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Unironically this is your last chance to get a hold of the real bitcoin.

BTC’s price was and always will be entirely speculative. Not based on usefulness since it cannot scale and never will. Its literally impossible as a matter of computer science.

Speculation = Hype, and peak hype was reached in December 2017. I sold my bags then and have never looked back.

BSV can and will scale. ETH can and will scale. ETH has very high transaction volume and ETH 2.0 will unironically murder everything to oblivion. BSV will unironically crush BTC and everything to oblivion. The sweetest part is that the FUD against BSV is the same exact FUD against BTC early on and the same FUD against ETH on biz. It literally fills me with delight to see the same old idiots circlejerking each other cocks hoping for a price rise on an overhyped piece of trash known as BTC. Bitcoin is electronic cash. It is and always will be, as outlined in the white paper, a function that is currently only fulfilled by BSV.

Side note: This week is your last chance. By May 17 all the Tulip Trust docs will be publicly available. Do you really think Gavin Andersen, a person that Satoshi extensively worked with would ever possibly get fooled by a fraudster? If you say yes, you don’t deserve to make it.

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Have u seen craigs sisters twitter? Its like she doesnt care about craig. Its strange

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Fuck off back to your vindaloo. Vitalik publicly calls Greg is a fraud

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No, Gavin was bribed as part of a PR campaign. This whole thing is Calvin Ayre's marketing from the ground up. Slogans like "whitepaper set in stone" and "Satoshi's true vision" seem to resonate with a certain demographic.

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Yes I know. Him and I are in extreme disagreement on that. Vitalik is still a genius. Craig is definitely not a fraud though.

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Bruh there is no guarantee anything is being made public. Craig just wrote an article yesterday saying he’s wincing thinking about what happens next in the crypto market. Everything is going to crash including ETH and BSV

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Subtle ETH shill, ETH will be gassed by bsv like all other coins sorry

ethereum will be nothing but a novelty sidechain on BSV run by autistic neets to play with their antique 'smart contracts' and 'chain links' like so many neckbeards with Nintendo gamecube emulators

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> Invents conspiracy theory to make himself feel better with zero evidence

This is why you’ll never make it. Save your tears for me when BSV hits 10K. Put it in a nice bottle too please. I need it as a collectible item.

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I don't think you quite "get" BSV. BSV winning means ETH dying. There is no scenario where both coexist for more than 6 months with either (or both) flexing the might of all their promises come true.

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>the FUD against BSV is the same exact FUD against BTC early on and the same FUD against ETH on biz
Glad I'm not the only one who sees this.
Case in point:
Substance: 0

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And highly redpilled

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Were you here on biz that time? It’s fucking hilarious to see the similarities here.

The idiots here will be parading around BSV only once it reaches 1K kek. It’s like they’re forever stuck buying high. But I guess we need them in a way. Even dumb people have a function.

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The funniest thing about all the BSV stuff to me is that within the last 4 months, I've never seen a single post that outlines the specifics of BSV's alleged superiority. Sure, they say it will scale into the TTPS (trillion transactions per second) and Craig Wright himself also says that "we will have 1 terrabyte blocks".

There is a class of people similar to pseudo intellectuals. They are pseduo tech intellectuals and understand things like TERRABYTE BIG = BSV GOOD. Nothing specifically outlining why it's better than bitcoin or BCH ABC (which I unironically think BCH ABC is the best bitcoin but still won't flip BTC)

Let's see BSV with 9 years of transactions on its blockchain and how it holds up to bitcoin then. Protip to new coiners: Every NEW blockchain is obviously fast because nobody has used it yet. Bitcoin isn't slow on technological principles, it's slow because it's blockchain is extensive af after 9 years of transactions. TPS means NOTHING, please fucking kys or come up with better shilling above convincing 110 iq tech pseudo intellectuals

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Look, I don't fall for slogans as easily as you do. I prefer to do my research. In this case it's plain as day that this is Calvin's little business experiment (nChain, nCrypt) whereas everyone else is just a cog and a puppet. If you did your research too, you'd realize Craig is just a paid "influencer".

