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First this, which is fine

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Then this, which is so fucking pathetic

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Justin sun literally copies everything vitalik does kek

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I wonder if people like Craig and Justin really understand what people think of them

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this is so fucking sad

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They dont
I know people like this in real life
Somewhat successful business, while beeing utterly useless in every other aspect of their life, but still think they deserve only the best and none of their actions have consequences
One of them fucks a married wife (now divorced) and hangs out every day at their house
Thinks the kids love him when its pretty clear that they hate his guts
He cant stop talking about himself annoys everyone in the firm by beeing a know-it-all, but he is in a high position so nobody says anything

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i cant believe this stupid fucker is gonna make us green tomorrow

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He should say, stop selling away free ethereum.

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Answer: Chainlink.

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stop this madness in the name of your king

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I hate this scamming fuck more than anyone in crypto.

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>tfw he is directly marketing to the only crowd more stupid and more greedy than crypto "investors"
>tesla bagholders

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>globally accessible
i.e. real-world data

i.e. real-world data

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gonna be a lot of ruined shorts tomorrow

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Someone put this little gremlin out of his misery.

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I was going to buy Nano, but fuck that!
I am going ALL IN on ETH.

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good, vitalik is sperging out. elon isnt gonna read this wall of text. whew, thank goodness.

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I hope many rich tsla bros with expendable income are taking the crypto pill right now

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Time to sell my ETH i just bought

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Vitalik got nervous and went full autism, bless his heart

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>Desperately trying to downplay what is happening here
I see your skin is getting a bit wet

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based. this is a bearish signal if i've ever seen one

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When your company fails so hard you have to go into crypto gambling so sad

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This fucker will mention Chainlink to Skelly when he least expects it and he's gonna be FUMING about it
Cap this

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shut the fuck up and shut this down!!!!!!!!!

but seriously though, LINKies seem to be safe. all i care about. these usecases of his are shit, lol. spam prevention? kek.

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So sad... Vitalik is such a suck up

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Shouldn’t be long before Linkies start spamming their thread with swastikas and sergeys memes.

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All Vitalik should've said is something like "bringing trustlesness into the real world".
Anything else (including fucking spam prevention) naturally flows from there.

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Isn’t musk a founder for paypal? That’s still around right? Seems major if you ask me.

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Nah he didn't found PayPal.

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And if Elon was asking about your startup you would not sperg out?

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Why does CA chime in like a dick

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Who the fuck is Justin?

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as an accumulating stinky, i hope he wont.

as a person cognizant of Vitalik's disdain towards Chainlink, i know he wont

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No. I'd simply send him a link to the ethereum website in case he wants to learn more about it.

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justin is like the walmart version of vitalik jesus christ lmao

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learn about the origional oly BSV indeed

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please elon do the needful, buy holy BSV

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You think Elon can't use Google?

This whole thing isn't so much about Elon learning more about Ethereum. He would research this shit himself or pay someone to research for him. This here is him publicly trying to make people aware what ETH is and could be capable of.

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Absolutely cringe

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Should have said TeslaCoin

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yeah, but vitalik made this big time meeting of the minds look like a spaghetti dropping ceremony

elon will ghost it now, for a while at least. vitalik sold himself short.

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Vitalik would've been far better off saying something like "I dunno, stuff".
Making people WANT to research your shit is far more valuable than harping on about minutia and retarded shit like fucking spam prevention.

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Elon probably knows some stuff about Ethereum already, he has Google
He should have said TeslaCoin, unironically

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someone tell him elon already blocked him for spamming

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TelsaCoin/TeslaToken when?!?

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Sounds like bullshit sugarcoated with tech savy words

Ethereum is useless lmao, can't even run cryptokitties. It's real value is probably $20-30

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Kek, so this is a power of boomers

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>tfw when you have a audition with elon musk, and you fail.

poor vitalik

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he's trying so hard not to mention anything to do with chainlink but there's fucking nothing lol. his shitcoin is so cooked.

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pathetic how they suddenly all come crawling to god king elon the shitposter

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(eg. refugees)....

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institutional refugees will pump ETH

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oh jeez, i haxnt even read what he said on thia one. yeah, refugees, that's a real money gainer vitty

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oh jeez, i hadnt even read what he said on this one. yeah, refugees, that's a real money gainer vitty

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Maybe he should have said how Ethereum could help Musk instead of shilling Ethereum desu

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baste and brownpilled

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Based and checked

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more and more sacred cows

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yeah, he didnt tailor it to Tesla at all. dropped the ball.

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Do the needful!

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Normies don’t understand the word “trustlesness”. You forget the echo chamber you live in. Vitalik wanted to show what Ethereum could be used for in one of the few instances where Ethereum got mainstream exposure. He is a little autistic, so he sperged out for a bit but he got the information across. He had the right idea, but I agree he should have been more concise. Just saying “trustlesness in the real world” would have made the normies with institutional money shrug him off as some ponzi scheme founder.

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>learn about the origional #bitcoin now oly #bsv

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trustlessness is a scary word. normies think it means there is no trust no trust means bad.

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I said "something like".
Another alternative would be "making real-world data immutable".
Something along those lines.

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Elon has a full metal alchemist avatar now? didn't expect that

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Nuclear Cringe Detected

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can't even fucking spell LMAO

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this is like a cringe nexus

I can't look away, please, someone else chime in also

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seriously hate to fucking try to navigate twitter. the page falls apart wherever you click and now i cant even find this tweet in elon's thread

calvin tweeted it:

but it's not in the thread?

is it one the "This Tweet is unavailable"? if so why? selective censorship?
i don't understand how twitter could get so big, it's so god damn bad even without the censorship.

