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this board shows its real face.
I realised that this board consists to 80% of minimum wage cuckers whom entire saving is of up to 1k to 3k $ TOPKEK plus they keep on posting Frog and Wojak Memes which arent funny.
These plebs celebrate every +% even tho it only makes 2 cents plus.
Holy shit you guys will never do it , y'all too emotional. Stupid Zoomers and Boomers stay the fuck away from the entire Investment Area and stick to your retirement Plans of your Workplace from Mr.Cuckstein.

Grow the fuck up you Manchilds. Fuck you!

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make me nigger

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why so angry fren?

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Im not angry , im just annoyed that faggots on this board are taking a little peak as reason to post tons of shilling cryptos shit and im just fed af of the Emotions. Emotions tend mostly to weak hands causing volatility

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that's why this market is so great. It's so much unpredictable that even kikes can't control it.

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>entire saving is of up to 1k to 3k


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I earn more than double the minimum wage but I just don't trust myself to put my entire life savings into crypto. It's stocks, dividends, and REITs for me for life. Plus some hedge funds.

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>t's stocks, dividends, and REITs for me for life.

For me too. Also those markets are overheated nowadays.

im preparing for the big cry outs coming soon of anons who put their entire life savings on Magical Internet Moneysssssss.

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>Fed af of emotions
>Posts nothing of content, but an emotional spasm

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this thread is shit and contributes nothing
look at yourself OP

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There's nothing wrong with being poor OP. Either lift your brothers up or gtfo. You'll never make it spiritually with that attitude.

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So you came on 4chan /biz/ and expected a calm and collected discussion between upper class millionaires?

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shit thread op

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Anon, you do realize this board is compromised of about 80% pajeets don't you?

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thanks for telling us the story of your life.

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if everyone was smart enough you'd have quite the competition.