) in the next life!

>> No.13695967

Yep. And you're gonna buy our bags.

>> No.13695987

Stop spreading your lies. /biz/ knew about chainlink june/july of 2017. All the theorycrafting you see today was done mostly around that time(and pre '17 bullrun). Thats why those that have held since then will hold til singularity.

>> No.13696001


checked and thanks for link

>> No.13696220

You have to go back.

>> No.13696248

you shitskins subhuman scam coin is never going to be worth anything, now take a shower jesus christ

>> No.13696273

screencapped so I can make a thread degrading you in the near future, i hate you dunning kruger retards who actually think you're sentient human beings when you're just a soulless npc with sub 90 IQ reacting to stimuli

>> No.13696289

Because it's a shitty json parser written by 2 dudes that is only popular with meme cultists on 4chan. It has no market and no application that any mainstream business has any interest in. Where it has an application other players like XRP have real partnerships and actual development teams. I advise selling it if you have any before the mainnet launch.

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>my boss chad o'brien
Top fucking kek hats off to this anon

>> No.13696320

So when are we going to dump on reddit? I don't feel link can go above 5$ anytime soon.

>> No.13696327

>no adoption after 7+ years
>only 2 real partnerships
>is not replacing or working wit swift, unlike chainlink
k thanks we already knew xrp bag holders are subhuman niggers

tough cookies pumpkin, maybe in another life you'll actually be born a sentient human being instead of a soulless monkey

>> No.13696330

You’re not being very subtle faggot redditor.

>> No.13696382

Oh no whatever shall I do with my #3 spot on coinmarketcap. Keep your shittoken bags.

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>> No.13696394

My dad who's CEO of Google confirmed Chainlink's partnerships with Microsoft and SWIFT.

>> No.13696395

shut the fuck up we in stealth mose pleddit can buy bags at $100 and $1000. Fucking newfag

>> No.13696448

>>ITT: mentally retarded 16 year olds thinking people who frequent Plebit face some kind of barrier somehow on 4chan and cannot access i

most of them don't as most 4channers have a hard time suffering reddit fags such as yourself. many of us here are ideologically opposed to what reddit seems to represent.

>>still having an Internet tribe mentality
everyone does faggot

>> No.13696467

Fuck off with your retarded politics, I want to make money I dont care whichever nigger or a faggot buys my bags

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Welcome to /biz/. Would you kindly like to hear about the jews sir?

>> No.13696491

fuck of plebbit faggot, you reek of it mate. Pathetic cringe? yeh i wont remember you at all when i'm rich as fuck and your raising Tyrone's son with Stacy.

>> No.13696493

Did the needful friends. I’m the institutional exchanges comment.

>> No.13696502

Wealthjustin has no right to exist. If you're reading this wealthjustin, kys for trying to make faggy tranny-loving leftists aware of chainlink.

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Israel has no right to exist.

>> No.13696561

Based and redpilled

>> No.13696563

I only have a 1K stack.

>> No.13696582

But didn't you see?? He has 200-1000 comment karma and 1-2 years account age! That means you need to respect his opinion.

>> No.13696611

I saved that pic so I didnt have to reiterate that entire post. Theres definitely a hivemind to some degree on this site but nowhere near as bad on reddit. Reddit's moderator induced censorship and karma system completely manufacture opinions for redditors to follow. Look at the amount of shit flinging on this site. Some people are /pol/acks, some arent. Some people are weebs, some arent. Some people lift for girls, some dont. And these groups are constantly at each other's throats. Out of the mayhem the strongest, most meritable ideas prevail and the weak are drowned out. There are far more differences between reddit and 4chan than parallels.

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>> No.13696746

Checked. Based and echochamberpilled.

>> No.13696893

my gripe is that the outcome is the same on both sites: literal npcs who can't stop circle jerking their goods and bads

>> No.13696990

Yeah, I agree with that. It's just the sad nature of humanity, unfortunately. When 4chan was not so well known the ratio of thinking people to NPCs would have been far more favorable.

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Redditors are the last people you want on board. First, much like yourself. they simply can't graps that a coin can succeed without normie FOMO-- they're gonna insist on things like lotteries, Marvel-themed nodes, airdrops, and token splits to placate their short attention spans. The literally cannot live without constant feedback and reinforcing the idea that they made the right choice.

Also, they are literally the first people to capitulate when times get rough. So they'll give you a temproary bump, followed by an even worse crash after the first red candle. Look how reddit favorites have fared during the bear market.

