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I work in sales. I've applied to countless tech and software sales jobs. This application process includes

>Speaking to a recruiter, 9/10 a clueless young girl right out of college with no knowledge of the industry
>Speaking to a manager, usually female
>Answering absurd situational questions
>Perhaps getting another callback for a video interview, sometimes paneled by a majority women group

For the times I went in person, I had to stare at so many....so many fucking "diversity and inclusion" posters on the wall. Once getting into the interview, I was interrogated and the interviewers treated me like I was some kind of criminal.

Contrast this to the manufacturing and Industrial industries. Many times I was immediately called in, the manager actually treated me with respect, no BS questions, and we actually had a productive conversation. This happened several times with these sales jobs for the industrial industry. I've gotten several job offers in these companies. None for software, even though I have experience in the software industry.

Looking back on the software positions, the recruitment for them was such a massive waste of time. These companies seemed more pre-occupied with "diversity and inclusion" rather than getting the job actually done. Female managers galore. But no White men to be seen...how can these companies go on?

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how have you not realized yet that most software jobs are janitorial roles that infantilize you with this sort of bullshit as well as a cushy salary and irrelevant work? the whole point is to trap capable people in with golden handcuffs so that they don't disband and start shaking things up by making stuff to compete with existing powerful companies. it's a farcical faustian bargain, and most people will take the cash because they're completely retarded.

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Software companies aren't to make money, but be money-laundering schemes pumped up by millions from naive investors thinking "this start-up is growing so fast!!!1!!! Next Facebook/Instagram!!!!!"

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OP, I know exactly what you mean having worked in software. It's corporate welfare in action. Software and tech has been filled to the brim with female management. Of course it has.

How many women are going to rush out and want to do real work with manufacturing and industrial jobs? The companies that actually keep the world running? Not many. Combine that with millennial snowflake dudes that don't want to get their hands dirty and no wonder why these companies have the pick of the litter.

This is why I tell most men especially WM that if you really want a job go into industrial, manufacturing, technical etc. Because not only will you make a good living contributing to society, you'll have a job when the tech bubble finally pops due to the rampant incompetence, nepotism etc in software

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And hate to say this but female management more often than not is completely incompetent. Women just don't belong in software or better yet any kind of technical position. Yet they are running amuck. People are hired not for their skills but because they have a vagina, or are black or brown or whatever.

You're just not gonna find that in other industries where you actually have to work.

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The software industry is the entrance point into the inverted totalitarian regime of the United States which escalates people based on politically correct bodily features, chance, antisocial predispositions, and stupidity. They can't go on much longer and the Pajeets will rise.

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Engineering sucks. So glad I switched to software.

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They're propped up by the financial apparatus, they don't actually need to be profitable or do things effectively once they're established. Once the bubble pops it's going to be ugly in silicon valley and tech in general.

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I do know one woman manager in tech who is quite competent. She knows her shit and when people say things arent technically possible she tells them "why dont you just do _?" and she is right. So you can't say they don't exist.