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some of you are alright... keep an eye on this site tomorrow

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Oh boy, this better be good!

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will main be rounda corner?

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was watching some helicopter videos with my dad and the pilot had a hat with allianz embroidered on his hat, this better fucking come true please. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

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Should be timed perfectly with the LINK/BTC 1d MACD bull cross at the very bottom of the final shakeout...very nice

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Helicopter videos with your dad

Sounds so gay

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thats right fren, this mental war is coming to an end soon.

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we are seeing 6k next month faggot

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at least I know my dad, fuck off back to the shit hole you came from nigger.

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>coping this hard when mainnet is around the corner

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When corner

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Ok, if you really think so, I'll buy your LINK off you for 7777 sats right now. Should be easy profit for you, right?

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I think he is talking about BTC/USD fren.

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You mean here


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>Another partnershit
>No mainnet

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hey dad, someone is bullying me on the internet...
don’t let it get to your head son, we’ll watch some nice helicopter videos later and after that i might let you suck my dick like you used to do

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Mainnet through partnerships, partnerships through mainnet

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Does LINK beat onox?

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Heh... finally someone's addressing the keywords. I'm not saying it's going to be an article, it's gonna be more subtle. assman out

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Will we see price action do you reckon? I’m so tired assman

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>some nice helicopter videos later
I think I understand that reference

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Heh. "price action" in your dreams buddy

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Tomorrow hey? No trips or anything? Rent free?

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thanks for my daily dose of hopium

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blast outta here larper

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Made me look into Aviva, found this shit: https://www.investmentweek.co.uk/investment-week/news/3074783/asi-kames-legg-mason-and-merian-team-up-to-launch-fnz-backed-blockchain-infrastructure

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Weird to say the least

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Holy shit

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Chad o'fork cucks us again

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Did the team manage to trademark Chainlink in the end?

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wtf is FNZ Chainlink? did sirgay sell his project? unironically bearish

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Chainlink is open source bruh

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What the fuck is this

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If this is anything relates, any white label implementation will still need a node network

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Literally not the actual Chainlink.

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The term i mean, the use of the name

Like i cant make something called "Joes Facebook" i assume?

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Could be sloppy whitelabel or dickriding name for hype

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Literally it is. Open source bases on hyperledger. This is it goys, the beans are venir spilled

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Nice cube. I work there...maybe i should frame a print out.

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> deleted


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I find it hard to believe an organisation like that would brand it Chainlink accidentally. If its in the blockchain space then they would surely be aware of Chainlink.

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Sure if normiebook was open source you could.

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> Based on hyperledger

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That’s what got my attention and why i thought i’d post it. Chainlink is with Hyperledger is it not?

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>town crier = chainlink
>cryptlets = chainlink
>oraclize = chainlink
>corda = oraclize = chainlink
the rest is irrelevant

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open source software can still have a trademarked name junior burger


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Doesn’t need the token, etc

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Went to FNZ Twitter just now - a marine was already there...

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Control F
Zero results

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Hence the original question you literal potato

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Spread the meme magic!

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Interesting how the press release uses Chainlink's old branding of "ChainLink". Do find it hard for that to be a coincidence. They're launching a major product (and in the blockchain space), I'm sure they did a cursory Google search first.


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Link just started going up this might be it bois.

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> Reeeee this answer is not what I wanted

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Checked we're going to make it

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So, you're 14 at best. Mental age i mean

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>Ridiculous questions with speculative answers
Check the pivotal ™

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Its ChainLink, nothing to do with Chainlink®

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>Check the pivotal meme
At least we can agree on something

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Sorry what was the question?

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Why is nobody asking about this in the Slack?

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Is sex with a trap gay

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If you’re topping, no

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Oh great now we get a whole bunch of "Thomas told us in slack larpers"

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Too many people can verify the Slack for there to ever be any larping.

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It's really going to happen isn't it. This is why true Marines held. Held through sibos. Held through the bull while all other coins ran. Held while squirrels ate their passkeys. Held through countless larps. Held through 2 EOYs. Held through the bleak bear. Held while others swung and fudded every event. Held while Sergey remained silent. Held while clowns honked and ducks quacked. Held while the larp dates came and went. Held while link became a 50¢ stable coin. Held while being called delusional. Held while doing a cheeky bit of fudding oneself. Held while dipping toes into the world of making memes (pic related). Held while rich anons ate steak and drove r8's. Held while being derided for wageslaving. Held while the world tried to part them from their linkies. This is why true Marines held. Strap in boys. Its happening tonight.

