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Why hasn't he had a sex scandal yet?

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Because he had your mom killed.

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Too beta to do it or too alpha to fuck and old hug like Bez and Arnie did

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He doesn't sext like a goddamn teenager

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He cant get it up

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because he's a cutthroat capitalist with his eye on the prize unlike everyone here distracted by roasties

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because he's a virgin

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he has been married for +30 years..

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bezos: midlife crisis and washed up having sex with roasties
gates: clean and happily in one monogomous relationship for life

makes you think

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bill gates was a wild man

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Also not a fag virgin that chases thots like a little faggot.

Men that chase women for some pussy are the biggest faggots. Despicable how they would even kiss their ass for some pussy.

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wtf i love Gates now

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because he doesn't have a penis

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"One summer, Gates contracted to write a class scheduling program for his high school. He made sure to "preload" himself into an English class with a dozen girls and no other boys."

that's actually pretty based.

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He has, wonder who gave Steve Jobs AIDS?

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Are you saying that one of the richest, most powerful men in the world only fugs his 50+ nearly senior age wife?

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You gotta have sex before you can have a sex scandal

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My guess is that he has an extremely elaborate and discrete system for getting young pussy without being noticed, and he's intelligent enough to keep it hidden

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His estate has a backdoor

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More like he is older than 12 and pursues something greater than fucking women you dipshit mongoloids.

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I'm saying he doesn't fug

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Sex scandals are fabricated jewish plots to destroy goyim who step out of line.
He's one of (((them))).

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This is interesting the more I think about it. Why do we not associate him with sex AT ALL?

Larry Elison, Elon Musk, George Soros, they at least keep things relatively open with their pump and dump of one wife after another.

Bezos is an autistic beta faggot who got caught wooing some goblino.

Gates, nothing. So much so that we don't even associate him with sex leading to responses like

If we assume that a person as crafty as this
hasn't done a complete 180 in his personality and assume that his faculties are still intact (he's a pretty healthy guy) it's reasonable to suggest the case he is doing something, but doing it smartly to not get noticed (yet)

Quick google search shows nothing, got a source?

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Sex seems like some massive reward and endgame to virgin manchildren who will never get it and have no life aspirations.

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Everytime I hear shit about sex it is being overrated tremendously. It seems like they dont have anything else to do other than talk about sex or have sex.

You would imagine a conversation between 2 guys compensating and bragging to each other about something.

I have a girlfriend for 4 years now and sex is not that interesting at all I would rather make money and enjoy life in other ways.

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60 year old men don't care about sex you fucking incels

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I have a confession to make. 13 years ago I was a principal architect for Excel in Redmond. I was in the office late one night and Bill stopped by for an investor's conference earlier in the day. I had met him a few times briefly before but didn't know him intimately. He was in the kitchen while I went to get a snack. We made some small talk, and he slowly put his hand on my hand. Considering this was more or less my boss, I felt pressured to return the favor. We found a mother's room with no windows and went inside. "Bill, aren't you married?" I asked, as he quickly put his finger up to my lips to quiet me. He put his hand on my torso and began kissing my neck. I could not resist. We began

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Yeah, i mean look at zucc

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Well he is still in his 50s, and that doesn't mean he didn't do something when he was younger and allegedly only copulated with his wife

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Because he is based as fuck and instead of blowing any of his money on thots and hookers, is known for being the man who spends the most on trilobite fossils in the entire earth. That's way cooler than sniffing some thots brappers.

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Keep seething incel

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He can have 10 fully functional dicks if he want to, and not in the same way as you (taking them)

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Are you that 47 yo anon who is a wizard?

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this. sex was cool when I was a teenager and it got old fast. plus stds arent worth a nut
t. boomer

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