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Say something nice

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When singularity?

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fuck jannies

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Is it true that I can do backflips?

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What is outside of the simulation?

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hey Elon? Mr. Musk? Listen kid, I need to borrow $2000 to pay my mom rent do you think you could help an anon out? God bless you in advance desu will send $250 back but unironically you have my word

btc: 1KBuv9uCRve4Kc6DHoC5bRm8xy8sAkg5k4
eth: 0x22cEE2b78f6A67fd6EC507Ec3755302A4cb7981A
bch: qr7rvd5ycy0ecf6nkmsyz70cy2dpr7kafc7apal58m

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Please get the Starship flying I want to fly to the literal moon with my crypto gains sometime around 2022.

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you're the worst CEO i've ever worked for. solar city was comfy af until you bought us out

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Hey Elon, where did you get your hair transplant faggot? Your shit actually looks legit compared to some of the botched jobs I've seen. Can a normalfag like me afford it?

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>10 posts in 2 mins at the mention of Elon

Well someones using bots

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how is your 120 hours week going? kek

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Thousands of people on biz atm due to btc pump

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Research into NANO

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Hey Elon,

Hurry up with colonizing the solar system, I need to escape earth, there are too many normies here.

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i think he would be a nice friend .

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Hi Elon! Right here, right here. Okay, great. It’s very nice to meet you. My name is Aldo, and three weeks ago, I was at Burning Man in the Nevada desert, right, and it felt like I was on Mars. It was a dusty storm, and it was really cold at night, and there was no water. But there was one problem with Burning Man: With a population of only 75,000, there was a lot of shit, and there was no water to take it into the rivers, which is kind of what we do today in our current sanitation system, so I was like, “Is this what Mars is going to be like – just a dusty, waterless shitstorm?” So I was like, “hey Elon, are you working on a sustainable sanitation? Are we gonna have toilet in Mars that doesn’t use water?”

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you're a stupid fucking nigger Elon

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Hey Elon, as a POC I grant you something that money cannot buy. You are now granted the N word pass.

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fucking based, I like this guy even more now.

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elon give us a quick rundown on the bogs

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you watch / listen to good stuff anon.
>the alignment problem is a big deal

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When catgirls?

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Give him a pajeet pass from myself while we are it.

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heh. I remember reading that and thought what an alpha dog.

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called alpha activities nigga

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Please destroy Disney and Amazon

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How does it feel to be running 2 of the largest frauds-soon-to-be-bankrupt of all time?

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When neural lace? I need it to trade better

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Hey Elon, our lord and savior, I work my ass off 70 hours a week. I'm working towards buying my own semi truck. If you could send me a btc or two that be life changing.


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What is the best substance to microdose?

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tfw when elon musk is probably a chainlink shitposter tweet ducks if you are here based space fren

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Thanks for that doge tweet, I made a cheeky 150% off the pump.

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e t h e r e u m

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you are an absolute legend dude.
pls give me a crypto ISDA so i can get into a 7,777,777 LINK long position ending in 2023.
i'll give you 23% of the return.

whadda ya say Elon?

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why no eos?

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your twitter is cringe.

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Probably another simulation

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source please, want to read based elon's history with my own eyes

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bumping for interest

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for fucks sake if you are losing your hair then its time to just shave it like a real man.
srsly stop thinking like a woman about fucking hair.

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>it's turtles all the way down

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How about a crypto app for Tesla cars?

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No it was the only thing I had going for me. I WANT IT BACK!

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anyone remember when elon was posting and proceeded to market buy link on our request? It was the real elon.

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if he can engineer a rocket ship, why not a perfect robot waifu?

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please tweet about ethereum again

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Computer duster

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thnx for pazazz

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how's the wife?

also buy chainlink

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hi elon shills, contact how? me work together me no pajeet, truth spoken

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Here’s a “before” picture, just for reference

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tesla insurance

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We know you know

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Show dick with timestamp or gtfo summerfag

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something nice

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You heard of Quantum Glass Elon?

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We’d make good buddies. I’d even go as far to calm him brah.

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Sup big E? Gonna watch Chernobyl tonight?

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what kind of cologne do you use elon?
i would like to have your musk

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imagine being elon musk's wife and pretending to have better judgement, just opened a short on women

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Just bought 3 $90 put contracts for jan 2020. Feeling quite comfy enron. Thx.

> k bye

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And people wonder why a billionaire would consistently only be able to date shit tier women

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Tweet something to make TSLA go up.

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Who's parents name their son "Elon"?
Like seriously, did they play Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire?

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>bought put contracts

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This. Tweet cheese

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Every time he tries, one of his employees tase him.

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