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By May 8-9, he has to show the trust and the names and beneficiaries of the trust.

By May 15, he has to show all transaction logs including but not limited to the bitcoin transferred over on this trust.

In other words, by May 8/9 or May 15, we can almost definitely know whether Craig is Satoshi.

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>transaction logs from a public ledger

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stop posting anime faggot

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>know whether Craig is Satoshi
why does this prove he is Satoshi?

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anime website

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Get a load of this faggot here

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You fucking retard.

The trust was for 1.1 million bitcoin. Who the fuck would have that much instead of satoshi?

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But the coins in the trust aren't the satoshi coins, those have been untouched since they were mined.

So this proves nothing other than someone was slightly rich 6 years ago when bitcoin was cheap.

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Wew. People always say on this board >it’s not a black swan if people know about it
however this is something people know and talk about that would still be a black swan.

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Craig started mining BTC in full scale in the very early days like 2012

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if anyone has a problem with his mozilla/firefox not running add-ons

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Ha he was mining from day one.

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If he is satoshi then yes
but under the name of Craig Wright he started a mining company in Australia in 2012

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>If he is satoshi
that awfully sounds like it has more than a snowflakes chance in hell

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def not Satoshi and the trust shit doesn't prove anything, lmao

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>faketoshi will be unveiled as a fraud
>for the umpteenth time

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because he saw how profitable it was.

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>A man claims to have seen space aliens and comes out with the evidence.
>The evidence turns out to be fabricated.
>"This man is more knowledgeable about aliens than anyone I know, he MUST have seen aliens, but he just wants to mislead disbelievers!"

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There are transactions showing Craig and Dave sending each other bitcoin in the first two weeks of January 2009

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Craig's explanation of why he won't publicly prove he's Satoshi.

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>West Palm Beach
Why did I think this was going on in aussieland?

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Craig fudders are going to get btfo

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So they both are two extremely early adopters, one of whom decided to impersonate Satoshi later on?

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or they are both satoshi

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Something doesn't match.

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That's one of the weakest points on all of these arguments. Yes, even if he signs still some people might say he stole the keys. The great majority would not, however, particularly all of those that have said already that he needs to prove he is Satoshi by signing. Even if they did they would only be exposing themselves to ridicule. If you ask me, he only stands to win if he signs, and the only reason he doesn't has to be because he can't, and therefore he is not Satoshi. The additional reasoning that "he doesn't owe us anything" is outright stupid. We don't stand anything to win or lose from him proving he is Satoshi. He, on the other hand, has a lot to win.

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>that grammar
How embarrassing.

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Why do you ignore the fact that Craig periodically, consistently publishes various little fabrications? It doesn't make sense at all. I heard the explanation that it was all meant to "bait" the enemies, but it doesn't make sense either.

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Craig will crash Bitcoin's price by market selling everything from his genesis wallets.

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If he is dumb

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theres a theory that dr. satoj is protected by military defense intel and nsa, while team tether/blockstream is backed by cia niggers. we are in the moddle of a deep state intel war. choose sides wisely.

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I actually misread your post. Yep, you're correct.

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Do tell

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current leading minds believe the early coins were sent in an offline transaction with nlocktime making it unspendable until jan 2020. the transaction was entrusted offshore and the early keys all destroyed. he literally cant spend early coins until 2020 and even then the tx might not work on btc because of segwit

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Who has to what now?

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Not until the tether swamp is drained.

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Very simple i owe you nothing

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>the early keys all destroyed
Doesn't make sense. Suppose he promised to destroy the keys, but what stopped from not doing that?

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Segwit adoption not 100%

Binance no segwit

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Nlocktime wasn’t used until recently

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nlocktime was in v0.1 original release and worked fine

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Isn't it a parameter of a transaction? That is, you'd need a transaction to use it.

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>current leading minds
such a transparent appeal to authority, without any sources

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How does this theory explain nChain's ties to the gay movement? Is the LGBT on our side now?

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This all leaves so many questions, holy shit.

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It would take a bit under half a year of getting every single block reward when it was at 50 a pop to amass 1m bitcoin. Hardly realistic that it's anyone other than satoshi.

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That, assuming the trust exists at all. We know that CSW sometimes produces little lies here and there (to throw off his enemies, of course), maybe the trust was one of them.

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>Who the fuck would have that much instead of satoshi?

Someone who bought low around 2010? You wouldn't even need to have been a millionaire back then to own a million bitcoin.

