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why the fuck is bitcoin not dropping?

Binance hack is a black swan event that should drive the price back to $4000.

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If a bank gets robbed, do you go and take USD out of your bank?

Would you blame USD itself for a bank being robbed?

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Need a hint?


Then 900.

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>2% of BTC
black swan
newfags don't know about gox.
its like I went to vietnam and my grandkids are crying about a school shooting

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>2% of binance BTC
>black swan
newfags don't know about gox.
its like I went to vietnam and my grandkids are crying about a school shooting

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> tether fud didn't cause the dump
> binance fud didn't cause the dump
> there is anything will ever cause a dump
bobo is truly over

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We bull now bro...we just bull now

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Bitcoin is going to pump. Anyone on binance with alts is going to trade for bitcoin to minimize the damage, alt massacre will continue and btc dominance will be over 60% in a few days

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>2% of their hot wallet BTC
>Funds fully covered

Oh no, it's like nothing bad happened

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it's not dropping because people keep their coins in cold storage, off-exchange and do not sell.

Your keys, your coins.

Nobody gives a fuck to some randomly hacked exchange anymore.

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Tether unloading still in progress
Give it a few days

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Can't cry if they died in the shooting

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If a bank gets robbed, do they tell you you can't take out any of your assets for 7 days? If you don't have access to your money for 7 days, is there any chance it will lose 10+++% of It's value? Oh no, that's right, because they're actual banks and usually the branch is reopen in a few hours, and your USD hold their value.

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There is such a fucking gigantic cataclysmic event coming, and /biz/ just whistles through the graveyard.

Tether imploding, major hacks happening, yet BTC continues to pump nonstop on massively overbought RSI and straight into a ridiculously powerful resistance zone, for absolutely no discernible fundamental reason.

Anybody who is comfortably bullish right now and not at the very least nervous about the market and what might be going on behind the scenes is confirmed retarded.

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get good

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lol, you guys are crazy, give it a couple of days we'll be down to about $4500

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Tether FUD has been there for years
newfags are really unbearable

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You can barely pull out more than 8K from a bank without being investigated and treated like a criminal, forced to fill out of a bunch of extra forms and report it to authorities. Who's money are they really holding, yours? kek. FDIC is also a meme if it were ever needed to be used by a large enough population at once shit would collapse.

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Depends on the country and currency of that country.

Bitcoin's purpose: Decentralized, permissionless, trustless.

People ignore all that and keep their coins on a trusted, centralized, permissioned exchange in the hopes to make "10+++%"

But then they get mad when their coins get stolen.

The absolute state of /biz/. At least knowledge you're just trading random shit you don't even understand or even follow the simple principles of the random shit you're trading.

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Just be patient and when the goal post of withdrawals being suspended moves from a week to 2 weeks then to a month the panic and fear will take over

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People will stay on Binance after this

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Why should the price of bitcoin give a shit that some exchange got hacked? Use your fucking brain

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lets just overlook that the largest exchange got hacked and normies will not trust buying digital shitcoins that get hacked semi-annually. Lets also overlook that this shit has pumped for 13 weeks straight without a major correction. lets also overlook that funds cant be moved in or out of binance when tether implodes due to mondays court hearing.

Lets also pretend like i didnt predict sub 4k btc in February 2018

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I don't know what you're trying to say but if you're bearish here you're a fucking retard, which makes sense given you're a tripfaggot as well

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ive never been wrong. you can screenshot this post and slap yourself later for being blinded by your stupidity.
lets not pretend 21k btc was market bought and that ignited the "bull run"
lets also not forget that volume is disgustingly low and 7k btc is on the way of being dumped very soon

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I've never been wrong either. 3k was the bottom and if you didn't buy the 2 tests we had of the 200wma you missed the bottom forever. Unlike you, I saw this coming months ago.

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> ive never been wrong

If that's the case, why aren't you a billionare? Just walk into a casino and win every time

Protip: To convince someone of something, never use the words "I've never been wrong" makes you look like an absolute idiot, which you are.

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KYS bearfag. Bitcoin will never be below $5800 again in our lifetimes.

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google me mate. ive made millions and am probably the richest person on biz.

most of the time it involved tricking perma bull idiots like you

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>FDIC is also a meme if it were ever needed to be used by a large enough population at once shit would collapse.
Well considering its just money printing, yea. But not because its a bank run or something.

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Not if they keep pushing back the withdraw date. I think they're probably fine though because it was only 2% of their holdings.

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I hate that I'm agreeing with a tripfag, but yeah those events could actually manifest. You even have Justin Sun on Twitter saying he'll pump in 40MM to Binance to get people to bid up the price...

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They need people buying their bags at the highest possible price before it all crumbles to shit.

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i dont care about your shit memelines kiddo. Ive done this for longer then youve been in crypto. laugh now but ill get the final laugh
>pic related

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just buy robux

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>7000 bitcoin removed from circulation between legit exchanges
>he thinks this is bearish

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I bought my first BTC in early 2013 lmao

also imagine being vain enough to save your own screenshots. that's not even a decent call, any retard with 2 brain cells to rub together saw the 200wma support a mile away

for someone whose been in the game a while you don't seem to yet understand that TA is all that matters in crypto

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>being this new

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That's because they are scrambling to get into BTC and out of tether, lol

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nobody is arguing the long term of bitcoin idiot. were talking about a reversal of this current trend and a incoming dump.

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Millions is nothing from someone that's never been wrong. I"m surprised you're bragging about it.

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no, what we're arguing over is your inability to see the bottom was in at 3k and there are clear signs of that. We're not retesting 3k, and you'll be damned lucky if we ever see 4k again

swallow your pride and admit you're retarded, before you rope yourself in 6mo

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Let's also overlook the zclassic fiasco where we could make money doing the opposite of what you said.

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kek faggots shut the fuck up. your retarded ass has been wrong on so many of your faggottry larps its surprising to me you're still using the same gay ass trip

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where did i say it will hit 3k again. quit being an idiot thats why you're still poor even though you bought btc in 2013. You dont know how to fucking swing trade the easiest asset of all time. Sit the fuck down idiot and yes its going back to the 4k's this month!

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cool story bro looking forward to seeing that not happen, lets let the market decide who is right

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go back and check the charts and see how my ta for told the future. your shitty TA is nothing but the chart in log scale. learn to probably TA and you wont be a poor fuck

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3.8 days worth of miner rewards stolen = 7000btc.
...big yawn
This is nothing with a 103 billion market cap. Sure it's a lot of cheddar to you and me personally, but you can't even buy a nicely appointed G650 Gulfstream for that.
You guys need to stop thinking of BTC like all the low marketcap shitcoins you hold.

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why would I want to look at anything youve done lol

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What's the bottom range price?

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Hackers removed liquitidty from the market and will take them a while to sell it.

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because binance has enough tether reserves that they can effectively create a price floor at any given price.

So of course they won't allow their own bad news dump bitcoin.

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the market can only absorb 4,100 btc right now

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USD loses about 4% per year to inflation if you keep it in the bank

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>being this new

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>Not your key not your bitcoin

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Lol what a retard
>he hasn't been through the bull market fud trials

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>40MM of tether