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It’s better because it’s a stable protocol that BTC has already given itself up to be. There are no modifications possible by developers. The parents will reveal everything. I could go in further detail but unless you have a CS background you won’t understand. If you are, let me know. Start with reading this article: https://medium.com/@craig_10243/why-scaling-on-chain-works-5b78d6abb3c7

Watch his video at Oxford describing the methods behind reaching the high TPS figure.

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Here’s the video: https://youtu.be/moA7KASx3WE

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Look senpai I'mma let you finish, but ETH will become nothing but a novelty sidechain of Bitcoin (BSV), run by a handful of autistic NEETs for nostalgic purposes to play with their antique 'smart contracts' and 'chain links' like so many neckbeards with N64 emulators.

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ETH and BSV will coexist. BSV will be electronic cash. ETH will be for smart contracts.

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Alright few things wrong with this as I see it:

>moore's law
this is not derived from any property of nature it just observational data about storage increase per time period and it didn't hold up. Now, Craig says that because we are beating Moore's Law that it should be easy to have 5TB block by 2030. Based on what exactly ? There's no deterministic conclusion available to use that says Moore's Law will continue to hold true. In fact, we are reaching tentative physical limits in regards to computer components. When you have single photon transistors things slow down a lot because of quantum interference between the dense environment of photons. In addition to this he just says "we're gonna do it!"

Fucking HOW motherfucker ? Not a single word about how or where to read further on the how.

>Watch his video at Oxford describing the methods behind reaching the high TPS figure.

go ahead and link it to me but this medium article is jordan peterson talking to first years tier.

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maybe for a couple more years friendo but BSV at scale prices ETH out of the smart contract game. ETH is only as fast as the slowest node because every node has to calculate every state of every contract. BSV is turing complete and can do everything ETH can do, we just need nChain to release a compiler that writes solidity/python/whatever programs into native bitcoin script

Bitcoin will be the global computer.

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You are implying that bitcoin is not Turing complete.

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.>Sergey steps on stage again
>after consuming burgers
>CSW enters left center
>i like you take your stinky linkies and leave
>but i have to consume moar burger for my neets
>sergey is dead, burgers everywhere
>CZ enters with his head on a scooter behind him
> spagetti
>all the linkies and chinkies go down
>NOW FOR MY final score
>enters every pajeet filled panel
>shit runs red all over al over the ring
>there is but one left standing
>flips open lap top
>grabs thumbdrive
>projector on
>BTC transaction initiate I HAVE THE KEYS
>DUMP IT he says
>SV singularity moons
>he reveals bomb and goes out in a glorious matter
>Only ethereum and true projects are left yoou know which ones

SV officially flips BTC SEGWIT

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Glad all of you btc and bsv fags are bickering now so i can buy my bch in peace.

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I've been here since 2013 when this place was still crawling with buttcoin-types and talking about crypto at all resulted in a bunch of retards coming out of the woodwork to repeat NPC talking points on why bitcoin would never go above 100 USD.
Idiots like you are a special kind of dense. The point is not weather we hit 1 TB blocks or 5 TB blocks or even 1 GB blocks (though we will later this year or early next year), but that telecom and storage tech are and have been moving forward at such a pace that even conservative projects permit far more block space than is currently allowed with a 1 - 32 MB hard cap.
The miners over the long term will be more than capable of finding a good equilibrium for the network based on the existing incentives of the network.
I know this is hard for linear specialist thinkers like you and easier for generalist higher-order thinkers like me, but do try and keep up.

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Protip: If nobody cares about your coin, that is a bad sign. Enjoy your CheckpointCoin.

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0:00 to 0:52

A pen and a piece of paper is a turing machine. An ant walking left or right on a straw is a turing machine. You could make a turing machine out of different intonations of tard noises.
See Scott Aaronson's contest on shtetl optimized about the contest he had. A student made a 2 letter 3 input machine that was turing complete. So it means absolutely nothing that btc is a turing machine.

