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But he first he dismisses all the fake news with Trumpiant valor!

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thanks for the update greg

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>Craig explodes when talking with people.
What else is new under the sun
He is still satoshi though and we all love him and his angry passionate persona

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he couldn't be satoshi if he spent a thousand years of fabricating evidence.

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hi also-greg

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CSW is a Blockstream stooge. Craig Wright totally works in Blockstream's and Greg's interests, if not directly funded. Look:

- He completely compromised the blocksize debate.
- He intentionally makes big blockers look stupid.
- Because of his blatant, idiotic forgeries, LN advocates now have an edge.

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kek. I'm reading it now and man do I wish I was there.

>Wright had had enough. “Sorry, I’m going to court on this, it’s that simple,” he said, steaming mad. And then the floodgates flew open:

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Absolutely STIFF

>At this point, Wright rose, threw back his head and launched into a rant about Crypto Twitter.

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You got to hand to them, they cracked him wide open, and in record breaking time, i wish i could have seen it. God damn lucky bastards, i bet they were in hysterics afterwards.

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How can a man be more BASED & STIFFPILLED? I really do not think it's possible!

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What is about Australians that make them so soft? He literally IMPLODED

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You'd better not piss a man who wears diapers. Or else!

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He knew he was about to get caught in a lie that would destroy his narrative, so his fight-or-flight syndrome kicked in and since he couldn't flee... MAXIMUM ATTACK

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>spent a thousand years of fabricating evidence
Fuck off pajeet. You have failed to pass.
>rant about Crypto Twitter.
Bet it was epic.
>"The pajeet meme is wearing off!!! Quick, go retrieve our book of emergency forced memes!"
>*Flips through several pages*
>"Yes, YES!"
"Diapers, sir?"
>"Yes... DIAPERS"

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probably the heat.

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Hahahahaha he's losing it. Nguyen is in on the cherade too

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>>"The pajeet meme is wearing off!!! Quick, go retrieve our book of emergency forced memes!"
>>*Flips through several pages*
>>"Yes, YES!"
>"Diapers, sir?"
>>"Yes... DIAPERS"
Made me kek many times. Thank you sirs

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>decrypt media

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Corecucks and cockstream BTFO

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Feelin pritty STIFF desu

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>Decrypt Media
The Huffpost to Craig's Trump

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yeah, you don't need to hate creg to know that decrypt media is absolute garbage-tier

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“There’s not many good [forgers] anymore,” Wright sighed, continuing. “They don’t check, they’re just quick […] You don’t have the [large-scale fraud] you used to. [thievery] isn’t what it used to be.”
sounds like he's talking sense for once, on a subject in which hes experienced

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I like Craig and hold a stiff amount of BSV, but some of his views are pretty cringe:

>He paused, revelatory: “Well it’s not, I’m sorry. Western Culture isn’t white males.”

>“Augustus of Hippo was African,” he continued. “Sappho of Lesbos was female […] That’s Western culture! It isn’t just a whole load of guys in white for the last fifty years like bloody Harvard’ s been teaching us.

Me curiously googling Augustine of Hippos to see who this based black man with the big brain was.

>Augustine was a Roman African whose writings influenced western christianity and philosophy

>He's a Roman, likely berber, literally a white dude

Ok, Craig did you think he was a nignog or what? What does he gain from this type of SJW virtue signaling?

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Just to add, it would be like people in the future looking back at Elon Musk as such a smart and influental negro, he was a South African man who invented rockets and selfdriving cars and shiet!

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Yeah I could have done without that bit. Pls stop virtue signaling Craig.

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Whatever. Craig can believe in Santa Clause for all I care as long as he understands bitcoin.
You are falling into the trap of asking perfection from Satoshi when he is just a man. Search a man long enough and you will always find some flaw.
That said, fuck niggers.

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He's fucking based on pretty much any other topic, just curious to me why he needs to virtue signal like this. I don't think it taints his work in any way, but it does seem a bit silly to me.

I'd still like to know exactly who those female negroes are who defines Western culture and thinking.

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>He paused, revelatory: “Well it’s not, I’m sorry. Western Culture isn’t white males.”
>“Augustus of Hippo was African,” he continued. “Sappho of Lesbos was female […] That’s Western culture!
I applaud Satoshi for finally calling out the racist and misogynistic scum on biz. Its about time we had a strong SJW role model in crypto.

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Fuck you bottom feeder. Satoshi is making it clear that your kind will not be needed in the new world order.

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Bitcoin SV is a pure capitalist merit based system where the smartest and most capable will reap the rewards.

When you are only measured by merit and not by race, suspiciously black folks are nowhere to be found.

There is no diversity quotas on the blockchain, sorry.

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Satan approves Satoshi's message of inclusiveness

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ahahaha fuckin dropped.

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Yeah you talk tough online you wouldn't dare say that to Satoshi's face you pathetic coward

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Nice try core cuck

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never trust a man wearing diapers with your money son!

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Projecting kike

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The only thing projecting here is Satoshi's stiff member into your nazi asshole

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Craig appealling to his dark skinned indian followers otherwise known as Pajeets

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This is what a chad looks like. Take note.

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>angry passionate persona
I bet you're one of those onions that call niggers aFrIcAn-AmErIcAn

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Fluo red pill

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