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What's the single worst trading decision you've ever made?

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Buying 200 USD worth of VET. It's now worth 25.

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Not selling the top in 2017, I basically let $35,000 in unrealized profit go by....stupid stupid stupid

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bough ETH at 6$ and sold it at 14$
never touched it again until it hit 4 digit values

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Bought 0xBitcoin at the top.

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Buying AMB.

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started selling my spot BTC in May 2017 shortly after breaking all-time highs because I thought we'd go to like 3k max

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Buy FUN at 16c, not selling OMG at $18.

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I put all my savings into bitcoin end of 2018, at 6k. just before it goes to 3k. fucking shit. I holded. Could have had 2x more btc

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Own 50 bitcoin in 2012.
Sell it in 2013.

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Buy celr

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Not selling my stack of Elix when it was worth 160k. -99.9% yikers

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I lost $350 on sgyp

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Lost $300 on a scam called TrumpCoin back in 2016

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Not selling all my ICX in January when it was worth 300K and holding it down to 8K. gooked.

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>What's the single worst trading decision you've ever made?
Watching my crypto investments every other hour and trading them away at a 25% loss, only for the price to bump up 30 minutes later where it was. Happened like five times already.

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I dumped 2000 bucks into verge because it was on the superbowl, Rhianna made a song for it, and it was backed by a bunch of people in the music industry.

After it dumped I realized I invested into niggers and you should never trust nigger shills.

Everything I made day trading gone in about 2 minutes once verge released on Coinbase. Stupidest most rookie investing mistake I've ever made in my life and I tested my mettle trading commodities and ETFs. Spiraled into depression because I started to believe everything I earned was luck and not hard work and timing.

Tldr; literally never trust niggers. I'll invest in 10 pajeets before another monkey

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Bought $4k worth of Ethbet.
Bought $4k worth of INT.

Worst decisions ever. Basically threw away $8k.

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>sell 1/4 of my BTC holdings in April 2018 for avg price of 6500
>price rallies to 9,9k the same month
>for the next 6 months continue holding USDT position through all the spikes, confident that we will go significantly below 6k
>late October, tether FUD comes in, USDT plunges to 0.88, dont want to risk tether implosion any longer, buy back into BTC and withdraw to cold storage, basically break even in BTC
>week later BTC finally starts crashing to 3k

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Buying BTT

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Cappasity at .35 right before the NVIDIA partnership announcement. Made 20% and decided to hold on because fuck it, why not. Down 93% :)

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Sold my 110ltc i bought at 42 dollars at 120 only to see it shoot to 420 next few days. Or, Going all in REQ at 22 cents. I dunno which is worse.

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Holding 8k zil from ~19 cents

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after not selling NEO in mid january 2018 ($7k to $400k)
didn't swapped all NEO into BTC at NEO/BTC ATH at the end of january 2018,
and i fucking knew about 21 btc rule,
if i had swapped i'd have like 31 BTC.

fuck fuck, fuck,
now i have just enough to buy cyanide and drink it.

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Topkek, i bought when we hit ATH in april.

Next time when if we break 20k you know what to do.

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>21 btc rule
Explain please.

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It's okay they were BTC i bought in early 2013 and I still made 250k dollar cost averaging out, I just started too early

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0xbitcoin. I got so depressed after that shitstorm that I went to bitmex and 100x leveraged then lost it all

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Not selling this shit at ATH when I had 4k profit after buying it during the pump&dump here. Now the creators just abandonded it and it became worthless

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Not tethering up early 2018 thinking tether would colapse. Guess i was 1 year too early

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Buying NEM at USD 0.4

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Traded my soul for wealth, which I never got

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Not buying bitcoin in 2012 even though something told me to.....

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not stopping margin trading after i hit a million dollars during the bullrun

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DIS $140 calls

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Bought bitcoin private at kucoin launch. Within the first dozen minutes.

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Getting into crypto after 2017 and watching charts and reading stupid articles instead of focus on my sales career and making real money.