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he's shorting BSV by the way
I found his account

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Again, you vastly overestimate the intelligence of your average normie, and their exposure to the words you are familiar with. They need shit spoonfed to them in as plain of terms as possible. Most of them wont even read Vitalik’s reply. They will just see a wall of text, maybe skim and cherrypick a few points and then buy ETH based on the size of the wall of text they saw.

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it's cause the guy quote tweeted it, he didn't reply to it, like sharing something on facebook and adding a caption

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i see, thanks!

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Point 3 about executing on private data is literally what iExec RLC is doing with datasets and you all retards are missing out

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he's not posting these things for Elon, this is an excellent opportunity to get some info out there to all of Elon's followers. Vitalik would be foolish to pass on this advertisement opportunity, all you gotta do is pretend to talk with Elon on the topic that Elon provided and you don't break any twitter spam rules.

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This. Though Vitalik is handling the situation a little autistically, he would be foolish not to sperg out about the use cases of Ethereum in front of millions of people.

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Based Elon

>> No.13479730

>ethereum account

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I can't stop laughing. These people are so pathetic.

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Is vitalik ... a brainlet?

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Jesus. Elon makes a one word shitpost and vitalik starts squealing in delight and vomiting pleas for attention.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Crypto is FUCKED. Literally pajeets spamming and nothing else.

>> No.13480146

No, it betrays deep lack of confidence and a shaky position. Musk knows how to google ethereum if he wants a rant like that. Deliver a concise and interesting answer..

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>pls sir....buy my bags

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>> No.13480165

Sir... Sir.... pls respond...we can have smart contracts for tesla account verification... I can make it by tomorrow pls.

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Thanks just shorted 100x

>> No.13480220

> tfw you have one chance given to you to save crypto and you, along with the pajeet crew, absolutely, irrevocably fuck it.

>> No.13480231

Sounds pretty alpha.

Not giving a single fuck what people think yet successful as hell

While pajeets like you care about what everyone thinks about himself and calls himself alpha on a image board while wagecucking

>> No.13480236

gooks are master copiers, but they cannot create anything original. Never invest in a gook team, they'll always be 1 step behind a white team

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>eos cucks

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This is the way crypto dies. Not with a bang - with a cringe.

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with a russian autist

>> No.13480369

just shorted eth 5x, can't expect too much from vitalik if he has to describe ethereum in nerdtalk instead of memeing it

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Hurricane guard is etherisc which needs oracles

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>this amount of ass kissing in a single day

>> No.13480891

>freezes your account
>nothing personal, kid

>> No.13480938

elon's already said ages ago that ETH's technology is interesting.

>> No.13481092

He’s going to use ETH for an ICO for Tesla because Tesla is insolvent and blocked out of traditional capital markets

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cheap whores begging for attention

>> No.13481124

Great so he basically said Civic should be developed. That’s funny

>> No.13481139

Let us know when Elon tweets your crypto name and asks you for advice buddy (hint will never happen so go ask mommy for some tenders)

>> No.13481148

Aaahaahahah fucking love vitalik

>> No.13481203

>don't criticize someone and their shitcoin if you haven't made one yourself
please don't cry yourself to sleep tonight you fragile little man

>> No.13481240

How far away are we from getting our Ethereum addresses locked up or frozen somehow? Some sort of blacklist that exchanges and banks agree not to engage with or ? Paint me a photograph.

>> No.13481296

kek, Justin Sun had the best response when put in context with everyone else's responses. Money Skelly sperged out completely but it was an honest show of character, he’s also the one that got this whole tweet thread rolling. Eos and Ayre came begging for breadcrumbs and basically debased themselves completely. Overall i can see why why A-lists never come forward whenever they’re browsing our mexican caravanning forum, or otherwise engage in unscheduled and unrehearsed public exchanges, because people stick to them like flies to shite and everything they do publicly has the potential to start a media storm. Must be really overwhelming. ethereum.

>> No.13481371

If Sergey replies to Elon's tweet I'm selling everything

>> No.13481375

What's the deal with Skelly and Chainlink? Is there a beef?

>> No.13481407

My thoughts exactly.

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Lol these faggots...Good fucking thing I got out back in last April. Took me too long to understand what kind of retards I was giving money to. Not my proudest moment.

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This. Just wait

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Serious reply pls: Do this whole conversation confirm that there are low use cases for eth and blockchain in general (without Chainlink)?
I mean, charity and kryptokitties?

>> No.13483123

There are zero use cases beyond decentralised, anonymous cash and store of value.

>> No.13483168

Wrong, look at MakerDAO, dharma, compound.finance it's the future of fintech

>> No.13483206

Sorry i have a indian sub-continent filter.

>> No.13483211

This is cringe bro -_-

>> No.13483238


based deranged drunk boomer

>> No.13483398

This is the worst thing ever

>> No.13484545

elon will 100% read it. he also lurks biz but I'm not gonna confirm it. real anons will remember.

>> No.13484591

> when the stroke, benadryl, oromorph and pension all kick in at the same time

>> No.13484603

So has the Woz

>> No.13484934

i dont wanna type


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what's wrong with this? elon should be told about the real bitcoin.

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