>lambda calculus
quite literally the same thing as a turing machine just a more abstract definition of the process.

and what's going to process this ? If you actually implement this there's no magical "extra" computer that computes it for you. It would have to compute this itself. This isnt self evidently efficient in any way, where are these resources to make these calculations coming from ? Layering complexity like this increases run times even if it does have a recursive property.

>making superior scripts run as an economy
I thought it was going to be automatic like he just explained ? Also, as each transaction occurs on the blockchain, the blockchain is now a different blockchain. So using a recursive property like POS to determine something is now impossible because as soon as you determine the better method, it now no longer applies to the blockchain because the blockchain is now different.

This absolute slimy piece of shit is so arrogant in how often he insults the viewer's intelligence. Do you see any respectable presenters ever start off with "most people dont actually understand this". Belittling people is a tactic used by scammers. He glosses over definitions with ums and says "it's in the paper"

Does not make anything more resource efficient, just slows down the overall time if you happen to have a lot of extra computers and energy and you want to pay inordinately much to do a computation. If you dont understand the different between speed and efficiency

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BSV is superior because:

- It doesn't break any laws. BCH, for example, has built-in illegal bucket shop characteristics. If you really think people in general are going to put money into any coin that's breaking current laws, you are delusional.

The same holds true for privacy coins. They break laws that normies deem acceptable.

- Only on-chain scaling works. Lightning network, for example, will have KYC / AML compliant watchtowers, plus it's infrastructure is built upon a mathematical problem that is unresolved to this day.

- PoS is an oligarchical / communism coin that isn't a replacement to any current system and can therefore not outcompete it. PoW, such as in BSV, is more efficient and better and can therefore outcompete it.

If you can't see why these arguments are actually bullet proof, then fine. More BSV for me I suppose.

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>Do you see any respectable presenters ever start off with "most people dont actually understand this". Belittling people is a tactic used by scammers. He glosses over definitions with ums and says "it's in the paper"
Jesus Christ I wish I could find that post I saw recently about how 115 - 125 IQ managerial types can't stand anyone with an IQ of > 140. This post is a perfect example of that.
Your kvetching is so petty and superficial it hurts to read.

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then I will explain it to you. Efficiency is the number of computational steps (which does not decrease, rather it increases because the computers talking to each other to share data is an extra computational step) and speed is how fast in real human minutes it takes to compute something. For example, if you use 1 computer to mine a bitcoin and it takes 1000 years but with 10 computers it takes 90 years, it is not actually more efficient because it still used the same algo on the same problem. It took relatively less time per processor only because you happened to get a bit lucker with the bitcoin mined with 10 processors. This is because false iterations dont give clues about correct ones.

"that's how we get to 3 billion TPS" nope, like i just explained, parallelization does not make something computationally easier. it just makes it faster. It's the same as saying "we're just gonna use like a big network of a million gorillion computers and cook the TPS out by covering the moon in processors" That's like saying you're going to get rich by getting extra wage kek jobs.

>the planes need a fast system

Not one mention of an algorithm. Just MOAR computers. What an absolute disgrace of a presentation designed to prey on the tech pseudo intellectual.

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Moore's law has actually been holding up since like 200 before Christ. There's almost more evidence of Moore's law being true than there is of the sun rising in the east.

Trying to explain why is like trying to explain why life exists. It just does, motherfucker, look at it.

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zero arguments from yourself about the technical points I outlined.

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Guys... I'm worried about Creg.

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Your use of a barrage of slimy non-sequitors to baffle less technically capable readers reminds me of somebody...

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Yeah, like I'm going to get bogged down addressing your retarded gish-gallop of non-sequiturs. If you aren't Greg you should get in touch with him... you have his Jewish argumentation style down to a T.

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I've circled the parts in red for you that explain why you are incorrect.

Once again, not an argument. Just an opinion of the person presenting the arguments. Go ahead and explain why my technical points are wrong, I'll wait.