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probably this

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We're all in this together

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We're all in this together

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ok what does that mean?

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and? hyperledger is ubiquitous.

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Aviva link poster here, now posting from work. I've no idea. I'm all in on Link and have been for a while but my understanding of the technical workings is limited. We need an anon to explain.

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It means Sergey listened to vitalik and made chainlink open source and now we're all poor.
> Thanks Sergey

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Is 10,000 enough to make it? Asking for a friend.

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Always has been

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You need 50k as a suicide stack

>> No.13478659

50k is a top 530 wallet, that is too much for mere suicide insurance

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Link is the name of the princess. The little fighter elf guy is called ocarina

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Either white label or they're in some trouble.

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Checked. We're on this ship until the very end.

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>50k is a top 530 wallet,
way lower. 50k isn't even top 1k when you factor in exchanges

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This. It's always been at least 77,777 to make it.

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>Computer software in the nature of a decentralized oracle network which allows smart contracts to securely, quickly,
and auditably connect to external data sources, APIs, internal systems, and the existing bank payments infrastructure.

>Providing services in the nature of a decentralized oracle network which allows smart contracts to securely, quickly,
and auditably connect to external data sources, APIs, internal systems, and the existing bank payments infrastructure.

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Balls, I've got have that, so I guess that makes me a failed suicide attempt? I'll end up as a quadraplegic robospaz drinking my meals through a straw.

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Balls, I've got half that, so I guess that makes me a failed suicide attempt? I'll end up as a quadraplegic robospaz drinking my meals through a straw.

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>SmartContract ChainLink

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Sergey's trademark just says "chainlink" you tard.

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The links in this thread are bearish..

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Scroll down.

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ChainLink is the registered trademark

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Are you some kind of trolling?

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comments like this make me extremely bearish on the human race

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Thread theme:


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Super fucking gay.

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Yep. 1k insurance. 10k make it. >10k fuck you money.

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you have got to be 18 or over to post here

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holy shit my man, its happening rn

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I saw this custom edition link cube, and I thought the 7's were Hebrew. I was offended

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Goys FNZ (a 2billion dollar company) started a chainlink as it's described on chain.link and pic related

It's correct to say FNZ Chainlink as FNZ launched a chainlink. This confirms that this is one of the hundreds of teams currently working with the network.

Don't let discord faggots manipulate you so easily, for the first time, ctrlF gave results and they are scared

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>capital L


>> No.13479159


So you say they are shadowforking the network and naming it ChainLink? Instead of just knowing that boomers love to put capital letters in these type of words?

It's a fucking duck mate, and its forming a row leading to financial independency

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>>capital L

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It's over discord faggots, the fud is over. A 2billion company is using ChainLink network, which uses LINK token

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>capital L

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We will just win. Literally hundreds of teams. We will make it.

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lol. fuck i got fucking slaughtered

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strg+f no "FNZ"

>> No.13479263


Its old name, they have rebranded to Chainlink after chain.link went live last year

>> No.13479268

This: >>13479189
is still on their website.

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As a little girl in the '50s, I couldn't wear a purple-and-white flowered skirt with a red blouse - those colors were too loud. My parents were not into that 'We are Negros that wear all beige,' but there was a line you could walk over that could signal vulgar, crass, rather than clever use of color. And that outfit crossed over the line. - Margo Jefferson

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Here's the trademark and yes, it was accepted.
Basically says that if you want to even mention a decentralized oracles network you have to bend the knee. Also you can't use the word chainlink (case insensitive) for your shit if you don't have a loicense, obviously. Bullish.

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But what about the REAL LINK ?

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The gooks will get fucked eventually, if there's the need to do so (doubt it).

>> No.13479382

seems like a legit site OP

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Where's the hyperledger chainlink?

>> No.13479673

Hyperledger is a permissioned chain, it's invitation only.

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Here, have a (you). That way you can say someone actually talked to you this month.

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I swear I remember seeing it on that list

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when corner

>> No.13480327

What are you going to do with it Mr Bond ?

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>> No.13480908

FUD by a scammer, notice how he did not deliver any proof to his claims

>> No.13480984

What's stopping someone going on Linked In and asking Jack White themselves?

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based quote poster

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Linkedin wants me to pay to message him, not a boomer don't pay for social nets and only have this because HR roasties demand it. Any boomers ITT that have Linkedin Premium that can message him?

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i dont give a fuck if anything happens on that site with chainlink, the same thing will happen where people say "holy fuck this is huge news!!!* and the price will start bleeding down 5 cents...fuck this shit IM SO FUCKING TIRED

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