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Bitcoin Dominance

BTC.D on tradingview

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>Nice artificial pump from $4100 to $5000, sure I got my short liquidated, but I'll see you faggots on the other end of this Bart pump and I'll have the last laugh
>Nice artificial pump from $5200 to $5900, yes I got liquidated again, but we've now hit the unbreakable 6k resistance that all my favorite TA analysts like MagicShitCannon and CAPSLOCKFAGGOT have predicted, see you morons at capitulation
>Nice artificial pump from $6000 to $7000, I admit that I was wrong last week and got liquidated on another short. After updating their TA, my favorite analysts have assured me that 7k is actually the unbreakable resistance and they calculated the 6k unbreakable wall incorrectly. No need to worry, my 1.2k buy-order will be filled and I won't miss out on the golden bull run.
>Nice artificial pump from $7000 to $8000, I admit that I was wrong two days ago and got liquidated on another short. You gooks and pajeets will never see the light like I have, BTC will never have another bull-run until MY buy-order is filled, the whales are waiting for me to fill my bags at a dirt cheap price, then they'll pump it. It is literally impossible for me to miss out on the golden bull run because my mommy continues to assure me that I'm special!!!
>You are here

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thanks for the kek anon

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Whew. Cpaslockfaggot was so fucking gay.

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