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lol there was no way to buy a million bitcoins in 2010, there was no market. an otc market developed later but it was small amounts nowhere near a million. the 10,000 btc pizza shit was the first real commerce

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I created bitcorn but i wont prove it coz i dont care about wealth.
Smith's and Keynes' hidden hand mixed with Von Mises is my original inspiration,though i have surpassed their primitive view with a sophistry and elegance that only a few have ever understood in the history of mankind. i call it my Grand Unified Fact. GUF for short.
You must internalise my externalities if you ever want to understand my true brilliance as a warrior poet on the verge of godhood.
Smell my GUF ye mortals and tremble.
Crug woz here.

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wtf are you talking about

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That's Greg who publishes this nonsense shit

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>without hal

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I was told that it's all to divert Greg, you know, to bait him.

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This is unironically ironic.

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Didn't you get the recent news?
Greg Maxwell was outed to be the producer and publisher of all this lies

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Do you believe he was powerful enough to hack into Craig's accounts? Shit, this is getting scary.

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Except all he has to do is move a coin

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Greg, it's getting ridiculous, stop it now.

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You are not going to touch your private key just for showing off when the private key is worth of 1 million BTC

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That is probably part of the plan. If he does, the enemies (Greg, etc.) will have an advantage, and smart Craig wants to attack from behind.

Greg is a faggot. I hope Craig will keep on baiting him.

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homos use bitcoin too

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Shut up, Greg

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also, unless craig wright is in the US or has a principle place of business in the US, the United States does not have jurisdiction over him. see International Shoe Co. v. Washington, 326 U.S. 310 (1945)

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Yep, and because his private key is in a trust, so he promised not to use it. You know, he keeps promises.

Hi Greg

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What if they're scheming something?

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And I'm not asking you to do it, you're the one begging us to believe you but not offering any proof. Sorry but no, we won't believe you, because we owe you nothing.

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everyone in bitcoin is incentivized to work in their own economic interest

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Okay, so it's LGBT vs. CIA, I see. Which side should I pick?

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Well, then producing it should be real easy then?

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This is more correct than you realize.

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CIA. Sure they're evil and hellbent on world domination, but at least they aren't a bunch of fags.

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my business card has the illuminati on the back
get on my level bitch!

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It's NSA vs CIA

Blockstream, BTC and the kikes = CIA
Craig, Trump and BSV = NSA

Who is going to win? Aryan Chad military surveillance agency or virgin jew glownigger agency

Choose wisely

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>just for showing off
Except it's not for showing off.
The showing off part is him claiming he's Satoshi. Using the private key is proving it.

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NSA is US military chads, pic related

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wow it's so secret it doesn't even have a webpage

thanks just bought 100k satoj

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Isn't nChain = LGBT?

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4D chess

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greg nobody cares about homos in [current year] quit being fucking weird

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wow look at this sherlock holmes over here!

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Most likely doesn't exist in that form anymore


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Greg, are you trying to subvert me? Everyone knows it's (((their))) agenda

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This is absolutely the stupidest most petty shit I've ever fucking seen. If he actually was satoshi, all he'd have to do is move 1btc out of satoshi's wallet. That's it. That would fucking prove it. Not this fucking showboat bullshit that just makes the entire cryptosphere look retarded as fuck.

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It's locked in the tulip trust brainlet, I know it's difficult with low cognitive abilities, but try to follow along sweaty.

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ok so some homos have an agenda but there are plenty of straight kiddie fucker faggots

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How do you imagine that? "I promised not to use this key, so I won't"?

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Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there?

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daily reminder that calvin ayre is a member of namgla

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Where's the guarantee nChain doesn't have an agenda? Nguyen is literally a "diversity" advocate.

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libel lawsuit incoming check yur inbox

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So the only person he namedrops that could definitively dispute him, namely Hal Finney, is dead. Conveniently out of the picture. Imagine that. Fucking lying motherfucker.

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>20 posts by this id
wew took you a while to get to it this time greggles.

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i never check my inbox and don't actually live at my address
so i guess i'm immune to lawsuits

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Greg, why are you always posting your selfies?

>> No.13524187

at least he is not posting his diapers like creg

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when nervous, flood with BS.

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much is she p/h ?

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creg is unironically satoj
take the brownpill sir

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There is a Vishnu living in the Blockchain

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From now on i declare him Greg

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An old Cypherpunk is teaching his grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside my space," he said to the boy. "It is a terrible fight and it is between two Satoshis. One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego."
He continued, "The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside your space - and inside every other, too."
The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which Satoshi will win?"
The old Cypherpunk simply replied, "The one that can sign."

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good goy

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>t. edge user

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This thread gettin slid

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People making sure no one sees this.

The truth will come out in four days.

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