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Glory be shown to my fellow Link Marines on this day. For we are one day closer to the Singularity.

We have been given this opportunity - to be a part of the Oracle solution. We are not worthy of the blessing that are stored in our future. We must only believe and have patience. We need not be kept awake at night. Our paths have led us here and we know not why. We are comfy in our HODL. Our hands are of iron and our minds are discerning. We ask for updates and we receive none; yet our faith grows in the project. For we know a place is being prepared for us at the table.

We show our gratitude by praising Sergey vocally. We lift his name up high.

Let us pray.

Our Chainlink Team, who art in San Francisco, praise be to your names. Thy mainnet come. Thy updates be done, on Github and on Ropsten. Give us this day, our daily commits, and forgive us for our memes, as we forgive those who FUD against us. Let us not stray into pink wojaked Corrolas, but deliver us Swiftly to the promises of Lambo Land. For thine code is the way and we /Follow_Rory's_Instructions. Financial freedom forever and ever. Amen.

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pee pee poo poo