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not selling zrx during the coinbase pump

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selling 120k ada at 350 sats

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Playing wow private server in August 2017 instead of buying bitcoin and eth how I was thinking about doing.

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wew lad

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listening on /biz/.

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This is the one sleeper than bothers me. IF Charles can deliver and ADA goes up to 5$ per, as some moon boys speculate, I’ll have missed out on “new house” money.

The way the roadmap and things keep getting postponed, I think ethereum might get there first and dominate the market with serenity.

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light's hope/elysium? hahaha i played vanilla wow private servers but still managed to make money with crypto. Stopped playing that shit a bit ago though and unJUST'ed myself

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Sold almost 4000 BNB at $1 each. Literally days before it started the first big rise.

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selling 4k BNB in January 2018

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I chose not to go to an elite college because I was burned out on the education system back in high school. That was definitely a mistake.

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jynx. who could've known CZ would be so based? I'm holding 2 other lowcap buy and burn projects now and will not sell til peak bullrun.

shit, if I had held BNB I'd be in the green right now.

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Actually 3. Shit I really like buy and burn. Betting on infrastructure is beyond my technical abilities and seems like a crap shoot with the large number of platforms in existance (LIT, KMD, RFOX) but supply, demand, and scaricity; that I understand. And as long as the business is generating revenue, you have buy side pressure and scarcity increase. How does that not translate to capital gains in a bull run?

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Yes. I put too much time into it while ignoring the opportunity in crypto. Waited until December to get in which was too late to make and keep gains.

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not using a stop-loss

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falling for the shills on this shit

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Riding REQ from 5 cents to 1 dollar, holding and finally selling at 9 cents.
Joining UTK ICO. Selling the day it listed on KuCoin at ICO price. Three days later it did 10x.
Putting a substantial amount of money into policy pal at 5 cents only to get chinked by that asian whore.

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luckily i was using "play money" i made on the ltc bull run from $4 to $30

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I was all in Litecoin for months and sold it all at $58 in November a few days before it exploded. I sold it for ETP, and I was all in that. All throughout November and December I was holding ETP, waiting for it to pump but it never did. I missed all the gains of November 2017-January 2018 because I just so happened to be all in the one coin that did not budge. I was so focused on ETP and the community behind it that I lost sleep and didn't notice how much everything else pumped. I don't remember the insanity of December/January. I didn't pay it any attention.

Never all in one coin. Diversify.

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buying investfeed after suppoman shilled it on youtube.

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Not going balls in on ACI just after the 1:10 reversal.

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traded my 170€ to 1200€ and now i have 350€
i now just peanuts but wtf

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>bought ETH at $300
>two days later it's $600
>I held

Remember: you will never go broke taking gains.

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Sell 8000 ETH at $0,80

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Arbing onto an exchange with a ridiculously high premium (quadrigacx)

Watch out, bitfinexers ...

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giving someone my password so he could train my strength level. he stole pic related. that was when the cold hard world slapped me right in the face at age 11.

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buying verge at 5 sats then selling at 9 sats

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That shield was likely worth less than $0.1 USD. I think you learned that lesson early for a good price

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Bought £650 worth of BTC on december 20th 2017 and held

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Also this should be a lesson to invest in what you know.
I know lots of music head and verge was “the best” technically music quality wise but it was shit and no one liked it or used it. Don’t gamble anons

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i was playing with less than £1000 of money during bullrun as i had no money unlike now i am a full time wageslave making products for mr mcdonald

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damn son. ICX is such a joke projectm will go to zero.

I took a decent amount of profits from btc and eth on the way down at around 12k..... held all of my low cap moon shot alts tho worth 70k at the peak probably 12k now at best too scared to look

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also bought link at ICO but only with £50 ish at the time, when i should have gone all in

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you will be okay. We will go bull past 6k soon enough. Calling the bottom is a fools game

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feel u

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Went heavy into Vechain early June pre-mainnet expecting a pump. The dump began hours later and I'm still holding. Plan was to make a little profit and go all in LINK. Would probably have a nice 300-500k stack.

