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10 points for rare craigs
5 points for rare pastas
1 point for rare vishnus

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how many points for diapers?

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someone should do a deepfake isis porn flick

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Yes, I hate you, and yes, we are keeping all the logs of the FUD and yes, BTCsv is

my vision.

I won't post here anymore.

you are in for a very bad suprise at the halving. if you don't get it or don't understand it I have no time to lose telling you (again).

proof of work speaks for itself.

and you will be persecuted for the fudding that's going on here. we have an immutable copy of this muh basket weaving imageboard, with dates and logs and the content, the pedos, the shillers and the criminals too.

many big non-pothead and non-chink players are in with me and my hash factories. you are about to get dumped on neets. winter is not over.

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You guys are as bad as MUELLER TIME fags

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based 10

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Posting some Craigs

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Chad inventor

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don't be mad creg it's all just friendly bants
did you check your dippies today? they might be full of shit!

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Playful Craig

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Disciplined student

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BCH boys hanging out before the rift

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I'm not going to buy your stupid pump you retard.
Maybe some sucker will market buy 1 ETH worht or something, if you're lucky.

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Observer of biological systems

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>I'm not going to buy your stupid pump
Of course not. The /biz/ way is to wait until $5000.

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Mysterious icon

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whoever sees him as a hero must be a great fan of joker.

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Simpler times

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I'm not saying I wont buy.
Just not at this pumped up price lmao.
See you next week fagboy and then I'll buy.

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He created Bitcoin so to many he is a hero.

He is also a Christian and a man of law, which means scammers, criminals and other unsavory characters hate him.

C’est la vie

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Congrats on the brain cells, anon. Be sure to actually buy the dip though.

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Man of culture and patrician taste

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Not only strong of mind but also of flesh

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That's right, Satoshi is not only a chad, but a scholar

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>He created Bitcoin
>He is also a Christian and a man of law
you mean a convicted conman and confirmed alcoholic homosexual who only uses verbal abuse instead of arguments is your definition of man of god and law?

sv cucks just can't stop giving

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Also knows how to let loose

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You are mentally ill friend, hope you get better soon.

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Aye his ring piece has been loose for a while

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He is nice once you get to know him

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He can see the humor in life

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>"Wright’s mother had told me about her son’s long-standing habit of adding bits on to the truth, just to make it bigger. ‘When he was a teenager,’ she said, ‘he went into the back of a car on his bike. It threw him through the window of a parked car. That’s where his scar comes from. His sister accompanied him to the hospital and he’s telling the doctor that he’s had his nose broken twenty or so times, and the doctor is saying “You couldn’t possibly have had it broken.” And Craig says: “I sew myself up when I get injured.”’ What his mother said connected with something I’d noticed. In what he said, he often went further than he needed to; further than he ought to have done. He appeared to start with the truth, and then, slowly, he would inflate his part until the whole story suddenly looked weak."
creg is a confirmed narcissistic psychopath and a compulsive liar. but i'm the one that is ill? kek you fags will cry rivers of salt when sv hits $5.5.

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Looks dapper in a suit

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Take your meds schizo

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Not afraid to get flashy when situation calls for it

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I will never understand how /biz/lets aren't 100% behind this man. Nobody famous in the space comes close to Craig's level of bantz. Nobody.

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Does unusual things just for the adventure or simply for a conversation piece

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this guy must be an archbishop in the cult of creg

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Has there ever been such an outpouring of abject SEETHING hatred since pic related? If the NPCs are this stirred up now, what in the hell is going to happen when the fireworks really start?

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CHECKED, the real salt happens when CSW visits trump in the oval.

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Fake tweet, original was posted by fake account ProfFaustust with a t at the end, but you edited that out to cover your lie.


Too easy

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Trump and Craig will demolish the privately owned Jewish central banking system, why do you think these schizo kikes are so mad? It's obvious what's happening.

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This is textbook low effort fagposting. Actually makes me nervous that I didn't buy a bag given how assmad you guys seem to be.

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this is some serious anti vaccer flat earther level of delusion

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>t.anti vaccer flat eather

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Craig Wright is Calvin Ayre's paid stooge hired in 2015 to larp as Satoshi. The whole thing is a giant PR campaign to amass money for Calvin's ventures.

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You didn’t check my trips you NPC anti trump dork

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>muh anti-vaxxer
Don't they teach you retards how to blend in anymore.

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BSV is run by literal homos from nChain which is in turn owned by Calvin

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The based quotient of that image is off the goddamn charts.

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Another red pill is that CSW in fact acts in the interests of the real Satoshi who lies deep in the shadows and observes the whole drama quietly

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Only retarded redditors and NPCs fall for Calvin's cheap PR tricks. "Muh satoshi vision. Invest in nChain, sirs. We are veri honest!". Smart people from /biz/ (i.e. not newfag NPCs like you) realize that the whole CSW drama is part of a bigger scheme of things where CSW himself is merely a puppet. The real Satoshi is still in hiding.

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Is this the new narrative?

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Yes below absolute zero is "off the charts"

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sorry about that faglord

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"Craig is Satoshi" was just Calvin's PR trick when he created a fabricated "media leak" in 2015 and bribed several "influencers" including Gavin. Calvin is the man behind nChain and the author of the whole "Satoshi is back" thing. But the rabbit hole goes much deeper

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‘I get what I get paid by Calvin. Calvin is the only allegiance I have, then and now.’ - Stefan Matthews from "The Satoshi Affair".

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you know what to do creg

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Another schizo kike with mentally ill conspiracy theory fantasies.

Get a new script from your handler, this one is weak.

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Calvin set up the whole thing, you retarded NPC. That's why all the "evidence" is fabricated, Calvin hired Craig to be "Satoshi".

"Calvin Ayre is one of the topics the team routinely went dark on. When I first met Wright, he called him ‘the man in Antigua’. <..> Matthews, explicit as usual, always spoke about Ayre as if he was the capo di tutti capi of the entire affair. <..> Interestingly, nCrypt’s only shareholder (one share worth one pound) is nCrypt Holdings, registered in Antigua." - The Satoshi Affair

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Would bang.

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Uh no hes called the Zognaled for a reason. Craig might actually have a final solution though.

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He's playing a game you don't understand.

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nChain is run by literal diversity shills including Craig himself who demonstrated it on multiple occasions. That's the kind of employees you'd expect boomer Calvin to hire. Who are you fooling, schlomo? You dirty PR stunts won't pass here, on /biz/. Go back to the smelly Discord you crawled from.

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good thread OP, Have a rare Craig.

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Based Craig Wrightberg

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You have the weakest arguments I've ever seen.

You seem very nervous.

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Oy vey

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Checked. Craig is Qanon.

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A new OS is being built for Bitcoin SV

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Nothing can stop what is coming


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When a basedboy trolled him

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I made this one myself wish I was better at photoshop tho

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How could we forget Craig vs. Clownworld

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