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I guess it's time to start looking for another exchange

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What? More like get the fuck out of the tether.

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poloniex also moved tethers. any other exchanges?

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What he was supposed to do, keep them?

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Thats what you get for relying on stablecoins instead of adhering to regulations.

It's gonna crash you idiots

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thank you money forehead

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why did you edit CZ to look like alien?

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Cz is a cuck. BNB sucks dex sucks he sucks

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I could never see the CEO of Nasdaq delisting Microsoft because Bill Gates had not provided proof yet that he in fact created Microsoft. Time will tell. Craig Wright was however part of the 1st group of scientists that created Bitcoin in 2009.

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Microsoft is also a revenue generating business that provides value to the world. And Bill Gates is not a sloppy cunt that can't get his shit together. If Bill Gates acted like Craig irl he'd get the boot from the board of directors.

Fuck Craig and fuck Bcashsv. The world would be better off if they both died.

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So many retards shitposting on biz these days

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Nah, some narcissistic homo like that could never shut up long enough about it and the real Satoshi knows he'll get assassinated right away if he reveals his identity. We'll probably only learn who was part of it when these people are on their deathbeds.

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retard that's like apple 2 getting listed and NYSE saying no fuck off ur not apple

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Thats what hes like irl

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nobody ever said shit about binance until bnb started going up this year.

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I've got 20k. Should i buy more now or wait until the vested xcm are released? Also does anyone know when that's happening?

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The stablecoin bnb uses instead of being able to cash out directly is going to become not so very stable soon. That somehow wont affect any of the exchanges that use it, along with binance.
Its gonna be earthbreaking. Wait till tomorrow

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Apple SV (Steve's Vision)

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Nice fud faggot

It's moon time

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1. may & 1. august

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Thx man

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good or bad for the market price?

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based cz gets rid of the toxic shit