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we all ironically made it

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I didn't make shit.

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Not until btc hits a mill cuz I'm only holding 2 btc FUCK

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Funny thing is this is still the absolute bare bottom before alts 1000x

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I was still accumulating , it will go down , donĀ“t buy.

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He didn't long 100x

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>we all ironically made it

I don't understand this sentence.

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>that feel when white privilege might have just bailed me out of a life of poverty once more

Thank god for cryptocurrencies and white supremacy

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alt season is my only hope to make it now. and even then I feel I'll fuck it up, I made absolutely peanuts in the last alt season compared to even the dumbest investors

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We all made it but we're dead inside so we made it ironically

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>I went all in at 3.4k

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Fuck no I'm too bipolar for that shit I know myself I'd lose everything

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Based intelligent white man brain

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Based gigachad.

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I bought coins at 3.4k and sold them at 4k. NEVER MAKING THAT MISTAKE AGAIN. ALL-IN AT 5500.

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u can either say out loud "im going to make it by july" or u can keep ur shit mentality and fuck up your life forever because your brain is made out of green, watery shit.

gl anon

also XRP

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I have 400$ in Litecoin but I'm gonna make it

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Why would you do this thing. Do you not believe in the power of crypto? Why are you even here?

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most of the people here were down 75+% and are still in alts.

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lmao no

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how is that even possible. I made my first bitcoin purchase in december 2017 and I am up 100x

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i bought 0.3 BTC at 1000 in 2016, the price DOUBLED. so I took my profit and went my way to see the run to 20'000.
not selling anymore now that i have one full btw

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>tfw not in the 21m club because 0.20btc
>tfw not sure if buy or wait

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>Tfw went all in crypto 14 december 2018
>Spent all my bitcoins on chainlink..............

Bought close to the bottom, but blew my chance to make it. It's an abstract kind of feel fren...

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