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what argument is occurring here ? I explained why the video does not explain how BSV is better than bitcoin and then no counterpoints followed.

who is this faggot anyway, gj using racism to protect you from having to address your own inadequacies in this alleged argument.

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Imagine seriously arguing that bitcoin should be designed assuming no more exponential progress in basic storage and telecom capacity.
The truth is I just like pushing back against garbage like you, even though if we're honest you aren't really convincing anybody of anything. It is fascinating and disturbing to see you try though.

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Why does every Craig shill sound as projecting and gay as the man himself?

>You fucking small-brained small-dicked peasant, how DARE you commit the lèse-majesté of insulting Craig.

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>gj using racism
And there it is.
You have to go back

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I missed your post but please see my other post about decoherence and moores law.

tldr, no because there is a cap, it's not retarded it's imposed by the laws of physics and how dense you can pack single photon transistors before they start fucking with each others signals and ruining the computation.

>> No.13654686

>imagine seriously arguing that bitcoin should be designed assuming no more exponential progress in basic storage and telecom capacity.

I've addressed this in multiple posts now, there is a hard cap imposed by the limits of physics themselves and Moore's law hasnt been true for 7 years because of this.


This paper's abstract outlines some of the problems.

here's some more basics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_decoherence

idc if you call me a nigger or a jew lol but to say that my argument is invalid because I argue like a jew isnt an argument. It's a bending of the knee, a curtsy conveying mental acquiescence.

I realize on /pol/ that if someone is exposed to be arguing like a Jew then the hivemind hugbox will collectively assert the invalidity of the argument but there's more at stake on /biz/ (money). I came into this thread with an open mind about BSV but ive seen no evidence it has superior technology nor the possibility of implementing it since craig's video boils down to MOAR COMPUTERS HEHE!

so yea, if you were to be like "nigger, this is why you're wrong..." I wouldnt have mentioned the racism

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only brainlets believe in bsv, it's a pure confidence scam.
you're right about eth though, broken clock I guess

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You do argue like a kike tho
You just focus on irrelevant shit and hope the other poster gets tired and gives up. Typical tricks.
I work on switches for a living and can tell everyone here you have no idea what you're talking about. The pipes are getting fatter and storage is getting cheaper. That's just the reality no matter how strongly you try and imply it isn't.

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>>13654799 (Checked)
Exactly, thank you.

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Fuck off kike, we're not buying what you're selling

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Check out pick related. Its a leaked nChain email discussing setting the protocol in stone.


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I am the proud owner of 430 Bitcoin Safu Version BSV

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>Let's see BSV with 9 years of transactions on its blockchain
>t. doesn't know how Bitcoin works

BSV has all the transactional history of BTC up to the end of 17'. The chain is the same fucking age, dude.

>> No.13655157

>setting the protocol in stone.
Oh the humanity! Surely this must be some clever Edward Bernay-tier trickery to swindle the goyim.

>> No.13655213

Considering we're getting to a point that dropping tablets over a population will be as cheap as dropping leaflets, yeah probably.

>> No.13655298

it doesnt get more relevant than computational efficiency when talking about scaling. It's basic computational complexity which is the framework that the whole issue is conducted on. That's not a rhetorical trick, that's computer science.
>I work on switches
vague but alright
>fat pipes and cheap storage
both things that refer to linearly increasing the number of computers or the infrastructure. Has nothing to do with improving a blockchain. Go ahead and tie a jet engine to a minivan, it's still not aerodynamic compared to a racecar even if the jet engine makes the minivan go faster than the racecar. Craig is talking about bigger engines, not attaching them to something more aerodynamic.

I'm not selling anything lol, was just looking into bitcoin SV with an open mind but there's no evidence of technological improvements.

Yes, these transistors exist and single photon ones can exist and they will be manufactured. Yet the slowdown happens because it's not about packing the transistors on a chip which is certainly easily to do, it's about the fact that at a certain packing density there is quantum decoherence which is not being solved at an exponential rate.

That's not how forks work, they carry on from the last state and start their own transaction history. it does not have 9 years of transaction history.

