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>It can't be the minorities that do wrong, it HAS to be the justice system that's broken.
Seriously how can liberal cucks be this stupid and how do we profit from it?

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>"fuq whyte ppl"
>robs and beats white man
>goes to prison
>"da prison system be raycis, bruh"

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This seriously rustles my jimmies

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I feel like the 13% committing 50% is just common knowledge by now even for normies
Am I out of touch?

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>haha black people make more crime i so smart
Black people are more likely to live in poverty you fucking retards. If you subject any group of people to the same discrimination black people faced for centuries they'd be just as poor and would be more likely to commit crime. Fuck off with your faggot /pol/ memes

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lol cuck

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racist fag

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its because of racism

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13%? Does that include infants and elderly too?? because if you dismiss those you'll get much more red pilling numbers than you might think...

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We unironically need separate laws for colored people because this just isn't fair

Our current laws in the USA are RACIST

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I meant for you

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Don't try to explain this to the cretins on /bizpol/. If someone is stupid enough to post a /pol/ thread on /biz/, there's no hope. They've probably already lost 90% of their investments by buying ATH's. They're lost causes.

>how do we profit form ____ xD

Fuck off you faggot.

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>print "13%"
>print "negro man bad negro man criminal"
>if justice_system_broken = true print "liberal cucks stupid"
and yet you racist /pol/cucks still act like you aren't NPCs. kys

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Sir, you are defiling the body of our Lord Jesus Christ

And I bet he LOVES it


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back to /pol/

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Look at the Japanese in America today as compared to WW2 we took all their shit and put them in camps. Now the average Japanese-american is more well off than a white person. Meanwhile nig nogs have been poor as shit and retarded for almost 200 years.

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Yea. Niggers shouldn't be allowed near white people. Fuck em. Ship them back to Africa

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You can't compare the experience of African-Americans with the experience of Japanese-Americans, they're entirely different you fucking imbecile. Japanese people were never forcibly brought over to the US by the millions and enslaved for centuries. Japanese immigrants came to the US voluntarily with an ability to plan their own destinies and weren't discriminated against and stereotyped in the same way that blacks were. If you had at least a 3rd grade level understanding of US history you'd know that's a fucking retarded comparison you fucking moron.

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>2-3x the poverty rate of the national average
>5-6x the homicide of white people including hispanics
>probably closer to 10x the homicide rate of nonhispanic whites
Try learning math, boyo

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This but only half unironically
>refuse to let a population with no culture even get a decent public education until 40 years ago after a decade of trying to resist a Supreme Court ruling
>Why are these people so retarded?
Most black adults today have grandparents that were never even high school educated. It’s a given that uneducated people spawn misbehaved ones. That said it’s nobody’s responsibility but your own to fix that reputation and if being black is so miserable stop having kids and die out to save a generation the agony.

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And Japan being first world and Africa being.. Africa, is one big ol' coincidence!! You tell em!!

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>haha if they 2 times poverty rate they should be 2 times crime rate haha
Shittiest Argument of the Year award winner right here.
>implying the history and geography of Africa and Japan are in any way comparable
You are embarassingly retarded.

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The niggers in the US today have the ability to plan their lives and weren't forced to do anything.

You're idea that the rough past of your ancestors determine how you will perform in society is nullified by the proof that Japanese Americans do much better even after having experienced harsh discrimination much more recently than African Americans.

Also >>13512495 is correct. Why is it that Africa is such a failure? Out of all the nations in it not one could be considered first world. Is it because of foreign medalling? Well as it turns out that all nations have been doing that to each other for all of human history. I wonder what makes Africa unique compared to the rest of the world?

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>what makes Africa unique
No trade routes until a considerably more advanced trading nation contacted them. There were no land routes through central Africa and no sea routes that could be exploited with anything less than fully developed ocean capable craft, and no reason to suggest there was any benefit in developing as much.

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They didn't start off that way. It takes generations for black people to catch up to white people who suffered little to no discrimination against them advancing themselves. I'm not black, I'm just saying that you can't compare a group of people that suffered centuries of racism and subjugation to a group that never had to experience that and had no limit on the opportunities available to them and wonder why they aren't exactly on par after only 2 generations of political and civic equality. The real point is that crime rate and wealth differences are more complicated than "BLACK MAN BAD." Read a fucking book some time.
>Why is it that Africa is such a failure?
Because it was subjugated, colonized and exploited for resources for centuries and up til this day? Foreign superpowers installing corrupt dictators that keep allow Western corporations to rob them of their resources? More wealth is extracted and shipped out of Africa each year than what goes in. There are plenty of quickly growing economies in Africa such as Nigeria, Ghana and Ethiopia. Again, you can't compare a continent that enriched itself at the expense of the rest of the world with a continent that didn't and wonder why there is a major difference in wealth and development. Again, it's more complicated than "BLACK MAN BAD" but you fucking retards are so smugly convinced that you've got it all figured out. It's just embarassingly cringey how smart you people think you are when in reality you're colossal fucking retards.

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"Muh fucking white man corruption". Those niggers have been dancing around a fire for 3000 years lmao

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The white man makes black people rape and murder eachother and they're also the reason blacks still enslave other blacks in slavery today. Before the white man showed up blacks were driving flying cars in africa 'n shit. White man bad!

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>haha black people still caveman
It's exactly this arrogant, retarded outlook on the world that prevents you from seeing the rapid development of many African countries and overcoming your own gay biases. Eat shit you fucking faggot.

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by this logic

asian > white

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Ethiopia was a world superpower in antiquity, but they were separated from the rest of the Christian world and surrounded by Muslims.
It wasn’t whiteness that made whites great; it was Christianity (not that /pol/) will admit that. Now by whites I mean Nordic types, caucasians of the Greek and Middle East variety we’re managing just fine, but Northern Europeans took Christianity and the Enlightenment to really hit their stride. That cultural revolution (or lack thereof) is also why China fell behind from ancient times.