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There is only one true contender. That is all. It's at all time low right now. Consider this a gift.


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Is this RSK?

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I can honestly see this. The real winners are going to be projects that embrace the two main ecosystems. They're just too far along and have alot more man power. Just surprised this is so under the radar right now? I remember it being extremely hyped.

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Interesting, where to buy?

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You buy bitcoin you fucking retard.

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Kucoin and Bitfinex. It bled out a bit today amongst all the green from the look of things. Should bounce fast. Order books are thin.

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There's two coins at work here within Rootstock. RBTC and RIF. RBTC is pegged 1:1 with BTC while RIF is the gas of the OS.

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I've been accumulating this slowly over the past couple months. It will be in the top 10 by end of the year mark my words. Team raised 20k btc back in 2015. Didn't liquidate much of it. They are loaded as FUCK.

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Thought I'd leave this here as well


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Is this going to be the new biz shitcoin shill of the week? This actually doesn't seem so bad from the sounds of things.

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Any big dapps being built on top of it?

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What the fuck is a big dapp?

They should've rebranded RIF like yesterday. Confusing.

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So this is Bitcoin?

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No. It takes advantage of the BTC network and adds to the ecosystem. Lightning Network and Rootstock/RIF are making it whole. Why using anything else?

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>Compared to many other crypto projects, RIF is as old as the hills. Kurman admits that he and the rest of the team were “very frustrated” when Ethereum started using smart contracts way back in 2015.

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They raised their BTC for RSK back in 2015. 20000 BTC roughly. They might have some of the biggest reserves out of all the alts.

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Rootstock is an absolute failure, it has like 5 transactions per hour today.
Zero demand.

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Lumino is a massive development know. One thing is for sure they could definitely do a better job marketing themselves. There's no reason shouldn't be in public conscious as Eth's primary competitor. I'm from the school of thought that those two are it for forseeable future. If you're not working with them you have no shot.

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Damn, there is absolutely no liquidity.
on this. I can pump the order book 20% on my own. I might actually go ahead and do that!

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>There's no reason shouldn't be in public conscious as Eth's primary competitor.
The reason they aren't public concious is because their platform isn't used and doesn't do anything. If you want to be a competitor you need to actually offer a working, developed, utilized competing product.

Until then, you are not a competitor. You are not even a contender. You are nothing.

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the platform is 1.5 years old and nobody uses it
It's dead, sorry

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Corecucks are unironically retarded and I say this without shilling for any other coin

They think they can just rock up to the party 4-5 years late and say "well we're here guys you can forget about everything else now, eth bye bye"

Unironically PEAK delusion lmao

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What platform is actually being "used" for anything of actual value?

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is this bait? ethereum obviously

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Yes cryptokitties and being a shitcoin factory is definitely setting the world on fire.

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I'm lending my dai (decentralized dollar stablecoin) at dharma (lending dapp) at 14% apr.

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Give me the actual numbers on how much this is being used

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Absolutely asinine comment with everything going on with ethereum these past couple years.

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So Bitcoin's first and only smart contract platform deserves no shine? Makes sense

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What 's going on with it that I'm missing? Fortune 500 companies forking their code? At least Microsoft is building on top of Bitcoin.

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rif is a platform utility token, with an extended dumping schedule of locked tokens which belong to people already

a significant amount were just unlocked on 9 may, which means you are a shill trying to pump his bag of recently unlocked tokens

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Lending dapps so you can help a total of 6 pajeets in need lol

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>At least Microsoft is building on top of Bitcoin.
that's not entirely true, the did protocol is blockchain agnostic.
There's an eth version
but media chose only to hype the bitcoin part.

Microsoft is developing much more on ethereum

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Shocker. A cryptocurrency has locked up tokens that are going to be unlocked eventually. Who gives a fuck? It's good tech you can make gains with.

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legit no market will let me buy :(

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You can't access Kucoin?

In all honesty I'm firm believer Ethereum will be around for a very long time, but the only thing that will ever have potential to pull away from their ecosystem would have to be something like RSK. Yeah there are things they can do alot better, but there is still massive potential there.