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FOMOing into crypto in January 2018.

>> No.13531495

buying 0xBitcoin

protip: its a fucking scam token created by a bunch of miner faggots who need their legs broken

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Bought $15,000 worth of COSS and watched it go down to $1,800. Luckily even now thanks to my LINK bags succeeding

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Shorting 6,5k EOS @0,5$ on BFX just before the massive pump to 3$+.
Lost all of them.

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buy CND ICO and sell x2 on binance listing. few days later january bullrun begins and it goes x20

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Sold 7000amrn a year ago for a small loss

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After reading this thread i have come to the conclusion that crypto and everyone involved is a scam. Thanks

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Living off bitcoin for a year post 2014 bubble. Had 80 btc... would have made it if i just sat on them.

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I did the same thing essentially... but 6k wasn't a bad bet. Hard to call the bottom mateo

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listened to anon-chan

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reminds me

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youre right
everything in this space is a scam
useless coins mooning without any sense and shit with usecase etc bleeds to death

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Damn that sucks. What you are into now?

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Selling 1.7 million shares at .0315 to have it pump to .30 cents a few weeks later.


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Sold 2.000 btc in 13

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I bought REQ and then AMB after.
You'd think I'd be utterly rekt by now, luckily I'm a good enough trader to minimize my losses. But I still lost 75%

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bitmex nigger stole my 20k

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Why not selling one million at .0315 and holding the rest just in case? Why do people have to sell EVERYTHING? Like these lads >>13530897 >>13532862
They could have kept like 1000 ETH and 100 BTC "just in case" and still have nice amounts of money. Why does everyone dump everything?

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Depositing on Bitmex.

>> No.13533193

are you back in eth now

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Not selling COSS top
Leverage trading on Bitmax
Doubling down on JNT

I have become numb to being justed

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this is the worst fucking shit its better to just invest in high-volume high recognition coins because that shit just doesnt work

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what is the 21 btc rule?

>> No.13533206

going all in uvxy

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I'm $85,000 in debt on a personal loan that I took out to buy crypto in 2018. Down like 80%.

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I hope ur joking

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Not a joke. I'd off myself if I didn't have a high-paying job.

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put 2.3 in mtgox will never get any back prolly, at most 0.39
DCA'd back 1 and turned it into 0.3 then 3 on polo during alt boom
lost 2 of that in 1 week alt crash
lost remaining 1 the next year when I discovered bitmex
bought 0.9 btc last month with money saved through the only windfall I'll ever get years in the making
just lost it in bitmex again friday
no reason not to kill myself now
before when I was contemplating suicide I told myself it'd be a relief, now it just is and terrible and all I can think of is how much it'll hurt my mom

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if i were born 10 years earlier and had the money and knowledge i have now i would have made it. i missed the amazon and bitcoin bubbles because i was just too young and didn't have the money even though i really wanted to invest. i hope there are more very opportunities like this in the future.

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buying an AMD put credit spread on Friday

Trump retardly tweets

I'm about to be down 3k.

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I thought 6k was close enough to the bottom and got back in. The suffering is almost over but I still regret it

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Lost 6k on nvcn

>> No.13533497

Buying drugs with my 14 bitcoin after mtgox and I figured it was all over.

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What an absolute badass

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funny how the crypto cooldown periods are just long enough to make you forget about the pain, so next time you have the luxury of getting back in this shitty game the greed of prospective profits will outweigh the horrible times you've forgotten by then, because you've been destitute all your life and that skews any and all correct decisions you could make, fuck trading

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>What's the single worst trading decision you've ever made?
Couldn't say

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Shout out to my ELIX boys, could have had 6k but sold before the pump to 2$+ for a 1400 dollar loss.

Losing 10k on AUC sucked balls but holy fuck a six figure loss is brutal.

Hard to believe a coin can get JUSTed so hard it truly dies.

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Not accepting Bitcoin when some guy i sold an unusual team fortress 2 hat to offered me some back in 2011.

>> No.13533957

swapping 1500 euro for magic internet money