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How you holdin up, /biz/?

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Longed the top
Cleaned out
Might kms kek

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pretty good brah
my alt just crashed 50% during this little bull run and I am not phased a little bit

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I have less and less motivation each day to keep going

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Not bad? Prices of BTC are rising. Remember 3.5k?

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put in my short at $7.4k. feel pretty good desu

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Just bought 10K worth of Kringles stay mad linkies

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Going to find a good job soon or a good heroin dealer to kms

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Could be better, been broke for too long but got a decent windfall coming at the end of the month

things are starting to look up desu, i just hope i have it in me to make things right

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Honestly Biz Ive came a long way; I kicked myself in the ass for years because I only passively used btc to buy psychedelics off of silkroad through my friend in 2012. and was always on 4chan and always disregarded the biz board because i was on pol and fit. I lost a bunch of money during the 2017 rush and almost reached riches...but was struck down time and time again. I am finally growing..slowly..I am x2 almost x3 my losses now; I have a working crypto youtube; miners; and marketing contracts.

Thank you biz. We all gonna make it bois.

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Mistakes made man; dont give up

Thats the spirit

You need to find a path to walk that motivates you


job preferably; put your savings in btc

congrats anon!

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I have accepted all crypto as a loss and am planning ahead without it, but secretly thinking I’ll be a millionaire in a year or two. It’s a disease

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just a simple hodler. I believe we're back in a bull market so I'll DCA the dips with my paychecks and see where this goes. I'm up $2K since my investment so all's well I suppose.

I wish I had a better paying job though, wish in one hand and shit in the other... Going to try for either IT or CAD jobs, what do you anons think? Make sure you're all working out while getting these sick gains, the last thing you want is to make it financially but still be too fat to enjoy it

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actively cultivate it on the side and youll be alright.

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Average into trusted Cryptos like ETH BTC and LTC anon and youll x10 within 5 years. it isnt amazing but its better than literally anything else in existence besides penny stocks and lucky grabs.

I was lifting today to lose some weight but I am polishing off a couple beers now. pudgy body feelsbad. GFs kill gains.

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been lurking for a while and decided to buy some btc now that i have a wagie job and money

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That's basically what I'm doing. It's probably a mistake to not diversify my portfolio, but I'm currently all in BTC since $5600 with no margin. I'm not interested in gambling and have confidence that there will be another bullrun at some point in time if the price can hit $10K without going under $5K. But also I'm thinking of it as a good hedge against inflation and stocks tied to individual countries.

I'm really out of shape too, just had some cheesecake jej. I did hit the gym this weekend though, /fit/ would be dissapointed.

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Wait until the end of this upcoming week bromium, don't be a pink wojak poster and panic sell if it hits $6K. If it DOES go up and doesn't crash this week however, make sure you buy the next dip. That's what I would do if I just got into it now but I'm a newfag too

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Diversify a little; dont do more than 10 though; just research those 10 thoroughly. Warren buffet doesnt have a ton of diversity as far as I know he is just very certain of what he buys,

Cheesecake sounds good. I had a couple eggs sausage and KFC chicken today. not the best but not the worst. my x3 drinks is what is gonna kill muh gainz.
I had to leave fit because I'm 5'5 and every update thread I would just get called a manlet x5
which is fair but not very helpful

keep at it anon.

congrats. please dont over buy and get screwed if it crashes.

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Haven't left my apartment since Thursday having wasted my entire weekend playing video games. I haven't done that in a few years and I feel ashamed.
That said, "Rise of Industry" is a sweet game that the /biz/raeli crowd would totally appreciate. I played a lot of Sim City 2000 and Sim Tower growing up and have been hopelessly addicted to Banished for the last few years. It's nice to have something new and solid in the genre.

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not bad, 100x longed 10 times in the a row in the past 3 days with 0.01 each time and closed each trade at +100% so made 0.1btc

bought BTT and FET yesterday so im up on those too, still down around 5btc lost to scams and shitcoins but all things considered alright i guess.

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Just started a sick twitch stream

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Just gambled all of my money, like some fucking degenerate fag. I'm angry af

Make me feel better /biz, how much money did you lose the most in a couple of moments?

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the most I lost was about $1K from today's dip, but most of it was gained back by hodling. I don't use leverage, would doing 2X be a good idea? I'm not impatient, but I want to make it

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selling high buying higher

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its back up to $7100 and its holding there.
i think we're going to be okay.
i think this is the slow climb up to $8k.

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I would rather be short than a lanklet desu
>6'4" reporting

At least I get random compliments sometimes, and nobody fucks with me

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Doesn't it look weird if the girl is a really short midget and the guy is 2' taller than her? All the shorties want the tallest men lol they insecure as fuck about height.

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I'm a brainlet and I STILL don't know how to buy crypto and I've been watching bitcoin since it was $3. It's done exactly what the crytography people said it would.

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I put another 45000 dollars into my brokerage and index funds before the market shat itself this past week. All told I only lost less than 1000 bucks, but it still feels bad. Just gotta keep investing and studying -- I'll make it up in dividends and reinvestments. Been jogging a 6K every day for the past month. It could seriously be way fucking worse.

We're all gonna make it, bros. When I'm out of this funk I wanna save up and buy some land and develop it myself. We can do it, guys.

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im not so much talking about my shitcoin portfolio (thats always getting JUSTed), every other aspect of my life is fucked right now

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Does anyone else see a melty happy face when they scroll past this image?

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terrible. I spent one year to gain back a mere $28K in crypto, stressed myself to the max, cashed out at $5,200 on that last 6k drop, and didn't buy ETH at $82 and now I want to fucking blow my brains out.

This shit is not worth it.

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Got 25k Link just hodling until the bullrun to 1000k
then I'm setting on a private jet and moving to either hong kong, taipei, tokyo or seoul. Going to have me a smorgasbord of fine asian babes

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Longed 5k 10x still waiting 1 last pump before cashing out

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Rent and bills due by 25th, £850, credit cards maxed out, even got a little loan, can't find a job for the life of me in London, got an interview coming up for a high paid position but that's only on the 21st and far too late.
Kinda nervous but not nervous, gonna try applying for a few other credit cards and courier jobs. If I don't make it, running innawoods.

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>made it
>quit job
>moved to all white small town like pol said
>bored as fuck

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you need to stick your penis now into random girls for 100% achievement retard

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You gotta fuck dem highschool teens now at your town preferably the ones in the senior class only , one after one to not get bored all the time.
Just join a social club for sports where you get in touch with dem Snowbunnies to 100% make it.