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Not open to US investors

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KMD is a contender.

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Not open to US investors

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I'm a burger and was able to buy on there

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>Who gives a fuck?
potential buyers who realize this shitcoin has a built in dumping mechanism and constant, sustained sell pressure through 2028 you FAGGOT
kucoin works in the usa you goob

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I might be on the autism spectrum. but USA is not on the country drop down box for when i register

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It's a gradual supply increase just like Matic designed to prevent dumps. That's such a minute detail to get hung up on, or is this just the usual biz "let's just shit on this for the sake of" stuff.

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why would anyone buy a pure fee token? absurd money velocity, it's nearly worthless

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Jesus you ETHcucks are the fucking worst.

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Same exact shit Corecucks roast you over

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eth is a store of value used for icos and as collateral for lending, it's used as a currency for multiple things, and most importantly it's going to be used for staking, generating income.
Fee use, while necessary, is a negligible source of value alone.

It's Bitcoin that has no source of value except speculation, which can last for years but not indefinitely.

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You've convinced me OP. Sounds like Bitcoin's answer to Matic more than anything.

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lmao @ this cherry picking. outside of staking btc with rsk and lightning network can do all this shit and more.

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I'm a poorfag and could probably do the same.

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>outside of staking
without staking there's no fundamental reason to hold eth or anything else
>btc with rsk and lightning network can do all this shit
it literally can't and doesn't because bitcoin script can't do anything as complicated as an ico or the whole mechanism of collateral for makerdao.

What makes rif exceptionally worse is that it doesn't even function as a currency on rootstock, because that's supposed to be the function of rbtc. It's total trash.

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>ETH fag sounds scared ITT

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behold the power of roostock

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Didn't this just launch at the end of last year? Give it time.

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No it launched 2 Jan 2018

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Still takes time. ETH year one looked nothing like it does now. Just like Rootstock 2-3 years from now will look very different, plus they will have the benefit of the Bitcoin community being behind them as word starts to spread.

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They were also named one of the blockchain top 100



Today, for the first time, the firm backed by Comcast Ventures, Boldstart Ventures and others released the results of its global study on the state of startups building blockchain products for enterprises.

The list, which is in alphabetical order and not ranked, includes some well-known names like U.S.-based Coinbase and Ripple, which have expanded from their retail origins to include services for institutional investors and enterprise users, as well as some lesser known names like Argentina’s RSK, which offers smart contracts using the bitcoin blockchain, and U.K. company Nivaura, which automates investment banking services using ethereum and other platforms.

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Bought a small suicide bag a few weeks ago. Rootstock's going to be a factor in the future. Anyone suggesting otherwise is in denial.

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this the new biz pump of the week?

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>corecucks are excited about sidechains

Shit isn't even actual smart contracts because consensus on the sidechain involves thirdparty trust. The network is too expensive and congested to even execute contracts reliably and cheaply.

Just fucking use BSV. Execute contracts onchain without a third party and going broke to pay fees.

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mETH tards are mislead, but corecucks are unironically retarded.

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Obviously. Several threads were created at exactly the same time using the same links.

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I honestly buy these blindly at this point. Just get in before there are 80 threads on the front page next week and enjoy gains.

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Some merit to this strategy but this shitcoin is dead as he'll and has no hype. It actuslly dropped during the recent alt run since the tokens were unlocked and the holders instantly market sold.

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I don't how something sitting on 20000 BTC can ever be dead lol

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and yet it is
Their network activity is almost zero
I'm not sure what their problem is, but my impression is that they don't care if it gets used or not

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Or maybe just maybe the network is young? They just released a major development the other day and were very active at Consensus. The numbers will start to catch up.

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is it always the same 2 guys being fags in every biz gem thread? just make your money and shut the fuck up.

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Every biz shill thread is just dueling pajeet factions. One hates money, the other loves scams.

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You forgot the third. biztards larping as whales.

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