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Nice if tru

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kys niggerfaggot


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BSV shills never heard of 0xbtc? Damn you're nigger tier.

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So say we all.

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>That's not how forks work, they carry on from the last state and start their own transaction history. it does not have 9 years of transaction history.

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>was just looking into bitcoin SV with an open mind
Yeah, that's why you're still here. Just another "open minded dude passing by curiously..."

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>using actual brainpower on biz
You must be new here

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I came back here to see how morons try to rationalize the next bump. I was not disappointed.

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If that's brainpower, then my car runs on wet farts instead of gasoline.
His argument is disingenuous and false on multiple levels. First the notion that anybody has "proven" that storage and telecom capacity will not continue to grow by several orders of magnitude is BULLSHIT. Second, it doesn't even matter if progress in hardware slows to a crawl because the problem is equally about infrastructure and economics as it is about the cutting edge of the underlying tech. His whole song and dance is about throwing out a bunch of thin, superficial but highly technical arguments and hope that nobody sees through it and of course some retards are always going to fall for it hook line and sinker.
Congratulations on being another dumb golem confusing high verbal IQ for actual logic.

>> No.13655580

Good post. Also he thinks that BSV, BCH and Segwit just "started" on fork day.

>> No.13655685

Why don't people realize that companies accepting BTC or other cryptos, at a premium, just to immediately convert it back to their preferred currency, is NOT adoption, just a proxy? If you realize this, cryptos possess basically no adoption as a legitimate currency. You're just as well negotiating Amazon shares for a purchase, to be instantly rid of by the receiver.

>> No.13655717

TY, anon. His propaganda style is pure Greg, which works very well on mailing lists and reddit, because it is hard to call out the bullshit without looking like a dick and getting ostracized. (Look at how he tried to declare victory when I started insulting him - intellectual curtsy my ass.) Instead you are forced to engage him in an ever deepening quagmire of non-sequiturs and distractions.
I'm not saying he is Greg, by the way, because he is clearly not a smart, as evidenced by the slip up he made when he tried to claim that BSV and BCH don't have a 9-year transaction history.
Also the Greg shtyole in general is not so effective on image boards, thank fuck.

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Based And glockpilled

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>if you aren't greg
spoiler alert: it's greg.

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no bites?

>> No.13656331

eh, what about darknets?

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Slow and Steady

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Forks do not transmit the entire transaction history of a blockchain. Rather, they transmit the consequence of that transaction history which is whatever the balances were at the height (end) of the block that was chosen for the fork. This is a single data string for each wallet on the chain. I suppose a lot of tx could occur in the block before the fork and since the whole block is copied there could be whatever number of tx that block allowed.

>but the link that shows the first 50 BSV in 2009
That site is querying a record of the bitcoin blockchain, its not self referentially accessing its history from 9 years ago as BSV is not 9 years old.

>> No.13657060

itt sv is just late adopter cope
you fags should just buy lottery tickets better odds

>> No.13657085

Everyone who had btc was an early adopter of bsv. I had it day 1 and dumped it and so far none of the bagholders here have even slightly provoked me to consider buying a bag. Id rather habe bitcoin gold than this because at least it will be around in a year.

>> No.13657120

yeah to be hpnest sv did only one thing it showed to me bch crew is not nearly the full retard fanatic morons but rather moderate and measured in their approach

>> No.13657180

Good point anon. This is what BSV is trying to make reality.

>> No.13657263

bitcoin is defined by the longest chain of signatures. segwit breaks the signatures. not the chain. what you are saying is technically true for btc though.

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>> No.13657689


Absolutely based

>> No.13657836

I only have chainlink and no idea where to sell and withdraw for btc or eth to buy bsv since binance is fucked. -_-

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I open my eyes
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I made my mistakes
I’ve got no where to run
The night goes on
As I’m fading away
I’m sick of this life
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How could this happen to me ( 0.0078 )

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the zero % song
you can toss every buzzword you know into your shilling
you are zero'd and there is nothing you can do about it

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