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Is the learn to code meme really a meme or is there substance?
What sort of coding language will I need to learn to maximize employment opportunities? And how long will it take to become proficient without any history of knowing code?

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It's a meme
The job market may seem hot, but it's cutthroat at entry level, especially since some candidates have been programming since middle school. Only senior roles are in demand and that VC money isn't going to last forever
JavaScript will give you the most opportunities, but that could change tomorrow
How long will it take depends on how logically you can think

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It's not a meme. Anyone that tells you the jobs are too competitive or are getting outsourced simply do not know what they are talking about. Yes, it's true to some extent. It's true for every job right now, and much less so for software. Couple that with the fact that you do not need a degree and it is a completely viable career move.
I transitioned from chemistry to software. Getting a job in chemistry, with an excellent resume was incredibly difficult, and pay was garbage. I sent almost 200 applications to get 2 interviews.

I self taught programming for about 12 months, applied to junior jobs with a garbage resume and got an interview for every ~10 applications. I just got hired last week as a junior for an AI company, and had another offer I turned down.

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Worth it to learn some elementary python? I just want a skill that I can freelance or maybe work towards a new career. It seems all these learn to code courses have no real end game or practical usage.

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It may or not be a meme, it all depends on what section of the market you will be acting in. Legacy systems always need support and very few people actually know how to do it or are interested in doing it. Web development though, is absolutely infested with pajeets.

t. web dev

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Just learn Python, it's easy and trending. If you can learn one language then you can learn any language.

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every 4chan thread ever

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Your too late. It's a meme now. We are beginning to see the tech salaries decrease because of the influx of programming degrees. Also there is AI that can read and write hundreds of lines of code flawlessly rendering humans code monkeys unnecessary. Its no longer learn to code, it's more like learn neural networks. I would say learn medicine or even pharma. Some people even think those low tier degrees like sociology and philosophy will be the next wave.

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Study a man's subject like mechanical engineering or physics. I work EE at an aerospace company and all the programmers are either faggy guys or crazy ugly girls. Organizational and time management skills are more important in industry anyway.

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My best advice would be to pick a particular field that interests you and learn as much as possible in that topic. Courses teach you the basics then you just need to decide you're going to complete a project you decide and you need to figure it out on your own.

I did simple python courses and learned backend webdev with django primarily, as well as data analysis, database management, SQL, etc. But you could pick something like mobile development or web although like >>13526118 said web is the most saturated,

AI is an issue in essentially every field. If you want to be immune to AI, you need to go into a human profession, like a doctor, teacher, nurse, psychologist, etc

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What if you live in an area with a shitty job market? I live in a 500k metro area, small towns with no "tech" jobs. Our biggest industries used to be manufacturing and now it's mainly based around medicine, which requires a lot of formal education.

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You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. You're probably an H1B pajeet. They're the only ones getting hired.

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Well then it's a bad choice obviously. You have to move, or make a very very good portfolio and hope to find remote work, but that is likely very tough for a junior.

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What about regular old IT jobs that aren't call center work?

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Yeah it's so bad, there are only 7.5k job postings for developers in Canada on indeed. It's impossible to find one!

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Its hard on the junior end, and doesn't pay much for a while. If you don't love programming you will never be great at it.

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What programming skills would help you to set up a Chainlink-Node?

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Programming is a bubble that's limited in scope to the US. Most programmers in every other part of the world don't make even half as much as they do in real terms in the US. Once the tech bubble fueled by cheap VC funds and interest rates crashes, programmer salaries will normalize at typical 'wagie' salaries. Sure, your top 1% of programmers are still going to make bank, but you could say that about the 1%ers in any industry.

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Thanks for the response. Good luck in your new position.

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Mobile and web development are also pretty close fields these days. Most use cases can be covered by Web Apps, aka "use a WebView, develop a decent website and... Presto!". Very few apps need native performance, specially these days with octacore cellphones.
This kinda manifests as a opportunity for web developers like myself or you to branch out to app development, and do a sales pitch amongst the lines of "you'll get an app *and* a website *and* a web system!". It works if you're dealing with a customer that is friendly enough towards yourself. Also, local companies that are looking to expand their business will buy that very easily.

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90% of jobs are held by Whites. You can look up the stats.

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Manliest field is penetration testing.

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That's potentially gay.

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Not as gay as working with faggots like this guy >>13526141

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Programming is a meme unless you're an autist who has been coding for 10 hours a day since you were 12.

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The problem with the mentality around people learning to code is they learn because they want to work for someone else.

if you have an entrepreneurial mindset and have the grit to learn a lot of frameworks to build your own projects and are prepared to fail many times, you will make it.

This is the harder path in the long run, but will be the most worthwhile.

Currently I am working on a project using postgresql, Vue.js, node.js / typescript, redis caching, python machine learning with XGBoost, tensorflow, apache kafka + apache ignite for real-time data flow. So basically you are forced to learn as you go.

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>says it’s a meme
>recommends JavaScript

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I have a similar story, OP. Went from teaching to coding for a database company. Don’t listen to the incel neet failures here

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I envy you.

t. currently teaching

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basically this

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I'm a language teacher and learning to code as well. The future is coded

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It's not a meme, but you need to be smarter than average (at least 110-120 IQ) to do reasonably well. Otherwise you're just a replaceable code monkey who'll get outsourced.

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thanks anons this thread has been encouraging

>t. starting over at 22

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Alright, I'll tell you a secret career opportunity. Go into hardware and learn about FPGA's (field programmable gate arrays). It will be the embedded hardware of AI systems, learn this and you will be set for life.

