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What was your major and what was your starting annual salary for you first job after graduating? I will start

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Liberal Arts 55K

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>vocational school
>20k$ after taxes

i've been unemployed since 2012

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>75k working 6 months of the year.

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Liberal Arts

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Comp sci. 170k.

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Underwater welding
Work 3 months out of the year in exotic locations

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Informatics. 29K a year.

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300k soon tho

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Goverment job, been working there for 3 years I have benefits I do nothing and my pay goes up yearly. Starting 48k current :65k

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Assuming youre oil and gas. Are you actually going geology as a job or something else

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>government job vs liberal arts

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Don't forget the part where you go blind at age 30 and get killed when you swim near a broken pipe

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Sorry friend the 300k starting was for math phds, not just a bachelors

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C&M Bio
> 20k

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>Ronald McDonald university
>fry cook PHD
>800k starting

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Geographic Science

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>business admin, info systems
>32k USD
>Year 2016 in socal
Fuck my life

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Fuck this meme.

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Architecture. €32k.
40% of that goes to taxes, and 10% of that goes to rent.

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>Implying he's not going to retire at 28

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lmao would not even wake up in the morning for that money

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I graduated last year and have not found full time work yet.

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What was your major and what was your starting annual salary for you first job after graduating? I will start
>Information systems / computer science

>0 cause i just want to travel and volunteer at a hostel cause im an idiot

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Practical Nursing

best ill ever see without going back to school is 60k without overtime

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Why do americans earn so much more than euros? Is it because theyve got to pay for thibgs oit of pocket instead of paying higher taxes?

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Astronaut welding
$1 mil
Work 6 months out of the year in space

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> 125k

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Around 150k

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Yuros are cucks and that's why you make shit money. The amount of jealousy that seeps out of your posts is incredible. >Do Americans really do this????

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Still you amerifats like to complain about money
>boo hoo I only make 150k with a bachelors degree in my 20s

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computer science

i wouldnt recommend college unless its for a MD or JD

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Yeah I'm a junior geo in gold. Money's good but it's long hours.

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Lawfag 85k

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I'm also a retard

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MA International Business

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I will get a BA in English soon. What Masters should I go for to fix my life? I was thinking about international relations or marketing

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bachelors? what do you do?

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you need to create a token

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Computer Engineering

$85k in Dallas

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make around $220k now though

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I'm a current MIS student. Think you could tell me a little more about your work? What's your current position, how many years, etc.

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Doing what? What is your career, anon?
What job? I thought econ degrees were a joke and basically worthless.
Thats pretty good for biology, anon. What job?
So architecture is a meme major,

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Anons, would you recommend going to a real uni or going to a tech college where I can also get a bachelors?

I want to get into finance but there is no finance bachelors at the tech college but they do have:
>Civil/Mechanical/Electrical engineering

Should I just go to a real uni or go to the much cheaper tech college and get a bachelors without having to do bullshit courses not related to my major?

Also if I want to get into venture capital, will an accounting degree work?

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>Also if I want to get into venture capital, will an accounting degree work?

No. Accounting is required to do finance, but finance is basically its own field that's way more steeped in analysis and decision making. VC is highly competitive and they would never hire someone with a fucking technical school degree.

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Chemical Engineering. 75k starting.

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B-but I thought degrees don't matter, anon. And it's a bachelors too!

But honestly what do you recommend out of all those degrees I mentioned. Or should I go to a uni instead? If I go to the tech school I won't have any debt though and the engineering degrees are legitimate and you get that fucking ring thing that all canadian engineers get

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Computer engineering, 90k

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>Communication and Criminology
>haven't graduated yet
I just want to go overseas and learn how to ill commies and terrorists, whatever the pay. So long as I don't have to put up with shithead coworkers and a piece of shit commander, I could care less if I'm getting shot at, eating MRE's, and burning my poop.

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Go to a state school, should be cheap. Or, go to community college, then transfer to a state school to get the state school degree for even cheaper. Also, don't study accounting. That is for boring brainlets, trust me, you don't want to be that guy who went into accounting for money.
Out of Engineering, pick the flavor that you enjoy and you'll do alright. CS is in danger of being heavily outsourced. Russian devs are general higher quality than most American CS grads (because your TA's are pajeets) and Vitali has no problem doing your job for nothing.

-t Went to elite liberal arts college, and while it helped, it didn't help enough to justify the price had I not been on scholarship.

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Yeah accounting sounds boring but it's pretty much the only option from that tech school and the commute is short and I wouldn't have any debt and would finish it in 3 years tops.

But I suppose I'll do CC and then transfer to uni to do actuarial science or something.

