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T.. Thbjtnnhthhh... Thhhbbbtttttttptppppppp thbbbbpppp hp control F.FFFFFFFFFfff thhhbbbntppsshhhhhhhb. Thhhhsp

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Crtl+f "chainlink"
>zero results

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Biggest no brainer for anyone with 1 hour of time to research the breadcrumbs

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>Biggest no brainer for anyone with 1 hour of time to research the breadcrumbs

if it'd only take an hour to research, then it should only take a minute to explain

I'll wait anon

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I unironically believe that it's possible they will use chainlink... with the blockchain advisory connections and Sergey USB crumbs etc but in the doc OP posted there is nothing hinting at chainlink.

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>literally spoonfed answers on a daily basis
>still can't see the projects worth

classic biz

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Imagine link using Facebook AI data to decide if things happen or not in the real world based on discussion happening on normiebook.

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That would be a dangerous game. Fake news have already spread like cancer on the platform.

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who is evan cheng?

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Wasn't this pretty much confirmed?

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look here

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well the director of blockchain engineering at facebook is the advisor of chainlink... GO FIGURE

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Debra Downsyndrome has arrived everyone.

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yeah except chailink is allowing the blockchain to access external data...how can a smartcontract query the facebook GRAPH API? by using zillliqa? fucking retard....the whole point of chainlink is to allow facebook smart contracts to communicate with their API

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Facebook AI could identify your reputation based off of number of friends, your quantity of posting, the number of reactions you get, the positivity those reactions generate and offer financial incentives for achieving high reputation levels. Don't worry, this is good for you. It will make you fitter, stronger, happier, more productive. Praise be to Sergey, long live Chainlin

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Dumping upwards

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Strongest fud for chainlink there is to date IMO. Biz is literally ushering in a new dystopia

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Two names:

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This shit is happening anyway with ubi. Some retarded nerds may as well get rich instead of the usual elite while it happens.

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Smartcontract team specifically made an adapter for Zil out of the blue, only makes sense if Evan Cheng requested it be made.

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Uhh literally who?

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just like ycombinator and pwc were gonna pump request right?
you people are DELUDED

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evan cheng

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How many of them listened to you? Out of everyone I've told, the only person who thought it sounded like a good idea and actively asked questions about it was my redpilled but shunned father (he now has a suicide stack and I plan to take care of him for the rest of his life). Siblings, cousins, old college friends, one coworker... everyone else would cut me off and start npc'ing at me about unrelated shit or telling me that cryptocurrency is 'too risky.' I gave them all a couple chances and they didn't care, so now I just keep quiet. I can't wait for vindication.

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How long did it take to change his adult diaper?

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This is me but I convinced some friends to buy in. Met some linkies in real life as well but they dont know the what they have bought.
Every friend that has ridiculed me will be begging me to share my wealth. I gave them every link every bread crumb they didn't even look at the info. Never took a second to think maybe I'm right. All the time I spent on /pol/ paid off and here we are.

I want to thank you all for the memes and opening my eyes. We are all going to make it.

T.ether delta buyer

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>evan cheng
Literally not shit.

I've got 3 rounds of VC funding in my life and had Advisers from high level people in "The Big 4" on my team in exchange for Shekels. They didn't do a god damn thing and it's well known in the industry that it's just used for faux-credibility that you have to have.

All it means is, "well, your project isn't complete and total shit...it's probably just shit but we will entertain it"

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I told basically every cool person I know from work to look at Chainlink, maybe one out of thirty people actually seriously looked into it. I’m done now, telling them is more than anyone did for me when I could have bought BTC at 5 dollars.

>Well if I just don’t show up anymore you know what happened haha
>Right anon haha

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This is the biggest schizo/brainlet thread I've ever seen in my life. Are all you lads mad? There is no Chainlink Facebook partnership, and if you think there is, you are an unredeemable niggerfaggot with moth balls for brains.

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jesus christ you faggots are cringey
why would you try to give people investment advice? "i've told 30 people"
what the fuck. why. nobody is gonna buy this becuz they aren't going to undestand it and even if someone did get rich off it they wuoldn't care that it was you who told them. You literally just make yourself look like a little kid on a sugar high, with no purpose.

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Microsofts head of blockchain is a Linkmarine anon. Tom Gonser is in.
Polkadot. ZeppelinOs. Cryptlets
Everything we thought is coming to reality.
Chainlink can fail, but if it doesn't it will be the best investment one could ever do into the next decade, period.
We researched everything in 2017.
We just wait now.
We just win.

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If this project was worth anything, it would have broken through 1 dollar long ago.

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This. I once was a fool too. Talked endlessly to my best friends about LINK. Only 4 of them bought but they don't know shit about it. They just trusted me. The others still make fun of me to this day. Gonna be pretty funny when they keep wagecucking and paying their debts and I'm just chilling.

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All the matter regarding privacy&blockchain leads to trusted execution enviroments, so basically TownCrier

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I didn't push about it, I'd just share my interest and tell them it's a good opportunity. Fuck me for trying to help my family and friends though. You selfish prick.

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ok btc retard

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no lmao

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Exactly fren

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>be FB
>know not Feng Shui
>reside @ 1 Hacker

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Facebook shouldn't have to answer any of these dumb fucking questions. Intrusive fucking congress power hungry bastards

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congress are a bunch of retards
they are the type of cunts that would revel at being lawyers for pay day lenders

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There is no official partnership
But it's 90% likely they are working together

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>I would recommend forming your own opinion based on the information

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Next time you get a high level advisor I'd recommend to not show them shit to get a different answer.

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Directors are ubiquitous the title is given to just about anyone with 15 years of experience in corporate it

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Where do retards like you even come from? Pitiful

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Yeah, boomers don't do shit at work, next question

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>0 results
Nice try.

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lmao...yeah right

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Remember the Facebook presentation? it all makes sense.

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Read this 2 times. Didnt see anything related to Link

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How did we get to this point?