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Someone just reuploaded it. Here's a recap for those not in the know. Craig and his partner Jimmy was invited to talk at the bitcoin wednesday meetup. This is a meetup of close to 100% core coiners and small blockers, so you can say they were kind of invited to the lions den. Big blocked as Jimmy and Craig are they accepted the challenge. They completely btfo the whole audience. The conferencier turned into a salt mine at the end with salty insults against Craig and appealing to the crowd. This was all livestreamed, but they must have been quite embarrased because they deleted the saved livestream after less than a day. I wish I had Jimmy's video because he was on fire and his talk was 100 times as good as Craig's. Here is Craig's talk:


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Sirs do the needful

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>Craig and his partner Jimmy
they make a lovely couple

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based and couplepilled

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bitcoin cash satoshi's vision 4gb blocks metanet

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thanks anon im downloading this

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Why doesn't this thread have more replies? I'm very disappointed biz. You have been served a gold nugget on a silver plate, but you don't even bother to bump with a reply

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Thanks, was waiting for a reupload.

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the unintentional hilarity of the unedited one was way funnier. this is just dross

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this one's edited? i downloaded it for later watching. is the unedited version up somewhere?

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no, they buried it - it was the moderator and the show of hand at the end that made it. This is just rnd drunken ramblings

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Nice manipulations OP. I'm already used to SV lies but still made me laugh

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It's mostly a rant and justification for being a patent troll, not so much a talk. I don't see anyone getting BTFO'd. The audience seemed to be respectful and even applauded at the end.

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ok so this one's not edited, good. if you find the parody one i'd be interested to see it though, always up for a laugh.

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See how light those bags are?

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Only brainlets fall for this drunk rambling. All I'm impressed with is the absolute gall of the guy, but then again, sociopaths lack the ability to feel fear so even that isn't really impressive.

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Because most are got hypnotized by the core promises of easy manipulated money

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Can you faggots just fuck off with Craig posting. Nobody gives a shit about that turdholster. If he dropped dead it would have no impact on anything. Nobody gives a fuck about his centralized shitcoin either. Stop fucking making threads about this literal piece of shit because all you pajeet shits do i spam this garbage to the extent that biz is fucking unreadable. Fuck off and kys

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What are you so afraid of? Why are you afraid of someone who fights with all he has to preserve the original bitcoin protocol? What, spesifically, are you are afraid of? If you could tell us we might help you to work it out with you and reduce your anger and stress levels. The kind of cortisol spikes you disclose through your writings is not healthy for you. Espescially not over a long periode of time as I suspect you have.

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He is a known scammer and a fraud. Stop making threads about him. BSV is a shitcoin... Even worse then bch. Nobody wants to read about a literal who and his shitcoin and threats he makes and shit he lies about.

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http://therealbitcoin.org/ is a group literally preserving pre-core fuckery bitcoin.
Bitcoin streetshitter version is just anither shitcoin fork.

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I s'pect he's just bored desu
fear not anon - this man has heard your plea, and is planning to end your misery, permanently, soon

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>He is a known scammer and a fraud
No he is not. Stop spreading this lie. Just because Blockstream and Greg Maxwell says so does not make it true. They have an agenda. Open your eyes

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Bagz b heavy

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tho, if it was a choice between the Cregster being locked up OR the entirety of his fuck useless pajeet PR crew - I'd be torn, personally

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Nobody with a little reputation thinks CSW is anything else than a turd. If he wants to prove anything move 1 sat from genesis wallet or gtfo.
Proof or faggot...

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Nice digits

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I will paint my car gold when btc fail in a decade

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The original bitcoin was release on windows xp faggot and craig doesnt know linux

Kek keep denying

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He's not preserving the original protocol. He removed the block limits and is now bloating up the blockchain so much that the average person won't be able to download or run it.

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>He removed the block limits
The original bitcoin protocol does NOT have a limit on the block size. Did you read the whitepaper?

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God he sounds so stupid.

"I can't code"

"I can't market!

No shit cockroach.

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>God he sounds so stupid.
>"I can't code"
I actually don't get this part.

