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we fine?

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Bro close it and go long. You still have room to 6k

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>liquidates your pants

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only the mighty GOOSE can stand against a bull

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take that

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>mfw we broke the conditioning and tether fud is bullish now

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Probably, but you might get wicked and liquidated. I'm expecting a slow bleed from here as we are butting up against the weekly 50 MA right now.

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Checked. These are the modern day equivalent bulls of s'o'y boys, probably unironically being fed by s'o'y. Btw fuck you hiromoot you censoring nip kike.
That goose is top alpha though.

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if tether is 75% covered it should be the envy of any fractional reserve bank

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Get out of crypto before you lose everything. When Bitfinex implodes, it's sucking the rest of crypto into the black hole with it. If you have to, save your money for $30 ETH if you can't give up your digital gambling addiction.

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bears will be btfo out 50K a coin.

I and by btfo I mean all dead.

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Brahma is that you

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In all seriousness, why do people let their trades go to liquidation? There are stop losses and risk management for a reason.

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Sometimes it's easier to just use more leverage with a smaller position...speciale if you trade futures

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That's just blind gambling. You're bound to lose everything going all out than managing your risks and losses.

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>shorting before it hits $6k

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did you get liquidated yet?

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RIP Bobo
See you next year

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Time to short is now