Lastley, reddit is incompatible with the Nazi ideals outlined in LINK"s whitepaper and our ultimate goal of an ethnostate. To let a bunch aof liberal faggots onbaord our moon mission defeates the greater puropose of LINK, which is to bring about the 4th reich and technological singularity.

So fuck off

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File: 191 KB, 442x650, biz-p76843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*copy and pastes furiously

>> No.13697220
File: 151 KB, 510x570, soy_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Marvel-themed nodes
We shall rue the day capeshit starts making their own cryptocurrencies

>> No.13697229

>Marvel-themed nodes

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File: 2.31 MB, 1134x820, 1552744317038.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13697248


>> No.13697398

Checked and flanneled

>> No.13698045

You have to go back

>> No.13698266

LINK isn't going to pop off is it?

>> No.13698577

also downboated.
they will buy my bags at $10,000

>> No.13698593

>bargaining already

>> No.13698613

Reddit's flagship coin was Stellar. That should tell you everything.

>> No.13698683
File: 31 KB, 377x377, 1512628091968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Disable SGX build for now, it's not a priority for launch

>> No.13698861

Bleep bloop blööp blääp blååp
Im a hate speech bot, this thread is a safe space thread. All your accounts have been disabled.

>> No.13699050

I mean if it got to 70 cents without main net announce and 97 cents with main net on ethereum announced. Just imagine. When hyperledger support gets
announced just imagine when btc support gets announced. Just imagine when it’s blockchain agnostic.

It took 2 years for eth main net

Easily 3.00 5.00 within the next two years

And then singularity price shoot up ten dollars a month after that

>> No.13699063

As time goes on it keeps on proving itself. It’s keeping investors happy thus far. Most of us won’t care we got in below 50 cents

>> No.13699064

i dont have that long anon
need to retire now

>> No.13699078

fuck niggers!

>> No.13699080

MegaCorps and banks pump price based on normie recognition. Chainlink is a brand as much as it is a product or a service.

>> No.13699097

>retard calling high IQ anons who understand ChainLink retarded
keep your shitcoins with no usecase or partners

>> No.13699111

Saving a pic of a good take is not the same thing as that anon having a permanent good take score.

>> No.13699115

amazing, keep it you nigger

>> No.13699126

hate speech isn't a real thing what the fuck lmao fuck off pseudo intellectual fag

>> No.13699146

>thinking plebbitors will understand chainlink

>> No.13699225

The only people who care what redditors think are the redditors themselves. Let them jack eachother and huff their own farts.

>> No.13699242

Are you implying he saved it because of the poster's looks, title, or previous record? No, and you have missed the point. He saved it because the content was good, with no influence based on the person.

>> No.13699249
File: 44 KB, 874x388, 1558089261562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We are here.

Just remember you were warned.

>> No.13699264


hell seger broder

>> No.13699364
File: 45 KB, 938x256, Screenshot_20190517-130558_Firefox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Explain yourself, marine.

>> No.13699417

wtf are wrong with you guys... whatever discussed on /biz should stay in /biz community

why the fuk you want reddit ppl to get rich

>> No.13699793

I bought 1K at .83 using my tax return so I guess I'm the retard.

>> No.13699808

>it will be the same price in 4 years

Thanks tips

>> No.13699814

You are kind of retarded for not buying sooner, but you'll be feeling like a goddamn genius soon.

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lost my shit when i found out this "mainnet" you guys have been talking about is actually inside ETH and chainlink is just a fucking token

>> No.13700063

If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.

>> No.13700117

This is a fucking great comment

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File: 881 KB, 352x200, wtf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13700907

Lurk moar newfag

>> No.13701014

I didn't have money until my tax return. But hopefully it actually pops off because fuck this gay working bullshit.

>> No.13701113

>inside ETH

>> No.13701136

You need to go back. God dammit this board is infested with retarded normies. Sickening.

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File: 1.39 MB, 200x150, rolleyes2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good job trying to educate me on my TOTALLY incorrect information haha

>> No.13701327

Your post is exactly the reason I still have fud for link. Even if it mostly benefits (((them))) by the creation of a world kept in line with deterministic self executing smart contracts, (i.e slave world). They do not want us to profit off of it. It is extremely well known that lots of our kind have substainal bags. What I am thinking they will do is dump link on us and choose another platform to be king.

Always smart to have small suicide stacks of any potential competitor for this reason.

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>> No.13701433


Oooof i can smell the onions pouring out of your skin

>> No.13701449

shut up no foreskin having mother fucker

>> No.13701739

wow rood

>> No.13701876

What would be a potential competitor to LINK at this point?

>> No.13702178


>> No.13702292

fuck they removed my fud because my account is too new

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