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>Buy stock
>it goes down slightly
>sell for 2% loss
>it goes back up 13% the next day

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this is why you don't trade on emotions

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>etf goes down 1%
>buy etf
>it goes up 1.2% the next day
>sell for profit

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I didnt

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Yes you did

You literally said you panicked and sold.

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That'll teach ya

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What kind of dumb faggot sells a stock within the first day he buys it

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New to stocks here. At what point can you be sure that the stock isn't going any higher, and that you need to sell the stock on a loss? Alternatively, how do you get good at guessing when a stock is at its peak and you should sell?

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If anybody knew that, they wouldn't tell anyone.


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Buy on rumor, sell on news

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This. The only way to have mega millions fast is insider trading.

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So basically if there's rumors of a new product from a business you think will do well, then you buy some of the stock?

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New product could mean anything though. It doesn't have to be a product for the stock to go up. What you should do is pick a few stocks you think will increase because of news you read, then just watch it the next couple of weeks. Get some practice in. It takes literally years to become completely efficient.

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Thanks, no point in not getting started today.

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Bought Daimler at 61 Euro. Now it's at 52 Euro. But I'm not mad because I know they will recover because it's a stable company and the 61 Euro wasn't a peak.

The only thing that hurts is that my money is now tied down for some time and I can't make profit out of it.

Buy stock of companies which will do well in the long run and you don't have to fear the dip.

Pic not related.

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Buy option staddles- you make money anytime the stock moves!

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Preferably at some point after you've recouped your initial outlay in dividends.

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All you need is the ability to predict the future perfectly, and then you have all the information you need to make billions.

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>the ability
If I can master this ability, will the Robin Hood guys buy the right stocks for me?

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It doesn't just have to be a rumor. You can use your own intuition to gauge what companies will do well and which ones won't. Speculation isn't a science yet.

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>buy stock
>do something dumb the next day
>dont learn from it

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Technical Analysis

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whats that

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Bullshit pseudo-math that people think actually helps predict stock movement.
In the words of my father, "The only people who make money off of technical analysis are those who write books on it."

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