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to the indian guys that gets hated on:

although I am white, here's a general life advice that will help:
manifest in your mind that people naturally like you. This will also help with picking up chicks.

don't focus on the negative, it forms your world-view.
Instead try to have a positive world-view and things will start falling in place.

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This actually helps a lot. Good advice.

T. Experience

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the indian guy needs to see this to truly make it

same reason i left pol a long time ago, although they're mostly right you just delve into a deep hole of hatred that consumes your life eventually

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How can I possibly have a positive outlook when this board and many other places on the Internet have revealed to me reality?

How can I possibly have the confidence to move about the world knowing that there are literally hundreds of millions of people forming negative judgements about me the moment they merely look at me?

Thanks for this post but it's easier said than done. Do you really think I don't notice the weird looks people give me when trying to ask out girls or even talking to men no matter what social context? It's only after the first few minutes of conversation people become comfortable with me.

But guess what? You don't have the luxury of having a few minutes of conversation before you approach someone, or when you're a name on a resume, or when you're a photo on a dating app, or when you're a name and photo on your linkedin or a website, and the first thing people think is "lol he's Indian, no way i'm giving out any money."

I unironically wish I don't wake up tomorrow. There's no way I can continue dealing with this shit.

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Don't forget to avoid worrying about others' perception of you and instead become focused and productive. People admire that in men more than anything else.

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Move to ur own country my indiean fren. Honestly thats the only way to cope your little heart in this cruel world. Just move there for awhile just to find some peace of mind. Explore other continents as well and see how that works with you.

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Bro, it's the same for every man. The 'judgments' that you pick up on are just stories that you tell yourself when confronted with uncertainty.
You get to decide how to interpret that uncertainty. Thankfully you are a male and you can train yourself to create certainty where before there was none. Don't let your creativity work against you bro.

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Nobody will ever like smelly ass Indians. Even when they become Americanized you’re still just part of the nigger senpai except you have none of the gifted genetics niggers get and you’re not as smart as chinks so you’re left with being a smelly ass Indian

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you can always keep complaining and reach for more no matter your skin color

> manlet
> small dick
> autist
> stupid
> no social skill
> bad parents/childhood
> poor
> chronically sick/genetically sick

Yes there are people that will have it easier in life than others if you define "nice life" as the paradigm that western society has pumped into your brain

True happiness can only come from self-acceptance and nobody has the power to take that away from you.
Once you start seeing the positive in yourself and and start accepting yourself for who you are, people around you will act differently, believe me.

Yes, many people will dismiss you on the first look for a variety of reasons (and you're not the only one, see list above), many people do. However, I would suggest you take this wonder of life that was given to you and truly make the best version of it that you possibly can.

Just make life whatever you want it to be. Stay in your shell of negative energy if you like it, or you can choose to focus on more positive things in life and appreciate things.

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never going to make it

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have you considered not being such a sensitive little bitch?

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