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how long have you being all in chainlink for?

t. all in since jan/feb 2018' with gains from 2017
t. ED scalper and block 478

this is the one true /biz/ patrician move, your only OG /biz/ if you've gone all in CL with your 2017 gains, the true new elite

beta faggots who are scared of courageous gains and fell for the 'muh diversify' like a boomer need not post ITT, this also applies to betas who 'took out their initial investment, so it doesn't matter bro!'

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>all in since 568 days

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Purchased in November 2017, haven't sold 1 LINK since.

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All-in for 24 days. Suicide stack achieved

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based link pepe baller

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pepe baller we missed you

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been in ever since ICO. im truly based

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Summoning Damu, I know you're out there

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source: hope

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All in since 2017. Haven't accumulated nearly enough tho. I'm sub 3k linkes. Feels bad man.

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Is 10k link still the gold standard for making it? I have at least double that but Incan afford up to 35k. I just don't want to be left behind

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546 days.

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Was 60%+ in from September 2017 onwards and finally went all-in in the lead-up to all the events in October last year.

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I'm worried I'm not gonna make enough fiat in time to get to 25K. Sitting on 12K. Unironically getting a few hundred thousand dollars later this year but I'm worried that LINK will be 5 bucks per token by then

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-All in since late 2017
-Got lucky and got into the ICO twice (14 ETH total = 36,400 link)
-Accumulated 6 figure chainlink stack buying on EtherDelta right after the ICO.
-Average buy price is sub 18c
-Took my initial buy-in and profit when we first hit $1
-Started accumulating more CL during the drop between 20c-40c

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First bought link last August. Buying some here and there and now have a 20k stack. I'm happy with that now I'm focusing on some other scams

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All in with initial stack since early 2017.

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Are you me?

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>still hemorrhaging on binance
>tfw 14k linklet

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all inner here

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linktards remind me so much of digimarines ( I
was one of them, but thankfully I managed to escape and recoup part of my losses, after getting rekt and being 90+% underwater)

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Jesus christ dude, if not larping then well played

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You must have been a huge retard to buy DGB after it went x100

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June 2018, all in, poorfag stack of 8k

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