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>4chan introduces 4chan pass
>have to use BTC
>read about BTC
>think it's neat
>have about $250 on my paypal account
>buy BTC with it
>never buy 4chan pass
>forget about it until last week when I went over shit on my old PC

>check 2012 price
>realize that I bought about 80 BTC
>still have the wallet on my old HDD
>don't know the fucking key
>almost half a million

It physically hurts.

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Just download a brute forcer from github, copy over the key to a machine not connected to the internet and run it. You probably have some idea about the password. Numbers and words you usually use. If the brute forcer has something to go on on it will crack it.

Feel free to tip btc to:

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>4chan pass is 7 years old

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How is that possible? Did you delete wallet.DAT one day? Do you have any restore point images on a hard drive from that time? Have you checked all your backups on a hard drive?

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Upload wallet.dat

Send me a tip when you recover your funds.

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Pink wojack approves.

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hey OP i believe u :)

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>4chan introduces 4chan pass
>can use btc to buy it
>think btc is just some new paypal
>ignore it
>btc moons not long after
>moot retires
>im' still here

fuck everything

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This is literally my greatest fear. The reality that if I were to have invested in 2011 when I heard about it.. the chances of me hanging onto the keys all this time would be quite low... and then I'd want to an hero like OP

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pretty sure it's 8

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looks like I'm wrong, it's 7 1/2

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mfw I found 4chan in august 2018.
when will I stop being a newfag?

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anyway OP is a larp, in the beginning at least it was possible to pay by credit card

I first bought BTC in 2014 yet have a pass from 2012.

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only newfags think they can ever stop being newfags

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>build my own computer in 2010
>run stress tests
>this close to mining BTC to stress test my new GPU

god damn it

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August 2018, wow that's like nearly a year lol you're such an old fag, tell me tales from back in the day gramps

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>Pass user since 2012

based faggot

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check your browser passwords, you prolly reused one of your old pws

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I allwasy fucking thought 4chan pass was a meme. like, who the fuck would want to get indentified on an anonmous website

so I never checked it out

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I figure if they want to they can identify us anyway, and captcha is a horrible waste of time.

Only downside is for people who get banned a lot because even if you get a new IP the pass stays banned. Unless you have several maybe..

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> BTC password

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didnt bought btc at 13$ because it was 1 $ not long ago thinking i was late aaaghh

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