Satoshi Nakamoto said to Martti Malmi, " I'm better with code than with words" before him let him write the Bitcoin FAQ. Hal Finney, a professional C programmer, said: "I program in C, which is compatible with C++, but I don't understand the tricks that Satoshi used" which means Satoshi's C++ code was too advanced for him.

Can Calvin's/Craig's shills comment on this?

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>I don't understand the tricks that Satoshi used
hint: it was a nice way of saying satoshi's code was shit

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Get in here fags redpill pol on bsv

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But Satoshi could code, the original bitcoin client was a complex piece of software. Hal refers to the difference between C and C++ which are compatible, but quite different

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Cringe Craig.

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Dunning–Kruger effect. The more you know, the more humble and less confident about your capability you are.

Also Craig is trying to appeal to the corecuck crowd, and core developers have always been like "satoshi was a shit coder, look at this or that! We are so much better, we can make bitcoin better!1! Even if satoshi came back we are better coders and we should have the reins of the bitcoin project".
So he's like, okay i may be a shit coder, but i hire other people who can fix that. Regardless of code, the PROTOCOL is set in stone, you can code and improve clients but keep protocol stable like tcp ip

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>The original bitcoin protocol does NOT have a limit on the block size.
And yet the real Satoshi put the limits there and talked about increasing them as needed. Craig is not following that method.

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Except that Satoshi literally said he's better with code than with words. Doesn't sound like Craig.

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in the talk he said he's shit with both code and words.

The constant pattern is just him being saying he's shit at whatever the topic is, but basically saying that facts are more important than words. If he was baking he'd probably say "i'm better with code than baking" and if he was coding he might say "i'm better with theory than coding", it's just a figure of speech to project humility and invite an evaluation of results rather than form. Pretty consistent with a person who considers themselves a perpetual learner, also someone who is a jack of all trades but master of none. Either way a short sentence like that doesn't prove or disprove anything, only a brainlet would think otherwise

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>And yet the real Satoshi put the limits
Yes, but very reluctantly, and only as a temporarily solution until bitcoin was worth money thus rendering spam attacks nothing else, but a great source of income for miners. We reached that point a LONG long time ago. That's the reason for bitcoin sv. Satoshi got tired of fighting with illeterate neckbeards

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Jimmys talk was the best ever.
Where can I find it?

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its here:


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Even if you did believe Craig was Satoshi, and even if BSV had the most valuable tech in all of crypto, why would you buy BSV at this point? BSV/Craig has been shunned by the entire crypto industry. They are fucking done. Delisted from every major exchange, BTFO in court, and generally just seen as a meme. If BSV doesnt go to zero I will eat John Mcafee’s dick.

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being delisted during a bear market or by exchanges which might soon face legal issues is not necessarily bad, might decreasase volatility.

At this point it's at the lowest it's been, very little public support and exchange support, so i would say it's an extremely high risk high reward kind of investment (either go to zero or thousands). I'd say it's worth having a small % of your portfolio in it, but it's definitely not a "safe" investment. In general though its best to buy when there's blood in the streets rather than at the peak of the hype, even if our instincts tell us otherwise

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Its not a high risk investment. Its a dumpster fire for money.
>its at the lowest its ever been
Yeah, thats called crashing. Its never going back up.

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"buy high sell low"

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>”buy low, hold until zero”

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the entire "crypto industry" is fraud, scams, money laundering, illegal gambling on illegal securities in illegal bucket shops.. its all bullshit, fuck them all. BSV doesnt need your 'crypto industry'

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People like Craig is what Crypto wanted to get away from.

Craig and Ver is the hornet nest all over.

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The only way the price goes up is if people buy it you moron. Nobody is going to buy if every major exchange has delisted.

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sv cucks are the worst kind of nocoiners

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sv is the biggest scam out there after tether

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drop name

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Only a few more moths for the tulip trust to be released

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Just imagine the bagholder pain when it turns out to be ALL fake. Hmm, delicious

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what do you mean pain we all got bsv for free there is no risk here

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