Honestly I'd love to become an IB eventhough the hours are pretty high but I'm a Canadacuck so the only way for me to get into IB is get into this competitive program called pmf that only accepts 15 people to get to work at some NYC or Toronto firm. Besides that, business grads where I live usually become accountants or even worse-clerks, tellers and financial analysts

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>supply chain dropout

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Don't bank on IB. It's an entire crapshoot based on who actually gets the interview, and if they like you you'll get the job. Contrary to what /biz/ tells you, IB hires for fit. Most junior analysts / summer interns are taught what they really need to know on the job. If you aren't lucky enough to get interviewed by the boutique firm that you'd fit in at, you're not getting IB. Do not chase the name of the firm you want to work at, you want to work at a firm that treats you like a human being. Despite what /biz/ will tell you, 110k+30k bonus isn't exactly making it in NYC. 60-70k+20k bonus isn't "making it" in Chicago. People let themselves get hazed for a few years then jump ship to PE where they actually start saving.

Realistically, if you ENJOY engineering, do engineering, get on with a good firm that pays high for area, and build a life. Plus, if you can manage to swing mining engineering in Canada you can work 2 weeks on 2 weeks off up in the territories for massive fucking money. No one cares where you went for your undergrad. Go to the state school, get a 4.0, and get on with a good engineering firm.

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> attorney
> 55-65$k

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>CS is in danger of being heavily outsourced
People have been saying this for 10+ years, still hasn't happened, SWEs still making 150k+ in the US. There are just better quality devs here, ask any engineering manager/recruiter

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gender studies


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Nigger studies, 60k (robbing crackas and slangin crack)

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160k in sf

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cringe freshmen posting

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computer science

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He isn't going to say because he is lying

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Religious Studies
was 50k, will be more like 35k soon. All degrees are meme degrees.

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You hit the nail on the head. You can fund a happy family of 4 on 30k income in Euroland. Vacations, doctors visits, University all included. Maybe no car.
In the US, you'll probably need 3x that to achieve the same quality of life.

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No you can't. Maybe in a second world shithole like Spain or Italy. Definitely not possible in the UK or Germany.

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>Italy and Spain
tfw Balkanfag

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Plano/Frisco area?

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>five years and two job changes later I make $245k total comp
feels good desu

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Technical editor.

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Computer Science.
Now $205k.

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>graduating economics at the end of this semester
>sending resumes left and right to companies
>haven't even landed an interview yet

why does 3rd world suck so much brehs

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Mechanical Engineering and my starting salary is only 55k. Am I getting JUSTed or is that ok? I live in the Midwest.

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>no degree

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What were the jobs you’ve had and have now?

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holy kek

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Masters in Chemistry

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PhD in Plant Breeding


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Guys I've been unemployed for 7 months now. But my uncle managed to get me two interviews
>boutique investment bank
>Chinese equivalent to Robinhood, recently listed on NASDAQ
Which one should I take? I don't like IB though.

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> Bioengineering
> 20.5k
Im at 24k now, so things are looking up

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Chinese Robinhood if you think you can get in with them

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I honestly can't tell. I'm floored by the salaries these anon are reporting. My entire ChemE graduating class all got jobs in the 45-55k range on the East Coast. I'd say /biz/ self-selects for success but half of the threads in here are about people complaining about their dead-end jobs.

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I'm a mining engineer, gaining 30k€ a year doing stuff unrelqted to my major in a tax-hell yurop cuntry. Would you have any advices for me to find a place in the mining industry ? I speak 5 languages btw

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Highschool drop out
52k atm

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so much LARP in this thread

Oh well,

Computer Science

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Idk I'm kind of a brainlet but I'm willing to work hard for them. Those guys are pretty smart from what I've seen. And I'm reading their IPO prospectus on the SEC website to learn more about the company.

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Stop larping pajeet faggots

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Sports science
I’m a PT teacher in HS, eurorich country
And I get to touch high school cuties “for instruction purposes”

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Applied physics

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> Graduated in 2015
> BS in Business Adminstration
> Got a job about a month after graduating
> Minimum wage retail
> Part time (usually less than 16 hours a week)

> Present
> Full time office job making a LITTLE over minimum wage now

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It's time to buy options.

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Median household income in US = 61k.
We got all the top earners ITT!

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> Business Information Tech
> 86k EUR , first year, age 24

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You have no idea what you're talking about. Vcs will train you if you're bright, STEM is actually preferred

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Information Security

60k, 1 year later 70k

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>Thats pretty good for biology, anon. What job?
I'm a medical lab tech

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32 million starting

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I’m currently attending UC Berkeley, should I major in media studies or legal studies? Thinking of going to law school but only if I get good financial aid or else I’m just going to get in advertising. I can also become a lawyer rested to media stuff. Was it worth becoming a lawyer?

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