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yesterday, a german student siphoned 26,500,000 TRX from the tronbank smart contract because the developers were too dumb to code it right
go ahead and look at coinmarketcap to see how much that's worth in real money
then you tell me if learning computer science is meme
now, if you're just talking about being a mediocre stackexchange pajeet who copypastes shit without understanding anything, then yes it's a meme. but so is most of that wagecuck shit all the brainlets with no inner drive do. and as far as wagie memes go, if you're too beta to sell, coding isn't a bad one

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See my other comment OP, its also useful for you

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eastern eu, non-capital city of 0.5+ million, the bubble is very real and pays very good here, just looking at job ads pay for mid-level python and js programmers raised from [5,7] to [6;9] k in last year, even more for seniors but mostly in software houses and consultancies that have foreign customers (mostly US, some western eu, rare asian) - other companies lag behind, but the pay is still good for local standards and is starting to grow as local companies feel pressured by how talent is leaving them, PHP+wordpress agencies mostly stay at meh level thou

12-19 k zł for senior is still pennies by US standards but it's a lot here, especially compared to what would you need to have to earn this much from other jobs

the real question would be: HOW WILL YOU GET YOUR FIRST JOB? most companies only publish ads for mid and above level, as for the junior/trainee/internships - everybody wants in, even testing and data entry jobs at IT companies are swarmed by people with some programming experience who just want an opportunity to get in...

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interesting, is this EE?

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Yes, FPGA's are logic boards where the logic gates are programmable. It exists for some time, but recently got a lot smaller form factor. It's being used in self-driving cars, military grade equipment and satellites

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any pointers on what books to look into after baby's first computer architecture book? currently just working through https://teachyourselfcs.com/ and freecodecamp

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nvm found this: >>/sci/thread/S10600271#p10600276

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Very good that you're showing interest, but I would highly suggest looking for someone who can show you the ropes! I'm studying EE right now, and FPGA's is a fucking beast to tame. Definitely worth it though, just bought myself an Spartan-7 FPGA board to start fucking around

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OP here. Can you give further information. What sort of assumed knowledge should you have, where to start, and what sort of industries could you approach to get employment?

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Industrial industry incorporating AI

FPGA's are awesome at mining crypto

Satellites are using it as stated before.

I wish I could elaborate a bit further, but it is very new to me aswell. I suggest looking up some xillinx tutorials and read some literature online, before looking up a course. Again, learning FPGA programming is a cheatcode, companies will be lining up.

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Sorry but it's pretty much like trading, if you're starting from zero expect ~3 years before you at least understand whats happening. You can apply at junior level now. Then at least another 2-3 years till you can say you're good.

Language doesn't matter much if you can adapt to a new one quick (you should). Same goes for whatever framework. Pick the popular ones in your area, most likely js/react.

Check out Clean Code series (tldr: clever code is easy to read and understand, not cryptic one liners).

You should have an app made and published somewhere (github, etc) if you dont have any formal education before going for an interview. Most interviews will have a test for you to code. If you pass those you can find a pretty good job, but dont expect big paycheck first 2 years. After those you can either try to ask for raise or find another job since you have 2 years experience in the field.

People are always needed though maybe not in your area. We once hired a biology student (idk why I'm not involved in hiring process) if that makes you feel better.

Source: sw developer ts/react in eu

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I would definitely dissuade people going into software, hardware is the way to go!

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Eh, both can be profitable if you know what you're doing. Theres also other niches like "linux guy" and managers etc.

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You don't think you would need an electrical engineering degree to do it? Im certified in avionics maintenance so I have experience with electrical hardware and such, but if its hardware heavy, would there not be a demand for qualified engineers?

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It's a less crowded niche though, is what I'm trying to say.

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No, its embedded software.

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Could be, can confirm sw development is crowded af right now but most of the applicants are total shit so I think it's actually a lot easier to stand out and get actually hired if you know what I mean.

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Just learn PHP, MySQL and how to use Linux. With that stack you can whip up wordpress sites to sell shit through drop shipping. To the average person web dev is the most useful path because it can make doing other types of business easier.

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Engineering is a scam for cucks. I make twice as much money now that I switched to software.

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Looking at the amount of students that go for embedded versus software I can easily see it become even more saturated. I do understand what you're saying though

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Been working as an embedded software engineer for the last 3 months. I have a math background rather than CS, so I'm pretty shit at it. It's also boring/tedious as fuck. Hopefully my coins so I don't have to do this anymore.

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Yea, python is not bad idea.

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If you want a job learn c, c++, c# or lastly maybe java (most java is out sourced to upwork so they can pay 3rd worlders $2/hr). Web dev is a riot of stupid wannabes, mostly soîboys/uppity fat girls or hb1 Pakistanis.
Python is good for scripting some stuff but you'll be better off with a 'brackety' language because everything besides python/ruby uses that syntax.

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Also learn SQL, any flavor... learn how to wire up a database on the back end of a simple web app & you'll be 500 miles ahead of the other entry level candidates

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1. Go to any accredited college
2. Get a degree in computer science or engineering
3. Get above a 3.0
4. Mass apply to every tech company
5. Read "cracking the coding interview"
6. Crush the dumb ass whiteboard interviews
7. Enjoy your cush 6 figure salary, stock options, 30hr/week job

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but chainlink and retire in a year

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Easier if you are niggy or have vagene.